Haslar week…

28 Sep to 4 Oct - the Unlocking Detention team looks back on the week when the tour visited Haslar Immigration Removal Centre in Portsmouth. After looking at the Short Term Holding Centres and prisons which are used for [...]

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Living outside the fence: Story of Haslar

By Charlie Leddy-Owen, University of Portsmouth. When visiting Haslar Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) for the first time I was struck by the pleasantness of the local area. Haslar’s western boundary adjoins a residential neighbourhood of detached and semi-detached [...]

2022-10-06T09:39:31+00:00October 1st, 2014|

Too many laws, not enough justice: A voice from Haslar

We received this blog entry from Henry who is in Haslar Immigration Removal Centre. My name is Henry, aged 53, and though of Nigerian and Sierra Leonean mixed parentage, I have spent the last 31 years of my [...]

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