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Detention and Friendship: Knowing you inside (and) out

This year, the theme of Unlocking Detention is 'friends and families' and in this (very) special #Unlocked16 recording, Kasonga from Freed Voices interviews his old friend, Harsha, about the impact his detention had on him. In doing so, [...]

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What does detention mean to you?

Unlocking Detention is about having a conversation, and making connections between those in, at risk of, or recovering from detention; and the public, allies, activists who we need to be part of the campaign for change. Each year [...]

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Live Q and A with Jon, detained in Brook House

This week Unlocking Detention has been ‘visiting’ Brook and Tinsley Houses, respectively. Together they make up the Gatwick site of detention, situated roughly 200 metres from the main runway at Gatwick Airport. On Friday afternoon, Ben from Detention [...]

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The hidden, human reality of indefinite detention

By James Wilson,  director of Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group.  Imagine being in prison but not held for a crime, counting up the days since you were detained but never able to count down to release, probably entitled only [...]

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A Letter to The Old Me, Before Brook House

Content warning: suicide This year, Unlocking Detention is particularly focusing on the impact of detention on an individual’s immediate social circle – their friends and family.  This piece by Ajay is the first of several on this theme [...]

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Week 2 of #Unlocked16: The Verne

This week, Unlocking Detention visited The Verne, perhaps the most isolated of the UK's detention centres. The Verne opened as a detention centre ("immigration removal centre") in 2014, and has 580 bed spaces.  Only men are detained here.  [...]

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Live Q and A with Mark, detained in The Verne

This week Unlocking Detention has been 'visiting' The Verne detention centre, in Dorset.  On Friday afternoon, Ben from Detention Action conducted a live interview with Mark who is currently detained there. Ben alerted those following the Q and [...]

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The Verne: An exercise in societal segregation

By Susannah Willcox, Advocacy Coordinator at Detention Action. Trigger warning: suicide In August this year, there was public outcry at the proposed introduction of a new Detention Services Order (DSO) on Rule 40 and Rule 42, the two [...]

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