We want to end immigration detention because it is unjust and inhumane, and as the steps on that journey, here are the key changes that we want to see happen.

All of these issues are supported by our policy papers that have been endorsed by our membership – they reflect the changes that we want to see.

And this is the over-arching narrative of the changes that we want to see on immigration detention.

The changes we want to see

Supportive environment (alternatives to detention)

Our new campaign seeks to promote our vision of a supportive environment and makes the case for an alternative approach to immigration detention, which is both compassionate and practical.

Time for a time limit

This paper makes the case for a time limit of 28 days for immigration detention in the UK.

Government response to Shaw reports

Following on from Stephen Shaw’s reviews of the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons in 2016 and 2018, this paper looks at two elements of the Government’s response to this review: the Detention Gatekeeper (DGK) and Case Progression Panels (CPP).

Time served prisoners

This paper sets out an alternative and humane approach to supporting non-British time-served prisoners at the end of their sentence.

Asylum policy (including off-shore detention)

This paper sets out our view of a humane asylum system and makes the case that immigration detention has no part in an asylum system.

Short-term holding facilities

This paper looks at the use of short-term holding facilities in Northern France by the UK Government and makes recommendations for change.