Unlocking Detention is about having a conversation, and making connections between those in, at risk of, or recovering from detention; and the public, allies, activists who we need to be part of the campaign for change.

Each year we have a different visual action to encourage these connections, and this year we’re asking people to draw a picture to answer the question “What does detention mean to you?”.
We’ve already had brilliant responses – some very artistic, some raw and direct.  Why not add yours?  Tweet your picture to @detentionforum and/or use the hashtag #Unlocked16.

We’ve also had contributions from people who are currently detained, and people who have experienced detention in the past.

This is by ‘E’ who is detained at the moment, in his fourth month of indefinite detention.


This is by Julio, who though now released, was detained for six months.

By Mohamed, detained for four months.

And by Justice, detained for 7 months.