Yarl’s Wood

“Am I a HUMAN BEING? I ran from my country to save my life”

By Lisa Matthews of Right to Remain.  Right to Remain is a member organisation of the Detention Forum. Marie Therese, a survivor of ritualised torture in Cameroon, campaigned for justice in her asylum case with the help of Right [...]

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The woman called 258

Abri wrote this blog, the third of a series of three, for Detention Forum member Women for Refugee Women from inside Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre in July 2014. I didn’t know how much of a crier I was [...]

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Our pain is Serco’s profit

Abri's second blog, written for Women for Refugee Women in July 2014, from inside Yarl's Wood detention centre. Women for Refugee Women is a member of the Detention Forum. Today I would like to share some personal experiences and [...]

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Women in detention – a troubling reality

This blog post was written by Rosa Heimer, an intern at René Cassin – a charity working to promote and protect universal human rights, drawing on Jewish experience and values, and a member of the Detention Forum. A [...]

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Immigration detention: Time for a time limit

By Jessica Kennedy and Penny Keza. Jessica is Development Co-ordinator at The Forum, which supports refugee and migrant communities and individuals in the UK. Penny is a former detainee. Published at OpenDemocracy, as part of a series of [...]

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