Tragic death of an Albanian man in detention

We were devastated to learn about the tragic death of an Albanian man on Friday at Brook House, the detention centre near Gatwick Airport. Our thoughts are with his family and friends and the wider community affected by this awful development. This news, coming as it does so soon after [...]

National demonstration to Keep Campsfield Closed

We are keen to share news of the inaugural national demonstration to Keep Campsfield Closed, organised by the Coalition to Keep Campsfield Closed and Oxford Student Action for Refugees. The protest will take place at the site of the former Campsfield House IRC in Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxfordshire (OX5 1RE) [...]

Brook House Inquiry Report

Yesterday we saw the long awaited publication of the Brook House Inquiry Report, and what a damning indictment of the immigration detention system in the UK it is. Its findings are sobering and it makes a clear argument for change, most notably echoing our long standing calls for a 28 [...]

UNHCR publishes summary of two alternative projects

In addition to publishing their evaluation of the second Home Office Funded community based alternative to detention pilot project, they have also published a helpful summary of the two pilot projects. This summary includes the first pilot, run by Action Foundation, and the second pilot, run by the King's Arms [...]

Support grows for new humane approach

Support is growing for the compassionate and humane approach to immigration developed by the King's Arms Project through their Home Office funded alternative to detention community based pilot project. The evaluation report was published last week by UNHCR. Our friends at the Quakers in Britain have sent out a very [...]

A humane alternative to detention

Recently the evaluation report of the second Home Office funded alternative to detention pilot project was published. A two-year pilot ran by King’s Arms Project, in Bedfordshire, demonstrates a cost-effective and more humane alternative to detention centres. Being two-thirds cheaper than a detention centre. With 80% of clients being offered [...]

New National Refugee Strategy

Our friends at the Refugee Council recently published their ambitious new national refugee strategy for the UK. It sets out a coherent plan to tackle channel crossings and create a fair and functioning asylum system that delivers order and compassion. Over the last few months we have heard a number [...]

Experiences following a negative asylum decision

Our sister network, NACCOM, with members across the country tackling destitution, has just published an important report on the experiences of people following a negative asylum decision. It makes for sobering reading all the more so because its authors have personal experience of destitution in this country and of immigration [...]

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