Back in 2014, our Forum played a key role in the energy and work that led to the ground breaking APPG review into immigration detention. This initiative provoked widespread unease by politicians across the House and led to the pressure that would see the important report by Sir Stephen Shaw in 2016: review into the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons.

This report did so much to shine a light on what was happening in the detention estate and led to a programme of reform and reduced use of immigration detention.

In recent months, as the Government proudly announces its desire to increase the detention estate once more, our members increasingly go back to this report. I re-read it recently and it remains a powerful call to arms. In particular it made the case for exploring an alternative to immigration detention.

We think that this report should not be allowed to be forgotten. As we approach the election and a new Parliament, we should be encouraging all politicians to be aware of this report, with the huge problems caused by immigration detention, and why we need an alternative approach that is sensitive to people many of whom will be highly vulnerable. Let’s ensure that our politicians don’t forget about this report but use it as a foundation for change in the new Parliament!