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23/07/2019 Immigration detention reform (The Immigration Minister has given an update on the improvements and continuing reforms being made to immigration detention) – GOV.UK

22/07/2019 G4S made £14m profit from scandal-hit Brook House removal centre – Jamie Grierson, The Guardian. Also covered by The NationalMirrorBBCThe IndependentHuffPost UK, and The Times.

18/07/2019 Trans asylum seekers assaulted, abused in U.S., UK, Norway detention – Rachel Savage, Openly

18/07/2019 Detention system continues to discriminate against migrants with mental health problems – CJ McKinney, Free Movement

17/07/2019 The government needs to do more to protect victims of human trafficking – Voices (letters), The Independent

17/07/2019 Home Office forced to defend ‘cover-up’ over detention of hundreds of modern slavery victims – May Bulman, The Independent

17/07/2019 “Yes, I know what plans I have in mind for you” – William Neal, JRS UK

16/07/2019 Home Office urged to ‘get a grip’ of its immigration responsibilities after chief inspector admits it is outsourcing ‘on the cheap’ – May Bulman, The Independent

16/07/2019 Home Office accused of covering up plight of hundreds of trafficking victims wrongly detained in immigration centres – May Bulman, The Independent

15/07/2019 Home Office lied to EU countries so it could deport slavery victims, says whistleblowers – Amelia Hill, The Guardian

11/07/2019 Parliamentarians debate the urgent need to protect victims of trafficking from indefinite immigration detention – JRS UK

09/07/2019 Chinese women being trafficked to UK suffer further harm as detention numbers nearly double – Maya Oppenheim, The Independent. Also covered by BBC, Mirror and ITV News. You can find the Women for Refugee Women press release and report here.

09/07/2019 Update on Bail accommodation – Pierre Makhlouf, Bail for Immigration Detainees

09/07/2019 More than 500 victims of trafficking detained in 2018, UK study finds – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. Also covered by Sky News, Thomson Reuters Foundation and RT. You can find the After Exploitation press release and report here.

09/07/2019 MPs to question Home Office officials over English tests scandal – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

07/07/2019 Whatever we call them, whatever they are, detention centres are a disgrace – Kenan Malik, The Guardian

05/07/2019 To end Home Office cruelty, Labour must close all detention centres – Dylan Woodward, Labour List

03/07/2019 Holiday time? Spare a thought – and solidarity – for those in detention, hidden away at UK airports – These Walls Must Fall

03/07/2019 JRS UK gives evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee – JRS UK

02/07/2019 Home Officer ordered to return wrongly deported asylum seeker in ruling that could lead to thousands of claims – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by The Guardian.



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27/6/19 Home Office payout for trafficked man detained in mistaken identity mix-up – Annie Kelly, The Guardian

27/6/19 Foreign students demand home secretary ‘put things right’ after thousands targeted in cheating scandal – May Bulman, The Independent

26/6/19 Scot’s Argentinian wife is freed from Dungavel – Greg Russell, The National

26/6/19 Migrant women like me have to choose between reporting abuse or being deported – Angela, Metro UK

26/6/19 Seeking asylum is a human right – so why are asylum seekers being demonised? – Stephen Hoffman, Voice of Salam

25/6/19 Kindertransport to the Hostile Environment: Britain’s Immigration System Then and Now – Sandy Paul, René Cassin

23/6/19 “Our community has been traumatised” MP calls on Windrush scheme to be widened urgently – Ben Gelblum, The London Economic

23/6/19 On National Windrush Day, this is the history of British immigration policy and how we can change it – Satbir Singh and Omar Khan, The Independent

21/6/19 We hacked tube ads to call out the Home Office’s hostile environment – Our Future Now, Red Pepper

21/6/19 Commissioner urges UK Government to end immigration detention of children – Children and Young People’s Commissioner, Scotland

21/6/19 Celebrating human rights in Refugee Week – Phélim Mac Cafferty, Brighton and Hove News

20/6/19 World Refugee Day: Why no LGBTQ asylum claimant should be held in immigration detention at all – Philip Baldwin, Gay Times

20/6/19 Delayed asylum decisions waste not only time but opportunities and NHS money – Shakib Mohammed Afzali, The Guardian

20/6/19 From Kinshasa to Liverpool: A mother’s painful journey to asylum – Cathleen Miller, Al Jazeera

20/6/19 BID launch summer Anti-Birthday Campaign – Bail for Immigration Detainees

19/6/19 Home Office apologises for accusing man of being ‘foreign criminal’ – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

19/6/19 Nasema Asante – saying thank you to past generations for Refugee Week – Music in Detention

19/6/19 Calls for an end to ‘indefinite detention’ in Refugee Week – Matthew Trinder, Morning Star

18/6/19 Hounslow location for detention centre announced as airport expansion consultation opens – End Heathrow Immigration Detention

17/6/19 Refugee Week 2019 – Rene Cassin

17/6/19 I thought I would die in Brook House. Now my abusers will have to face justice – BB, The Guardian

17/6/19 Welcome to Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre: A survivor’s story this Refugee Week – Joy, Freedom From Torture

17/6/19 Exploring calls for time limits on immigration detention – Kezia Tobin, Bail for Immigration Detainees

17/6/19 Tory Leadership 2019: How Do The Final Six Stack Up On Human Rights? – Aaron Walawalkar, Rights Info

16/6/19 Inhumane to lock up kids and pregnant women – Ian Blackford, Daily Record

16/6/19 Mother denied chance to clear her name of charge that will see entire family deported back to husband she fears – May Bulman, The Independent

14/6/19 High Court demands proper inquiry into immigration detention abuse – CJ McKinney, Free Movement. Also covered by The Independent, The Guardian, BBC NewsRights Info, Garden Court Chambers, Duncan Lewis Solicitors, DPG Law, UK Human Rights Blog and Detention Action. See also earlier coverage from Duncan Lewis Solicitors and DPG Law.

14/6/19 Voices against immigration detention: Isabella’s story – Lilah Davdison, British Red Cross

14/6/19 Legal advice in immigration detention – Right to Remain

13/6/19 Britain Detained – Immigration Detention in the UK – Andrew Butler, The Canary

13/6/19 Press Release: Indefinite immigration detention – Leading NGOs call on leadership candidates to support a time limit – Detention Action

13/6/19 More than half of immigration appeals now successful, figures show – May Bulman, The Independent

12/6/19 Jury finds ‘systemic failures’ at Heathrow IRC contributed to death of immigration detainee Marcin Gwozdzinski – INQUEST. Also covered by Morning Star (and here) and DPG Law.

12/6/19 Tribunal says no to return of fast track asylum appeals – CJ McKinney, Free Movement. You can find the Committtee’s response here.

12/6/19 Working Together: Building Resilience in Detention – JRS UK

11/6/19 Home Office paid £10m in compensation payments last year, annual report reveals – Beckie Smith, Civil Service World

11/6/19 Lubka goes for London Legal Walk hat-trick in support of BID – Bail for Immigration Detainees

11/6/19 Wife passing through UK for Australia trip sent to vel – Greg Russell, The National (further coverage herehere, here and here).

10/6/19 This is what solidarity looks like – Right to Remain

9/6/19 ‘Let me go die, rather than killing me slowly’: Asylum seeker detained for half a decade released to homelessness – May Bulman, The Independent

8/6/19 SNP call for Sajid Javid to visit Dungavel as children held there – Jane Cassidy, The National. Also covered by The ScotsmanCommon Space and the Daily Record.

8/6/19 At last: Somali rapist whose deportation was halted after a mutiny by passengers on his plane is finally kicked out of Britain – Mark Hookham, Mail on Sunday

7/6/19 Inside Scotland’s ‘barbaric’ detention centre – Margaret McGowan, Scottish Catholic Observer

6/6/19 Fewer detainees at Yarl’s Wood, but still question mark over detention of vulnerable adults, says report – Erica Roffe, Bedford Independent

6/6/19 Gay rugby player facing deportation to Kenya gets reprieve – Steven Morris, The Guardian. Also covered by Morning Star, Bristol CableEast Lothian Courier and Sky News.

6/6/19 New detention statistics: the campaign is winning but there’s a long way to go – These Walls Must Fall

5/6/19 Colnbrook immigration centre death: Man not tested for drugs overdose – BBC News. Also covered by InquestRights Info, Morocco World NewsThe Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News (and here).

5/6/19 Meet the volunteers spending their summer challenging detention – Bail for Immigration Detainees

5/6/19 Too many migrants still physically restrained on charter flights, watchdog warns – CJ McKinney, Free Movement. You can find the IMB Charter Flight Monitoring Team’s annual report here.

5/6/19 One month to go until the Refugee Tales walk – Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group

3/6/19 Home Office sending modern slavery victims back to addresses where they were abused, lawyers warn – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by Eastern Eye.

3/6/19 “You could feel the atmosphere”: the public is turning against the Hostile Environment, including immigration raids – Right to Remain

3/6/19 ‘We are human beings not animals,’ detention centre inquest told – Phil Miller, Morning Star

3/6/19 Brenda was awarded Volunteer of the year, working with Yarl’s Wood Befrienders – Martin Steers, Bedford Radio

2/6/19 SNP fury as children are still detained at Dungavel – The National. Also covered by The Herald Scotland, Scottish Sun, BT NewsShropshire Star, Wiltshire Star and BBC News.

2/6/19 Outsourcing giant under fire over man’s death in immigration detention – Phil Miller, Morning Star



[expand title=”May 2019“]


31/5/19 Immigrants ‘detained for years at Heathrow centre in human rights breach’ – Martin Bentham, Evening Standard. Also covered by The Times Irish Legal News and Scottish Legal News.

31/5/19 Former England boxer released from immigration centre – Annie Kelly, The Guardian

31/5/19 ‘Missed opportunities’ contributed to migrant’s death in detention centre, jury finds – Phil Miller, Morning Star

30/5/19 UK government ‘risks another Windrush’ over EU citizens, MPs say – BBC News

30/5/19 BID’s longest-serving client: Detained for two years and ‘no risk of offending’ – Celia Clark, The Justice Gap

29/5/19 Serious concerns raised about access to justice in immigration detention – Bail for Immigration Detainees. Also covered by The Justice Gap and Legal Futures.

29/5/19 Immigration Detention in the UK – The Migration Observatory (latest update)

29/5/19 Theresa May’s policy driving refugees into destitution – Billy Briggs, The Ferret

28/5/19 ‘At risk’ adults held at Dungavel immigration centre – Katie Hunter, BBC Scotland. Also covered by The Daily RecordThird Force News, Crux and Scottish Legal News.

28/5/19 “Significantly over 18” – Court of Appeal judgment – Right to Remain

28/5/19 Immigration detainee may have died from overdose, inquest told – Phil Miller, Morning Star

25/5/19 Refugee jailed for smuggling injured niece into UK reunited with family – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

24/5/19 Students ‘may have been unfairly deported’ over English test cheat claims – BBC News. Also covered by The Guardian (and here), The Independent and The PIE News.

24/5/19 Age test for asylum seekers ruled unlawful – The Times. Also covered by The Sun, The National and BT News.

24/5/19 Vibrant, Diversifying Civic Mobilization Challenges the Immigration Detention System – Anna Lindley, Border Criminologies

24/5/19 Modern Slavery Act: “serious failings to protect and support victims” – JRS UK. Also covered by Crux and Independent Catholic News.

24/5/19 Theresa May denied the full humanity of migrants and refugees. She doesn’t deserve your tears – Natasha Walter, New Statesman

24/5/19 Recent Report Highlights The Failures Of The U.K.’s Human Rights Record – Jonathan Boyd, Organisation for World Peace

23/5/19 Migration crisis: Push for UK to introduce time limit on immigration detention with immediate effect – Ruth Green, International Bar Association

23/5/19 Hackney Half Heroes raise thousands of pounds for BID – Bail for Immigration Detainees

22/5/19 Sheffield workshops: preparing in case of detention, and campaigning for change – These Walls Must Fall

22/5/19 Indefinite immigration detention – where do the parties stand? – Detention Action

22/5/19 Gay UK rugby player avoids deportation to Kenya — for now – Daniel Villareal, Outsports. Also covered by the Daily Mail and Yahoo News.

22/5/19 Christian asylum seeker facing deportation is released from detention centre – Christian Today

22/5/19 Law centre JR prompts Home Office to clarify immigration support – Monidipa Fouzder, Law Society Gazette

21/5/19 Detainees paid £1 an hour plan Home Office court showdown – Phil Miller, Morning Star

21/5/19 Parliamentary Event: Kindertransport to the Hostile Environment – René Cassin

18/5/19 Why Labour should pledge to close all detention centres – Sam Green, Labour List

17/5/19 Football v the Hostile Environment in Sheffield and Bristol – These Walls Must Fall. Also covered by Right to Remain and Sheffield Live.

17/5/19 Brexit makes Labour look shifty and dull. This is how Momentum’s policy blitz can reboot Corbynism – Michael J Walker, The Independent

16/5/19 What does Momentum’s new focus on policy mean for the left? – Sienna Rodgers, Labour List

16/5/19 Laid bare: The human and financial cost of indefinite detention – Matthew Leidecker, Detention Action

16/5/19 Call for support to end indefinite detention of immigrants – City of Sanctuary

15/5/19 Home Office under fire over ‘inhumane’ detention of migrants – Greg Russell, The National

15/5/19 How the UK government detains and deports parents – Bail for Immigration Detainees

15/5/19 New edition of AVID’s handbook for detention visitors – Right to Remain. You can find AVID’s handbook here. Also covered by the Electronic Immigration Network.

14/5/19 Inquest into Moroccan Jew’s death at detention centre begins – Jewish News. Also covered by Morning Star.

14/5/19 “It’s something special that you feel” – our new independent evaluation – Music in Detention

10/5/19 Editorial: You’ll never have a home – Migrant Voice

10/5/19 Video link bail hearings: limiting access to justice – Right to Remain

9/5/19 “Slow, unfair and expensive to run…” The crisis of immigration detention in the UK – Refugee Rights Europe

9/5/19 Former England boxer in immigration limbo is arrested out of the blue – Amelia Hill, The Guardian

9/5/19 Christian begs Home Office not to deport him to his death in Pakistan – Joe Roberts, Metro. Also covered by Bristol Live.

9/5/19 The UK’s ‘hostile environment’ just received a major legal blow – Emily Apple, The Canary

8/5/19 Time limit on detaining immigrants could save £35m a year, says study – Jamie Grierson, The Guardian. Also covered by Rights Info (and here), These Walls Must Fall, Scottish Legal News, and Irish Legal News. You can find Liberty’s press release and report here and Cambridge Econometrics’ summary here.

8/5/19 Home Secretary handed 100,000-strong petition demanding end to indefinite immigration detention – Amnesty International UK

8/5/19 Home Office Scraps Six-Month Wait Limit On Asylum Applications Despite Legal Warnings – Meka Beresford, Rights Info

8/5/19 Is it lawful to put immigration detainees in solitary confinement? – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

7/5/19 UN committee against torture scrutinises UK’s human rights record – Owen Bowcott, The Guardian. Also covered by Politics HomeRights InfoRedress, The Mirror, the Electronic Immigration Network, and Tasnim News. You can find the civil society alternative report to the Committee Against Torture here, the Committee’s press release here, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s response here.

7/5/19 Hidden Stream of Living Water – Dunstan Rodrigues, JRS UK

7/5/19 Medical Justice on the London Legal Walk – Medical Justice

6/5/19 Post-Windrush fears remain – Ciara Leeming, Big Issue North

6/5/19 “Hello Dungavel!”: observations on the use of video link technology in immigration bail hearings – Jo Hynes, UK Administrative Justice Institute

5/5/19 Family’s desperate fight against Home Office to stay in Scotland – Kirsteen Patterson, The National

2/5/19 Going in the right direction, but what next? – These Walls Must Fall

2/5/19 High Court to hear landmark challenge concerning Brook House immigration detention centre abuse – Detention Action. Also covered by BBC NewsBID and DPG Solicitors.

2/5/19 Child trafficking victim wins £85,000 from UK government over rape attempt – Annie Kelly, The Guardian. Also covered by News Trust and Rights Info.

2/5/19 Another push to end indefinite detention – LD4SOS

1/5/19 ‘I never met anyone who cheated’: student’s anger at English test scandal – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian. Also covered by Eastern Eye.

1/5/19 European Court of Human Rights awards substantive damages for breach of detention policy – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

1/5/19 Windrush scandal: MPs refer Home Office to equalities watchdog – BBC News. Also covered by Bustle.



[expand title=”April 2019“]


30/4/19 It’s time to radically rethink our immigration system – Eiri Ohtani, Satbir Singh and Stephen Hale, Open Democracy

30/4/19 BID’s ‘How to Get Out of Detention’ handbook’ is published in 18 languages – Bail for Immigration Detainees

30/4/19 FAM v SSHD: Duncan Lewis Solicitors granted permission to challenge imposition of bail conditions on individuals that cannot be lawfully detained – Duncan Lewis Solicitors

30/4/19 Happy anniversary, Sajid Javid! – Gracie Bradley, Liberty

30/4/19 Judging by the Home Office, it’s now Tory policy to ruin Britain – Nesrine Malik, The Guardian

29/4/19 How to apply for bail accommodation: latest from the Home Office – Pierre Makhlouf, BID

29/4/19 Help JRS to Accompany our Refugee Friends – JRS UK

29/4/19 UK to deport Iraqi man who brought in baby niece for medical care – Diane Taylor, The Guardian (see further article here). Also covered by Rights Info and Metro (and here).

28/4/19 Home Office chaos and incompetence lead to unlawful detentions, claim whistleblowers – Amelia Hill, The Guardian (and further coverage here)

28/4/19 Blueprint for a more humane asylum system in indy Scotland – Karin Goodwin, The National

28/4/19 Anchor Windrush: keep fighting for justice – Diane Abbott, Morning Star

28/4/19 UK’s asylum system abuses women’s dignity – Marianna Karakoulaki, Deutsche Welle. Also covered by Info Migrant.

28/4/19 The cruellest blow: Torture victims’ charity warns Home Office policies are inflicting fresh agony on asylum seekers – Billy Briggs, The Sunday Post

26/4/19 Crime victims fear police ‘informers’ – Nadeem Badshah, Eastern Eye

26/4/19 Interview: Haunted by the Past and Insecure about the Future – Detention and Harms of Asylum Seekers in Northern European Countries – Victoria Canning, ECRE

25/4/19 Indefinite detention: An endless time loop – Mishka (Freed Voices), Amnesty International UK

25/4/19 Home Office ‘robbed’ half a million pounds from migrant workers – Phil Miller, Morning Star

24/4/19 Duncan Lewis Solicitors Granted Permission to proceed with Brook House Lock-in Challenge – Duncan Lewis Public Law team

24/4/19 Column: Why are we so fearful of people from other places? – Rev Anne-Marie Renshaw, Daily Gazette

23/4/19 Sajid Javid urged to act in immigration scandal ‘bigger than Windrush‘ – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian, and further Guardian coverage here. Also covered by The Independent, The SunRights Info, CGTN and Eastern Eye.

22/4/19 Seeking Refuge In Oxford – In Conversation With Asylum Welcome – Clotilde de Maricourt, The Oxford Student

20/4/19 From the Commonwealth Games to homelessness: the Cameroonian refugee weightlifter hoping to make it to the Tokyo Olympics – Jeremy Wilson, The Telegraph

19/4/19 A Torture Survivor Was Kept In Detention For More Than 13 Weeks Despite Several Suicide Attempts – Emily Dugan, Buzzfeed

18/4/19 “Nothing Good Comes from Detention”: Shocking testimonies from detention – BID

17/4/19 Slavery was supposed to be abolished over 180 years ago – so why is it rife within modern Britain? – Jasmine O’Connor, The Independent

17/4/19 Safety concerns in UK immigration detention centres – Richmond Chambers

17/4/19 Human contact in asylum systems- what practitioners in the UK can learn from the Greek experience – Laura Smith, Refugee Legal Support

17/4/19 American woman with two disabled British children wrongly threatened with deportation from UK – May Bulman, The Independent

16/4/19 Self-harm in detention centre up threefold in three years despite drop in population, report finds – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by Rights Info,  Electronic Immigration NetworkThe Guardian and BBC News. Detention Action has written a response. You can find HMIP’s press release and report on its inspection of Colnbrook IRC here.

16/4/19 Shocking self harm reported as police called to protests at scandal-hit G4S detention centre – Ben Gelblum, The London Economic

16/4/19 ‘Accidents don’t happen by accident’ – Paul, JRS UK

16/4/19 Fabian Society publishes collection of essays calling for a fairer immigration system – Electronic Immigration Network

16/4/19 This wall too must fall… – Phil Davis, A Darkened Room

16/4/19 Riot police called to ‘disorder’ at immigration centre near Gatwick – The Argus

16/4/19 The brutal truth of Windrush is that one year on, the ‘hostile environment’ is more entrenched than ever – Gracie Bradley, The Independent

16/4/19 A space where all are welcomed and known – Dunstan Rodrigues, JRS UK

15/4/19 ‘I’m struggling’: Windrush victims say little has changed one year on – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian. Also covered in this film from BBC News.

14/4/19 Couples face ‘insulting’ checks in sham marriage crackdown – Diane Taylor and Frances Perraudin, The Guardian

14/4/19 Ex-city schoolgirl’s hunger strike hell amid deportation threat – Sarah Eccleston and James Cartledge, Birmingham Mail

13/4/19 Saturday of the 5th week of Lent: Christian’s story – JRS UK

12/4/19 “Bristol is my home” – man still fearing deportation to Kenya after four months on bail – Sarah Turnnidge, Bristol Post

12/4/19 It’s time to rethink our attitude to undocumented migrants – David Lammy, New Statesman

11/4/19 Immigration Regulations Undermine NRM Despite Reforms – Jane Kilpatrick, Rene Cassin

11/4/19 Corrupt immigration officer jailed for trying to extort man facing deportation – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by the Romford Recorder and Crown Prosecution Service.

10/4/19 Britain detained: Immigration Detention in the UK – Ross Field, Videoblogg Productions (YouTube)

10/4/19 Hungarian nationals detained for rough sleeping win unlawful detention claim – Duncan Lewis solicitors. Duncan Lewis reports on a similar case here.

10/4/19 ‘It’s a place filled with despair and hopelessness’ – Asylum-seeker Opelo recalls the trauma of being held at immigration removal centre – Sally Eccleston, Stoke Sentinel

10/4/19 Sheffield organising meeting, Mon 15 April – These Walls Must Fall

9/4/19 Aggravated damages for unlawfully detained hunger striker – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

9/4/19 Labour would end free movement. We can’t rely on Corbyn’s past credentials – Sabrina Huck, Labour List

9/4/19 Reflection on Session Three: Immigration Detention – Mo Makin, Rene Cassin

7/4/19 Concerns rise over safety of vulnerable immigration centre detainees – Mark Townsend, The Guardian

7/4/19 Home Office changes mind on deporting man who has lived in the UK since childhood at last minute – Joanna Whitehead, iNews. Also covered by The Guardian.

7/4/19 Sex workers harassed, assaulted and illegally targeted for deportations amid culture of xenophobia after Brexit, campaigners say – Maya Oppenheim, The Independent

6/4/19 We’re ready to smash privatisation – Diane Abbott, Morning Star

6/4/19 How could ‘bleeding heart’ plane passengers stop my rapist being deported? Young mum whose ‘screaming’ Somali attacker was kept in the UK by Heathrow mutiny reveals her fury at their intervention – Mark Hookham, Daily Mail. Also covered by the Express.

5/4/19 Fast changing, complex and with devastating consequences: immigration law – Right to Remain

5/4/19 Life as a Yarl’s Wood immigration detainee ‘like hell‘ – Nabihah Parkar, BBC News

5/4/19 Detaining vulnerable immigrants negatively affects their mental health – Clare Mason, BMC blog

4/4/19 Homeless Europeans On Britain’s Streets Could Face Deportation – Meka Beresford, Rights Info

4/4/19 Polish man who faced deportation for sleeping rough gets thousands of pounds compensation – Amardeep Bassey and Sam Tobin, Kent Live. Also covered by Birmingham Mail, Cambridge News, Chronicle LiveLeicester Mercury, Manchester Evening News, Plymouth Herald and Wales Online.

4/4/19 No deportation is justified – Remi Joseph-Salisbury, Red Pepper

3/4/19 Smiles as paperwork ends Chennan Fei’s Home Office fight – Greg Russell, The National

3/4/19 Windrush generation can now apply for compensation scheme with no cap – and could cost government more than £200 million – ITV News. Also covered by The Guardian, Evening Standard, Eastern Eye and the Jamaica Observer.

2/4/19 Sign up to #GoTheDistance for detainees on 17th June 2019 – Bail for Immigration Detainees

1/4/19 Immigration centre ‘should close’ after damning report – Connor Creaghan, Lincolnshire Reporter

1/4/19 Eight to run Hackney Half in support of BID – Bail for Immigration Detainees



[expand title=”March 2019“]


29/3/19 Foreign Office admits it doesn’t know fate of DRC returnees – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

27/3/19 Immigration detainees working for £1 an hour is lawful because it is to relieve boredom not earn income, High Court rules – The Telegraph. Also covered by The Times, The GuardianFree Movement, Duncan Lewis, Morning Star, The London Economic, Urdu Point and the Home Office Media blog.

27/3/19 Majority of immigration removals called off amid concerns thousands of people wrongly targeted – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by Justice Gap and ECRE.

27/3/19 I was nearly deported under the Home Office’s ‘deport first, ask questions later’ approach. This is why it’s so terrifying – Opelo Kgari, The Independent

27/3/19 Spring by Ali Smith: a story of hope from one of the most important writers at work today – Anita Sethi, iNews. Also covered by The Independent.

26/3/19 Surviving and succeeding in the asylum and immigration system – Right to Remain

26/3/19 Four years after UK’s Modern Slavery Act, urgent action is needed to support victims – Rachel Smith, Human Trafficking Foundation

26/3/19 An inhumane and unworkable immigration detention system: why is the Home Office in denial? – Natasha Tsangarides, Freedom From Torture

26/3/19 Home Office nabs people with UK families for deportation flight to Nigeria & Ghana – Ben Gelblum, The London Economic. Also covered by Enter Nigeria.

26/3/19 Reimagining refugee rights: addressing asylum harms in Britain, Denmark and Sweden – Victoria Canning, University of Bristol

26/3/19 Tuesday of the 3rd week of Lent – JRS UK. This is part of a series of blogs on John’s experience of being detained.

26/3/19 BID’s sell out Pub Quiz raises over £500 for legal advice for immigration detainees – BID

26/3/19 Let’s confront the factors that stop us collaborating – Stephen Hale, Third Sector

25/3/19 Catalogue of failings led to death of ‘gentle’ man at detention centre – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. Also covered by Eastern Eye, Morning Star, DPG Law, and Inquest.

25/3/19 Shining a light on Morton Hall immigration detention centre – These Walls Must Fall

22/3/19 UK asylum system compounds trauma of torture victims – Sonya Sceats, The Guardian

22/3/19 Court of Appeal dumps on retired judge for detention decision “without any supporting reasons or explanation” – Bilaal Shabbir, Free Movement

21/3/19 Home Office has utterly failed in immigration detention, MPs find – Jamie Grierson, The Guardian. Also covered by The Independent, BBC NewsSky News, ITV NewsMirror, Evening Express, Left Foot Forward, Daily Mail, Scottish Legal News, Irish Legal News, Express and StarPolitics Home, The Justice GapFree MovementYorkshire Coast Radio, Crux News, Church Times, Independent Catholic News, The United Reformed ChurchUrdu PointThe Ferret, Morning Star, Civil Service World, EINAOL, Richmond Chambers and BT News. You can find the Home Affairs Committee’s press release and report here, as well as responses from Amnesty International UK, BID, City of SanctuaryDetention Forum, Freedom from TortureFreed Voices, Gatwick Detainees Welfare GroupJRS UK, LD4SOS, Refugee CouncilThese Walls Must Fall, UKLGIG, and Women for Refugee Women.

21/3/19 Fact sheet: Detention – Home Office in the Media

21/3/19 I lost too much of my life to the horror of immigration detention – we must and can do better – Mishka Pillay (Freed Voices), Metro

21/3/19 UK should not detain ‘at risk’ LGBT+ asylum seekers – lawmakers – Rachel Savage, Thomson Reuters. Also covered by Radio News Hub, DevDiscourse and Openly News.

21/3/19 MPs have golden opportunity to end unfair migrant detention – Richard Atkins, The Times. Also covered by Politics Home.

21/3/19 Immigration Detention Reform Is A Moral Necessity – Nicholas Reed Langen, Rights Info

20/3/19 The Catch 22 trapping people in immigration detention – Tara Brian, The Justice Gap

19/3/19 Home Office apologises for failings that led to detention centre death – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

19/3/19 MPs Call for End to Indefinite Detention – Bella Lever, Rene Cassin

19/3/19 Working for the clampdown: how detained migrants are coerced into cut-price labour – Fidelis Chebe and Jon Burnett, Morning Star

19/3/19 Disturbing Research on Immigration Detention, Deportation, and Degradation in Sweden and Denmark – Alex Wuergler, Border Criminologies

18/3/19 Detained migrants working way below minimum wage lose out on £250k in just one month – Phil Miller, Morning Star

18/3/19 Police probe cyber attack on Dungavel detention centre – Billy Briggs, The Ferret

17/3/19 Rapist, 30, whose deportation flight was stopped by passenger mutiny is STILL in the UK and is costing the taxpayer £100-a-day – Martin Beckford, Daily Mail

15/3/19 Home Office Depot shutdown by activists – Phil Miller, Morning Star

14/3/19 High Court suspends unscrupulous policy of removing unwanted migrants from the UK without warning – Medical Justice. Also covered by BBC News, Free Movement and Right to Remain.

14/3/19 Sheffield gears up to bring the walls down – These Walls Must Fall

14/3/19 “You literally live in constant anxiety”: reporting at the Home Office – Right to Remain

14/3/19 Crawley council’s successful smoke-free prosecution – Steve Payne, Crawley Observer. Also covered by Crawley News 24.

12/3/19 Reporting conditions for migrants are excessive and punitive – Mishka (Freed Voices), Red Pepper

12/3/19 The Impact of Immigration Detention on Mental Health – Helen Bamber Foundation

12/3/19 A window on to a hopeful landscape – Gabriel Weston, BMJ

11/3/19 Home Office under fire over man’s death in immigration detention – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. Also covered by Morning StarEastern Eye and Dhaka Tribune.

11/3/19 Visiting Dungavel – Chris, Scottish Refugee Council

11/3/19 ‘It’s like a bereavement’: How the ‘brutal’ deportation of a Harlesden father to Jamaica has distressed his teenage children left behind – Emma Bartholomew, Brent and Kilburn Times

10/3/19 Domestic abuse survivors target the Tube with anti-cuts poems – Harrow Times

9/3/19 This Musician Is Still Fighting To Stay In The UK – The Voice

9/3/19 View from the House: Fighting for an immigration system that is fair and treats immigrants as human beings – Tulip Siddiq, Brent and Kilburn Times

8/3/19 Immigration Bill makes progress and Messy change: a way forward on immigration detention? – Quakers in Britain

8/3/19 Hidden Histories: Yarl’s Wood and its captive women – Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID)

8/3/19 The Domestic Abuse Bill Fails Migrant And BAME Women – Zehrah Hassan, Huffington Post

8/3/19 3 things the Immigration Minister got wrong in the space of two minutes this week – Detention Action

8/3/19 Your MP and your legal case – Right to Remain

7/3/19 Immigration Bill: more bad news, but with an opportunity? – These Walls Must Fall

7/3/19 Dublin III detention regulations comply with EU law – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

7/3/19 Migrants granted bail left trapped in British immigration detention because of nowhere to go – Anna Lindley and Clara della Croce, The Conversation. Also covered by the SOAS Blog.

6/3/19 Windrush scandal: MPs say Home Office complacent over failings – BBC News.  Also covered by The WeekChronicle Live and the Evening Standard.

6/3/19 Supreme Court reasserts the role of medical experts in asylum claims by torture survivors – Medical Justice, Freedom from Torture and the Helen Bamber Foundation

6/3/19 ‘Travelling Gallery’ Announces Spring 2019 Exhibition – John Preece, The Edinburgh Reporter

5/3/19 “God will draw something good out of this time of suffering” – Sister Vianney, JRS UK

5/3/19 Only standard damages for unlawfully detained rough sleepers – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

4/3/19 Foreign students framed by May’s ‘hostile environment’ – Ann Douglas, Morning Star

4/3/19 “We are just numbers to them, they do not see us as people” – Right to Remain

3/3/19 A Day in the Life of a Marxist Immigration Barrister – Novara Media

3/3/19 ‘I did 12 years in jail from the age of 16. Now I’m a reformed man helping young offenders – and the government is trying to deport me’ – May Bulman, The Independent

1/3/19 Some good news, but so much more to be done – Scottish Detainee Visitors

1/3/19 Home Office under fire from lawyers over ‘deeply concerning’ immigration powers – Billy Bragg, The Ferret

1/3/19 Polish man unlawfully detained for 38 days after sleeping rough on London street wins £15k damages – Sam Tobin and Kirsty Bosley, Kent Live. Also covered by the Daily Mail, MetroWales Online, Nottingham Post, Morning Star and Cambridgeshire Live.

1/3/19 Popular musician facing deportation granted bail – ITV News. Also covered by Manchester Evening News.



[expand title=”February 2019“]


28/2/19 Now boot him out! Albanian machine gun killer fighting deportation on human rights grounds carries out a brutal knife attack on his wife – Stephen Wright and Mary O’Connor, Daily Mail. Also covered by Echo News.

28/2/19 New detention zine: “a vital tool for people at risk of detention” – Right to Remain. Also covered here.

28/2/19 Chinese victim of trafficking released from detention: where were the safeguards when our client needed them? – Duncan Lewis solicitors

27/2/19 Forum calls to end indefinite immigration detention – City of Sanctuary

26/2/19 Woman faces deportation after 17 years in UK – BBC News

23/2/19 Zimbabwean citizen living in UK fears deportation – Claire Fallon, Channel 4

22/2/19 Windrush row over deportation flight – Lisa Stevens, Granite Gazette

21/2/19 Jamaican high commissioner calls for halt to deportations from UK – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

21/2/19 Yarl’s Wood: Independent Monitoring Board seeks volunteers – Erica Roffe, Bedford Independent

20/2/19 I was in indefinite detention– Michael Darko (Freed Voices), Detention Action

20/2/19 Bishop calls for an end to indefinite detention – Christian Today. Also covered in Catholic News.

20/2/19 Students detained in relation to TOEIC cheating allegations, MP complains – Claudia Civinini, The Pie News

19/2/19 Victor has been released from detention – Victor Mujakachi, Assist Sheffield. Also covered by New Zimbabwe.

19/2/19 Security guard who protected royals held in immigration detention– Diane Taylor, The Guardian. Also covered by The Telegraph and Daily Mail.

18/2/19 Olympian released from Dungavel but told to return home – Kirsteen Paterson, The National

19/2/19 We’re not frightened anymore – Sheffield says no to Zimbabwe Deportations – Stuart Crosthwaite, Right to Remain

18/2/19 Campaigners fear asylum seekers in Southend could be at risk of deportation after summons from Home Office – Katie Feehan, The Echo

18/2/19 Students wrongly caught up in Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ still being detained and ‘living in terror’ – Rob Merrick, The Independent

17/02/2019 My patient avoided NHS treatment for three years because he didn’t want to become another Windrush victim – Dolin Bhagawati, The Independent

17/02/2019 Dad deported to Jamaica on ‘convict flight’ breaks down as he talks about his Birmingham daughter – Zoe Chamberlain, Birmingham Mail

15/2/19 Home Office admits it unlawfully detained trafficking victim for six months – May Bulman, The Independent

15/02/2019 High Court finds that bail accommodation system is broken, declines to intervene – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

15/02/2019 UK poised to set 28 day time limit on migrant detention – Nick Miller, WA Today

15/02/2019 It’s time we call out the Home Office for its shameful attitude to refugees – Kate Andrews, City AM

15/2/19 Unveiling detention and health care on the Island of Hungry Ghosts – Max Cohen, Routed

13/02/2019 On the kindness of people and the violence of the state: Reflections from the Stansted 15 – Mel Evans, Huck

13/02/2019 Home Office concedes that they unlawfully detained a potential victim of trafficking for almost 6 months in immigration detention day before trial in High Court – Garden Court Chambers. Also covered by The Independent.

13/02/2019 Meet volunteers Leila and Elena, working with BID to end immigration detention – Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID)

13/2/19 Home Office sentenced to a week of action by the People’s Trial – Ceren Sagir, Morning Star. Also covered by The Canary.

13/2/19 Sheffield volunteer facing deportation wins temporary reprieve – Robert Cumber, The Star (and another article here). Also covered by The Independent (and here), The Guardian (and here), Metro, ZimEye (and here), Nehanda Radio, Report Focus News and New Zimbabwe.

11/02/2019 Let’s make 2019 the year when inhumane indefinite detention ends– Diane Abbott. Also published in the Morning Star.

9/2/19 Just 6% of vulnerable detainees released from UK immigration centres – Mark Townsend, The Guardian

8/2/19 Freed Voices back calls for a time limit on detention – Freed Voices, Detention Action

8/2/19 Everyone should say to politicians: “put a time limit on detention”. It’s the biggest thing – Kate Alexander and ‘Lucy’, Scottish Detainee Visitors

8/2/19 They saved migrants from deportation. Then they faced terror-related charges – Bianca Britton, CNN. Also covered by Red Pepper and Huffington Post.

8/2/19 Every week in Patchway, dozens of people face the long arm of the hostile environment – Georgia Edwards and Adam Cantwell-Corn, Bristol Cable

8/2/19 Detained migrants swindled out of £27 million in wages – Phil Miller, Morning Star

7/2/19 G4S faces prosecution over smoking at immigration detention centre – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

7/2/19 View from Westminster: Don’t allow EU citizens to be treated like the Windrush generation – Harriet Harman, Southwark News. Harman also published a piece in Politics Home.

7/2/19 One man’s ordeal reveals depth of Britain’s immigration failures – Federica Marsi, The National

7/2/19 For people of colour, a hard Irish border already exists and Brexit will make it worse – Emer Morris and Louise McGowan, Left Foot Forward

7/2/19 Home secretary urged to apologise for falsely claiming Jamaica deportees were all guilty of ‘very serious crimes’ – May Bulman, The Independent

7/2/19 Home Office should no longer have power to detain people, MPs say – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by The Guardian, Belfast Telegraph, ITV NewsiNews, The National, Morning StarRights Info, Garden Court ChambersCivil Service WorldAOL and The Argus. The JCHR’s report is available here, and the House of Commons press release is available here. Organisations including the Detention Forum (as well as a more detailed response here), JRS UK, Freedom from Torture and Mind have responded to the report.

6/2/19 At least seven men due to be deported on a charter flight to Jamaica granted last-minute reprieve – May Bulman, the Independent. Also covered by Sky News, Metro (and here), Birmingham News and the Daily Mail.

6/2/19 “In Whose Best Interests?” Event Summary – Bail for Immigration Detainees

6/2/19 When unaccompanied young asylum seekers turn 18, many face an immigration cliff edge – Kelly Devenney, The Conversation

5/2/19 Detainee Death Inquest Witnesses Face Removal From UK – The Voice. Also covered by The Independent and The Guardian.

4/2/19 Will the UK government sentence 15 migrant rights activists to life in prison over a peaceful protest? – Steve Rushton, Equal Times

4/2/19 Our post-Brexit immigration system cannot ignore refugees – Thangam Debbonaire

4/2/19 Everyday Sexism twitter takeover shines spotlight on Yarl’s Wood detainees – Erica Roffe, Bedford Independent

4/2/19 The Home Office is depriving people of their liberty indefinitely and it must stop – Nicola Burgess, Metro

4/2/19 Immigration detainees in prison to challenge lack of safeguards – Oliver Subhedar, The Justice Gap

4/2/19 The promise of a brighter future – Father Luc, JRS UK

4/2/19 Drum & bass scene condemns deportation of Mad Rush MC – Carl Loben, DJ Mag

3/2/19 Dungavel immigration detention centre hit by crimewave as incidents treble – Norman Sylvester, Daily Record

3/2/19 The Olympian surviving in the UK’s detention system – Kirsteen Paterson, The National (and follow up story here).

2/2/19 Dozens of Caribbean nationals to be deported on first charter flight to Jamaica since Windrush scandal – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by The Guardian, Metro, and Sky News.

1/2/19 I suffered indefinite immigrant detention. This injustice must end – Michael Darko (Freed Voices), The Guardian

1/2/19 Prison without proof – Matthew Smith, The Overtake



[expand title=”January 2019“]


31/1/19 Limiting the time limit for immigration detention: The danger of the ‘foreign national offender’ exemption – Mishka (Freed Voices), No Walls

30/1/19 Three women share heartbreaking stories from the notorious Yarl’s Wood detention centre – Frea Lockley, The Canary

28/1/19 SNP MP who saved asylum seeker from wrongful deportation calls for an inquiry – Sean Bell, Common Space

27/1/19 MPs join forces in drive to end indefinite immigration detention – Andrew Sparrow, The Guardian

27/1/19 Major gaps and missteps in domestic abuse bill – Letter to The Guardian signed by Liberty, Amnesty and others working with migrant women.

26/1/19 Afghanistan veteran with PTSD detained ahead of deportation to Jamaica – Bethan Staton, Sky News. Also covered by Metro and Press TV.

26/1/19 Lawyer for Namibian asylum seeker calls for detention alternative – Greg Russell, The National

25/1/19 In Focus: Indefinite Detention Robs People Of Fundamental Rights And Freedoms – Rahul Verma, Rights Info

25/1/19 Home Office ‘error’ sees vulnerable asylum seeker spend her birthday behind bars – Phil Miller, The Morning Star. Also covered by The Independent.

25/1/19 Campsfield House immigration detention centre detainees ‘felt unsafe‘ – BBC News. You can find the HMIP’s press release here and further coverage by The Morning Star.

25/1/19 Damages for asylum-seeker unlawfully detained and deprived of medication in detention– Duncan Lewis Solicitors

25/1/19 TOEIC students campaign marks next step with MPs support – Claudia Civinini, The PIE News

25/1/19 An interview with British “Stansted 15” defendant Melanie Strickland – Margot Miller, World Socialist Website

25/1/19 Education key to ending ‘ignorance’ about asylum seekers, says real-life Glasgow Girl ahead of Perth Theatre show – Michael Alexander, The Courier

24/1/19 The Home Office Accused This Student Of Cheating – Now His World Is ‘Finished‘ – Chris York, Huffington Post

24/1/19 Lewisham becomes the latest council to adopt a These Walls Must Fall motion – These Walls Must Fall

24/1/19 Proposed replacement of immigration detention centres at Heathrow – Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary

21/1/19 Warnings of new ‘Windrush scandal’ over ‘hostile’ scheme to register EU citizens – Jane Wharton, Metro. Also covered in The Independent.

21/1/19 These Walls Must Fall in Bristol – Anjum Nahar and Avital Carno, Rene Cassin. Also covered by Student Left Network.

21/1/19 The migration system isn’t ready for Brexit – and EU citizens will suffer – Jack Gevertz, Red Pepper. Also covered by Left Foot Forward.

21/1/19 Tory idea of fairness is to treat EU citizens almost as badly as Windrush ones – Diane Abbott, Politics Home. Also published here.

20/1/19 Home Office bids to send asylum seeker home despite application to Scots court – Greg Russell, The National, and follow up articles herehere and here. Also covered by the Evening Times.

18/1/19 Home Office put eight-month-old baby with British citizenship in immigration detention centre – Conor James McKinney, Free Movement. Also covered by The Guardian.

18/1/19 Unlawfully detained couple awarded £90k in damages – BBC News. Also covered by The Independent, the Lancashire PostLancashire Telegraph and Metro.

18/1/19 How thousands of foreign students were failed by the Home Office – Robert Wright, Financial Times

17/1/19 Veteran with PTSD who served in Afghanistan faces deportation to Jamaica – Bethan Staton, Sky News. Also covered by the Daily Express.

17/1/19 Michael is an ex-detainee who spoke to us about his reasons for fleeing his home country of Sierra Leone and how he has managed since – Samphire

16/1/19 Against their will, the UK government is deporting young Britons and putting their lives at risk – Matthew Stadlen, The Independent

16/1/19 ‘Desert Island’ Detention: Detainees’ Understandings of ‘Law’ in the UK’s Immigration Detention System – Sarah Singer, Refugee Survey Quarterly

15/1/19 Eastenders: a true story – These Walls Must Fall

15/1/19 The Reader: Too many asylum seekers are kept in detention centres – Charmian Goldwyn, Evening Standard

15/1/19 Labour and Tories back 28-day limit on immigrant detention – Sam Coates, The Times. Also covered by The Daily Mail.

14/1/19 No damages for unlawful 13 year delay in deciding settlement application – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

14/1/19 Immigration detention centres continue to block legal websites – Conor James McKinney, Free Movement

11/1/19 EastEnders: A True Story – Michael Darko, Freed Voices / Detention Action

11/1/19 Asylum seeker released from detention following petition to save him – ITV News. Also covered by BBC NewsThe Guardian and Wales Online.

9/1/19 ‘Our lives are on hold’: Stansted 15 appeal verdict after conviction for grounding flight deporting asylum seekers – Jasmine Andersson, iNews

9/1/19 Christian man ‘beaten and threatened by Islamic extremists’ in Pakistan to be deported imminently – May Bulman, The Independent

9/1/19 We Must Hold the Government to Account for the Ongoing Windrush Scandal – Diane Abbott

8/1/19 I’m one of the Stansted 15, the peaceful protesters convicted of terrorism – Ben Smoke, Dazed

7/1/19 Courtroom Solidarity: Immigration, the Stansted 15 and the Hostile Environment – Luke Butterly, Pluto Press

7/1/19 Northern Ireland’s hidden borders – Luke Butterly, Verso Books

6/1/19 Faith leaders urge government to stop being ‘hostile’ toward immigrants – Eno Adeogun, Premier. Also covered by Newsbook.

5/1/19 Former NHS nurse born in UK with no criminal record deported to Ghana – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by iNews.

4/1/19 Church must speak out on conditions in detention centres, says priest – Hattie Williams, Church Times

4/1/19 Put a time limit on the UK’s immigration detentions – Martine Lignon, Islington Tribune

4/1/19 Former British soldier battles Home Office deportation – Trevor Rene, Detention Action. You can view other Detention Action videos about indefinite detention on their YouTube channel.

3/1/19 Detention centre watchdog’s independence ‘compromised’ by Home Office staff – Phil Miller, Morning Star

2/1/19 Detention and Deportation — The UK’s Hostile Environment – Emma Musty, Are You Serious



[expand title=”December 2018“]


31/12/18 Higher damages payable for unlawful detention caused by delay in providing bail accommodation – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

31/12/18 Isle Of Wight Migration Detention Centre? Isle Of Wight MP Says “No Thanks” – Lucy Morgan, Isle of Wight Radio

31/12/18 MPs including Jeremy Corbyn make New Year’s resolutions – Detention Action

31/12/18 The indefinite detention scandal – Detention Action

30/12/18 ‘A punch in the face’ – Convicted and deported after living in the UK for decades – Bethan Staton, Sky News

30/12/18 Migrants are dying in the Channel and detention centres – it’s time the West changed tack on immigration – Bella Sankey, Metro

30/12/18 From borders to prisons: the politics of abolition – Ru Kaur and Ali Tamlit, Red Pepper

30/12/18 Campsfield House: Final protest says ‘we won’t be silent‘ – Harrison Jones, Oxford Mail

29/12/18 Why you should support These Walls Must Fall – Bristol’s These Walls Must Fall team, Epigram

27/12/18 Home Office tried to remove second migrant over Christmas period – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

27/12/18 End indefinite detention and asylum cruelty – Ruth Lister and Suzanne Fletcher, Letters, The Guardian

27/12/18 Why I will not support These Walls Must Fall – Oliver Briscoe, Epigram

26/12/18 Refugee Tales: Countryside walk after indefinite detention – BBC News

26/12/18 Visiting Dungavel Detention Centre – Shelagh King, Edinburgh Freedom from Torture

26/12/18 Ten ambulance callouts a week to detention centres – Sarah Marsh and Haroon Siddique, The Guardian

24/12/18 Christian man ‘beaten and threatened by Islamic extremists’ in Pakistan faces imminent deportation from UK – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by CBN News.

23/12/18 Pinar’s story: ‘The Home Office are going to make life impossibly hard for some‘ – Karin Goodwin, The National

23/12/18 Congolese asylum seeker faces forced removal from UK on Christmas Day – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. Also covered by Wales OnlinePunch and ITV News.

20/12/18 Fast Track asylum appeals under an unlawful system were not necessarily unfair – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

20/12/18 2018 – a year in review – Right to Remain

20/12/18 Six-monthly survey reveals lack of legal representation for immigration detainees – BID. Also covered by The Justice Gap.

19/12/18 Home Office u-turns on deporting former convict turned prison reformer – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by Sky News.

19/12/18 UK: Immigration White Paper a ‘huge missed opportunity’ to reform harmful policies – Amnesty International UK

18/12/18 Trafficking victim wins payout from Home Office after wrongful detention – Harriet Grant

18/12/18 Immigration detainee died in jail fall after getting deportation notice – Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo. Also covered by The GuardianFree MovementThe IndependentThe LeaderInquest and Irwin Mitchell solicitors.

18/12/18 Stansted 15 solidarity protest in Glasgow set to mark International Migrants Day – Ben Wray, Common Space

18/12/18 I’m Proud To Be One Of The Stansted 15 – This Is Our Story – Ali Tamlit, Huffington Post

18/12/18 Renton couple forced to postpone wedding plans due to threat of deportation – Tristan Stewart-Robertson, Dumbarton Reporter

17/12/18 Home Office has spent £6 million on Windrush scandal response – The Scotsman

17/12/18 Windrush scandal: Three victims wrongly removed from UK flown back after ‘exceptional’ help, Sajid Javid admits – Rob Merrick, The Independent

17/12/18 How Quakers can push for a just UK immigration system in 2019 – Jessica Metheringham, Quakers in Britain

14/12/18 Last detainees leave Campsfield House immigration detention centre – Naomi Herring, Oxford Mail. Also covered by BBC News.

14/12/18 Overwhelming Response to call for Christmas Cards – JRS UK

13/12/18 Compassion in volunteering: Befriending in a UK immigration detention centre – Joanne Vincent, NCVO

12/12/18 Chinese women trafficked to UK ‘being failed by Home Office‘ – Aamna Mohdin, The Guardian. Also covered here and in the South China Morning Post.

12/12/18 Amelia Gentleman: Windrush scandal was ‘complete outrage’ but it took ‘quite a long time’ to trigger Government response – Freddy Mayhew, Press Gazette

11/12/18 ‘If I don’t come back, call my lawyer’: Practical solidarity for people at risk of detention– Luke Butterly, Red Pepper

11/12/18 As someone who works to challenge our brutal immigration laws, I wish detainees had more champions like the Stansted 15 – Maddy Evans, The Independent. Also published by SOAS Detainee Support.

10/12/18 Home Office to add independent oversight to immigration detention hearings – Beckie Smith, Civil Service World

10/12/18 The Stansted protesters saved me from wrongful deportation. They are heroes – Anonymous, The Guardian

10/12/18 I am one of the Stansted 15. Here’s why charter flights must end – Jo Ram, Red Pepper

10/12/18 Council to vote to condemn immigration detention – Georgia Edwards, Bristol Cable. Also covered by the Bristol PostThese Walls Must Fall (also here), Bristol 24/7 and the Green Party Bristol.

9/12/18 The UK Windrush generation: A national scandal – Jennifer McCall, TRT World

9/12/18 Moved to be God’s Witness – Rosalinda Maog, JRS UK

8/12/18 Baroness Hamwee, Detention Campaigner Champion – John Skipworth, Lib Dems for Seekers of Sanctuary

8/12/18 Hundreds march through Bristol city centre to condemn immigration detention system– Sarah Turnnidge, Bristol Post

7/12/18 Algerian man dies in London immigration detention centre – Tom Embury-Dennis and May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered by Weekend SpyJRS UKCrux and Independent Catholic News.

7/12/18 Asylum seekers with an uncertain future are spending Christmas in detention – Maddie Grounds, The Big Issue

7/12/18 I Was Detained In The UK For 8 Months & It Made Me Suicidal – Natalie Gil, Refinery29

6/12/18 High Court orders Home Office to progress Brook House inquiry – DPG

6/12/18 Torture victims kept at Dungavel despite mental health concerns – Billy Briggs, The Ferret

6/12/18 Scottish Parliament hears calls for more to be done to protect the vulnerable from Home Office immigration law – Sean Bell, Common Space

6/12/18 “Why we’re extending solidarity to all migrants” – Alice Cutler, Bristol Cable

6/12/18 The Nightmare before Christmas – BID

6/12/18 Up to 600 foreign nationals required to report to authorities every month fail to do so or abscond – Lynn Davidson, The Sun

5/12/18 Immigration minister listens to calls to end indefinite detention – Jamie Grierson, The Guardian

5/12/18 Campaign for fairer refugee policy goes to Parliament – Hastings Online Times

5/12/18 Home Office failed to act on repeated warning signs of Windrush failings, major report finds – Tom Embury-Dennis, The Guardian (see also). Also covered by ITV NewsBBC NewsSky NewsThe Telegraph and News Shopper. You can also view the press release and report from the National Audit Office.

5/12/18 Brook House: Scandal-hit immigration removal centre run by G4S ‘should only hold detainees for a few weeks’, report finds – Lizzie Dearden, The Independent. Also covered by BBC News.

5/12/18 Chinese national Chennan Fei’s deportation threat renewed a year on from court ruling– Kirsteen Patterson, The National

5/12/18 Immigration Minister writes about alternatives to detention – Caroline Nokes, Home Office blog

4/12/18 Why MPs must unite to end the indefinite detention of immigrants – Tulip Siddiq, New Statesman. Also covered in Camden New JournalCare AppointmentsAmnesty International press release and on Tulip’s blog.

4/12/18 British Army veteran facing deportation says he ‘can’t sleep at night’ because of how the Home Office has treated him – Claudia Tanner, iNews

4/12/18 Report into Brook House abuse published as Home Office launches “alternatives to detention” pilot – Conor James McKinney, Free Movement

4/12/18 Under lock and key: Asylum seekers in detention – Marion MacGregor, InfoMigrants

3/12/18 Home Office under fire over Commonwealth deportations – Ben Quinn, The Guardian

3/12/18 New pilot schemes to support migrants at risk of detention – Home Office. See also Caroline Nokes’ comments in the Home Office media blog.

3/12/18 143-day average waiting times for detained asylum seekers – another unlawful system?– Ruth Mercer, Free Movement

3/12/18 ‘Born rightless, die rightless’ – Hyab Yohannes, Right to Remain

2/12/18 Protesters back hunger striking detainees at notorious deportation center – RT News

1/12/18 Protesters rally against detention centre for women immigrants – Claire Gilbody-Dickerson, Al Jazeera

1/12/18 Labour MP Tulip Siddiq backed by Tories to halt ‘indefinite’ immigration detention – Nicholas Cecil, Evening Standard. Also covered by the Dhaka Tribune.

1/12/18 Trial after trial: The plight of refugees in Britain – Asif Anwar, Islam 21C

1/12/18 US firm accused of inmate and immigrant abuse is taking over at Scottish prisons – Simon Rushton, iNews



[expand title=”November 2018“]


30/11/18 We must stand with the women of Yarl’s Wood and end indefinite detention – Bella Sankey, Huffington Post

30/11/18 Portland drug-use detainee died after ‘lax monitoring‘ – BBC News. Also covered by Total Slovenia News and Inquest.

30/11/18 Windrush rule change sees lowest level of immigration detention in a decade – Hayden Smith, Care Appointments

29/11/18 Home Office admits it has made no attempt to inform Commonwealth deportees about Windrush taskforce – May Bulman, The Independent

29/11/18 Churchgoer suffers blow in deportation battle – Peter Magill, Lancashire Telegraph

29/11/18 The next Windrush: The Home Office is pricing us out of our legal status – Ijeoma Moore,

28/11/18 ‘Distraught’ father fights deportation after 23 years in UK – Bethan Staton, Sky News

28/11/18 Immigration detention centres must be closed – Emma Ginn, The Guardian (letters)

28/11/18 The £25 million migrant wage gap scandal – Phil Miller, Vice

28/11/18 Public Law Director Toufique Hossain gives evidence in connection to the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ inquiry into immigration detention – Duncan Lewis

28/11/18 Gay rugby player facing deportation allowed to leave holding centre – Simon Murphy, The Guardian. Also covered by BBC News, ITV News (and again here), The Star and Bristol Post.

27/11/18 The fifth Sanctuary in Parliament event: Towards a fairer asylum system – City of Sanctuary

27/11/18 Remembering the Campsfield House riots – Andrew French, Oxford Mail

27/11/18 Meet the volunteers donating their time this #GivingTuesday – Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID)

27/11/18 Immigration detainee killed himself after self-harming, inquest hears – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

27/11/18 Hilary Ineomo-Marcus spared deportation on medical grounds moments before boarding plane – Callum Keown, City AM

26/11/18 Scotland: Bishop Nolan joins protest at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre – Independent Catholic News. Also covered by the Scottish Catholic Observer.

26/11/18 MPs Betraying Trust In Reporting Constituents To Immigration Hotline – Harvey Slade, Rights Info

26/11/18 ‘It’s like hell’: Yarl’s Wood women launch hunger strike against their indefinite detention and imminent charter flight – May Bulman, The Independent

26/11/18 Deported rogue trader: ‘The Home Office destroys lives‘ – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. Also covered by City AM.

24/11/18 Protest at controversial detention centre set for closure – Will Walker, Oxford Mail (see also a further article).

24/11/18 Immigration minister under pressure as lawyers fight to bring ex-UBS trader and convicted fraudster back to Britain – Lucy Burton, The Telegraph

23/11/18 Theresa May promised to help victims of trafficking. Why is she doing the opposite? – Ayesha Christie, The Guardian

23/11/18 Bishop Paul visits Harmondsworth with JRS UK – JRS UK. Also covered by The Tablet.

23/11/18 Accompany refugees this Advent – JRS UK

23/11/18 What the Stansted 15 tells us about law and order in Britain – TruePublica

22/11/18 Sheffield student who fled Isis faces deportation after asylum application rejected – Dominic Penna, The Sheffield Tab

22/11/18 Windrush – We need truth and justice now – Diane Abbott. See also Diane’s piece in the New Statesman.

21/11/18 Gay rugby player Kenneth Macharia fighting deportation to Kenya still in detention in Heathrow – Neil Maggs, Bristol Post (as well as an earlier article). Also reported in The Guardian (and an opinion piece here), The IndependentiNewsPink News, the Gay Times and Nairobi News.

21/11/18 Pre-Immigration Act 2016 bail ends after an appearance before an immigration officer– Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

21/11/18 Campsfield demonstration to mark closure tomorrow – Harrison Jones, Oxford Mail

21/11/18 A revealing memoir of airport detention – Rich Smith, The Stranger

21/11/18 Write to your MP – Now is the Time to influence the Immigration Bill! – City of Sanctuary

20/11/18 After 17 years, it’s time to close Yarl’s Wood – Helen Lewis, New Statesman

20/11/18 Hilary Ineomo-Marcus detained near Heathrow following Kweku Adoboli deportation – surely it’s time for the Home Office to re-think its approach – Julian Harris, City AM. Also reported in The Independent.

20/11/18 After six years of service in the British Army, this man from Dominica is facing deportation – Ismail Akwei, Face2Face Africa

19/11/18 Inquest into self-inflicted death of Branko Zdravkovic in immigration detention, opens today – INQUEST

19/11/18 Campsfield House and the future of immigration detention – Conor James McKinney, Free Movement

19/11/18 ‘The human cost of this is impossible to describe’: Kweku Adoboli speaks out after deportation – Sean Bell, Common Space

19/11/18 Bristol rugby players fight to prevent gay teammate’s deportation – Steven Morris, The Guardian. Also covered by BBC News.

19/11/18 Sri Lankan asylum seeker awarded nearly £20,000 in damages for unlawful detention – Asian Image. Also reported in the Colombo Gazette.

17/11/18 Dog patrol at Dungavel House immigration removal centre criticised – Elizabeth Burden, The Times. Also covered in Scottish Legal News.

16/11/18 Latest Dungavel inspection report provides more evidence that it’s #Time4aTimeLimit on immigration detention – Scottish Detainee Visitors

16/11/18 Dungavel inspectors praise care of detainees but urge investment – BT News. Also covered by HMIPITV News and the Belfast Telegraph.

16/11/18 Kweku Adoboli had served his time. Deporting him was unspeakably cruel – Luke Butterly, The Guardian

16/11/18 Day 227, Year of #Mygration: Welcome to the UK! How long will you be staying? – Jo Vincent, The Open University

16/11/18 “I am proud to be a small part of the fight for migration justice” – Catherine Hurley, Right to Remain

16/11/18 Windrush: the inevitable result of a hostile environment and no legal recourse – Satbir Singh and Charlotte Threipland, Open Democracy

16/11/18 ‘I served with the British Army for six years, lived here a decade and married a British woman – now the Home Office says go home’ – Claudia Tanner, iNews

16/11/18 Write a Christmas card for our friends in detention – JRS UK

15/11/18 JRS UK award Dame Caroline Spelman MP The Detention Forum Champion Award – JRS UK. See also Detention Forum blog here.

15/11/18 Events to mark the closure of Campsfield detention centre – Right to Remain

15/11/18 Windrush victims classed as criminals in government blunder – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

14/11/18 Mother describes being forced to drink her baby’s milk as people living with poverty come forward to tell UN envoy their stories – May Bulman, The Independent (refers to Yarl’s Wood IRC)

14/11/18 Former home secretary admits to ‘upping removals’ in direct response to anti-immigration press coverage – May Bulman, The Independent

14/11/18 Bedford Music in Detention at Yarl’s Wood closes after five years – Lizzy Jewell, Music in Detention

14/11/18 Asylum seekers forced to make 80-mile return journeys for reporting appointments – Sky News. Also reported by More Radio and Right to Remain.

14/11/18 Kweku Adoboli deported to Ghana on flight from Heathrow – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. Also covered in BBC NewsNottinghamshire LiveBloombergShropshire Star and Ghana Web.

13/11/18 Windrush: Home Office may revise up number of people affected by scandal – Hayden Smith, The Independent

13/11/18 Campsfield detention centre: Asylum Welcome hails closure – Harrison Jones, Bicester Advertiser. Also covered in the Oxford Mail.

13/11/18 Asylum seekers forced to make weekly five-hour journey to reporting sessions after Home Office policy change – May Bulman, The Independent

12/11/18 Former UBS trader Kweku Adoboli could be deported to Ghana – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. See also an interview with Kweku with Financial News London, and coverage in BBC NewsThe Herald ScotlandCity AMBloomberg and Business Day.

11/11/18 We had no option but to organise a protest – Detained Voices (an expert by experience writes about being detained in Campsfield House)

9/11/18 Campsfield House immigration removal centre to close – You can find a round-up of sector responses here, as well as individual responses from Campaign to Close CampsfieldAVIDDetention Action, the Detention ForumLayla Moran MP, and the Refugee Council. It was also covered by the Oxford Mail (and again here), The Independent (and again here) and BBC News.

9/11/18 Uproar over foreign criminals ducking bail puts electronic monitoring back on the agenda – Conor James McKinney, Free Movement. This story was also covered by The IndependentMetro and The Mirror.

8/11/18 Security guards broke asylum seeker’s hand and ‘threatened to kill him’ at Heathrow Airport – Jane Dalton and May Bulman, The Independent

8/11/18 More ammunition in the fight against the UK’s punitive detention estate – Mishka (Freed Voices), Detention Action

8/11/18 Increase in self-harm and suicides in UK immigration detention centres – James Whelan, World Socialist Website

8/11/18 Detainee abuse film sparks enquiry calls – Nadeem Badshah, Eastern Eye

7/11/18 “This is when I woke to the force of solidarity community campaigning” – Tienga Ngale, Right to Remain

7/11/18 Home Office “looking for reasons not to release” man suffering from severe mental illness – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

6/11/18 David Lammy condemns ‘great shame’ of secret deportation flights from RAF base – Oli Dugmore, Joe

6/11/18 Britain’s deportation process has been secretly militarised under Hostile Environment policy – Jack Peat, The London Economic

6/11/18 Four-month-old baby sent letter saying his mum was ‘likely to be detained’ after she couldn’t pay £6,000 for giving birth to him – Jasmine Andersson, iNews

5/11/18 Duncan Lewis Solicitors Challenge the Lack of Immigration Advice in the Prison Estate – Duncan Lewis

3/11/18 Windrush: Home Office chief tells staff he is ‘very proud’ of response to scandal amid storm of criticism – Rob Merrick, The Independent

2/11/18 BID works with the Guardian to expose the cruelty of immigration detention – BID

2/11/18 Former G4S Brook House security guard not to be prosecuted – Danny Shaw, BBC News

2/11/18 Hostile Environment: Home Office now using military base for deportation flights – Phil Miller, Joe

2/11/18 Roma gypsies warned over risk of deportation after Brexit without paperwork proving residency – The Independent

2/11/18 African immigrant, 23, who came to Britain as a 15-year-old before he was convicted of robbery and arson is set to win damages after judge rules he was wrongly detained in immigration centre – Darren Boyle, Daily Mail

2/11/18 Detention and Dublin third-country cases – Right to Remain

1/11/18 Sajid Javid vowed to ‘do right’ by the Windrush generation. He hasn’t – Kimberly McIntosh, The Guardian

1/11/18 Visiting lecturers shed light on much needed change in United Kingdom’s immigration laws – Amber Castillo, The Lamron

1/11/18 Three years after Moroccan Jew’s death in detention, why no inquest? – Hannah Swirsky, Jewish News



[expand title=”October 2018“]


31/10/18 Freed Voices statement in support of the Stansted 15 – Right to Remain

30/10/18 CPS criticised as charges dropped over death of man in UK detention camp – Vikram Dodd, The Guardian. Also covered by BBC NewsJustice Gap and Inquest.

30/10/18 Man detained in seven-hour Easton immigration standoff released by Home Office – Zosia Eyres, Bristol Post. Also covered in the Bristol Cable.

29/10/18 Rogue trader! Rogue nation? – RT (interview with Kweku Adoboli)

29/10/18 Unlocking Detention tour to “shine a spotlight” on immigration detention – Conor James McKinney, Free Movement

29/10/18 Postcards project helps women in detention in Bedford link with friends and family – Suzanne Dilley, Bedford Today

29/10/18 “If You Put Your Mind to It, You Can Achieve It” – Charlotte McLean, BID

27/10/18 Somali rapist, 29, whose deportation was halted by a mutiny of plane passengers has cost taxpayers £300,000 in legal and jail costs – and he still hasn’t been kicked out of the UK – Martin Beckford, Mail on Sunday

26/10/18 Immigration centre detainees are hidden away – so I played messages from them to the public – Isobel Tarr, Metro

26/10/18 Protesters blockade street to prevent immigration officers detaining local shop owner– May Bulman, The Independent

26/10/18 UK border regime: Immigration raids briefing October 2018 – Corporate Watch

26/10/18 #28for28 finale – JRS UK

26/10/18 Simran: A refugee tale – Jamie Bell, No Walls

26/10/18 Marking the government’s homework: Stephen Shaw meets the APPG on Refugees – Mishka (Freed Voices), Detention Action

26/10/18 ‘He could not breathe’: Remembering Jimmy Mubenga, eight years on – Clare Sambrook, Ceasefire

25/10/18 Language and vulnerability: Interpreting in immigration removal centres – Aisha Maniar, Institute of Race Relations

25/10/18 Walk expresses solidarity for detained migrants, urges students to make a difference locally – Malachy Dempsey, The Lamron

25/10/18 Convicted trader Kweku Adoboli faces deportation – Robert Miller, The Times. Also reported by The GuardianBloomberg and others.

25/10/18 Failure to carry out proper medical assessment makes detention unlawful – Alexander Schymyck, Free Movement

24/10/18 Refugee Tales: Collecting Stories of Detainees – Julia Dupuis, Hamilton

23/10/18 Cut off from the outside world: How migrant detention centres are more like prison – Jen Mills, Metro

23/10/18 Letter: Keep families together – Jonathan Carmichael, Watford Observer

23/10/18 Windrush: Lessons to be Learned – Steve Valdez-Symonds, Amnesty International UK

20/10/18 Former Trader Kweku Adoboli: Immigration Centres “Deeply Humiliating” – LBC

19/10/18 Opelo Kgari: Woman brought to UK as child describes ongoing distress after release from ‘inhumane’ Yarl’s Wood – May Bulman, The Independent

18/10/18 Home Office ordered to pay damages to sex-trafficking victim – Owen Bowcott, The Guardian. Also reported in Free Movement and UK Human Rights Blog.

18/10/18 Home Office asks lawyers to help simplify immigration letters – Monidipa Fouzder, Law Gazette

18/10/18 Hundreds of modern slavery victims pushed into poverty after escaping abuse, report finds – May Bulman, The Independent

18/10/18 “Be grateful in all circumstances” – JRS UK

17/10/2018 An eventful year for immigration detention campaigns – Mishka (Freed Vocies), Detention Action

17/10/18 The Guardian view on the Windrush generation: the scandal isn’t over – The Guardian editor

17/10/18 The domestic abuse victim locked up in an immigration centre by her husband – LBC

17/10/18 Asylum seeker arrested in Portsmouth set for payout after judge rules she was wrongly detained – The Portsmouth News. Also reported in The Independent.

17/10/18 Split Court of Appeal rules detention of asylum seekers unlawful – Rajkiran Barhey, UK Human Rights Blog

17/10/18 We must avoid ‘second injustice’ for Windrush victims, MP says – Pete Madeley, Express and Star

16/10/18 Inhumane detention of trafficking victims shows need for overhaul of system says Jesuit Refugee Service – Catholic News. Also covered in Crux Now and The Tablet.

16/10/18 Out now: The UK border regime: A critical guide – Corporate Watch

16/10/18 Unnecessary cruelty of the UK’s immigration and asylum system – the British Medical Association and Medical Justice, The Guardian

15/10/2018 ‘I’m constantly on the edge’: charity volunteer on medication as he faces deportation over tax offence jail sentence – Albert Evans, iNews. Also covered by LBC.

15/10/18 Lawyer in the news: Krisha Prathepan – Law Gazette

14/10/18 Man whose deportation was blocked by passengers revealed as convicted gang rapist– Zoe Drewett, Metro. Also reported in the Daily Mail.

13/10/18 For pity’s sake, let’s end the indefinite detention of immigrants now – Sarah Teather (JRS UK), The Guardian

13/10/18 Former financial trader fighting deportation left “broken” after being held in detention – Chris Marshall, Edinburgh Evening News

12/10/18 As an ex-detainee, I’ve seen why these immigration centres have to close – Mishka (Freed Voices), The Guardian

12/10/18 Will the Home Office learn from the recent Court of Appeal ruling? – Mishka (Freed Voices), No Walls

12/10/18 Inhumane detention of trafficking victims shows need for overhaul of system says Jesuit Refugee Service – JRS News

12/10/18 MPs criticised for calling immigration hotline 68 times in year – Jessica Elgot

11/10/18 My time in an immigration detention centre nearly destroyed my humanity – Kweku Adoboli, The Guardian. Kweku also wrote an earlier piece in The Times.

11/10/18 Britain’s treatment of migrants is shameful. These detentions must end – Bella Sankey (Detention Action), The Guardian

11/10/18 Inquiry to be held into Brook House detainees ‘abuse‘ – BBC News. Also covered by The GuardianDPG LawDuncan Lewis solicitorsFree MovementEuropean Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), and Rights Info.

11/10/18 Boldly Go – Prisons Week 2018 – JRS UK

11/10/18 Politics update – No Majesty

11/10/18 UK border regime: A brief history of resistance to immigration detention – Corporate Watch

11/10/18 UK border regime: Detention centres briefing – Corporate Watch

10-11/10/18 Revealed: sick, tortured immigrants locked up for months in Britain – Diane Taylor and Niamh McIntyre, The Guardian. This was the lead story in a Guardian investigation that also included Private contractors paid millions to run UK detention centresBritain’s immigration detention: how many people are locked up?, Worse than prison: life inside Britain’s 10 deportation centresLegal aid access and no family separations: an immigration detention wishlistImmigration detention: how the UK compares with other countriesRevealed: two suicide attempts every day in UK deportation centresThe Guardian view on immigration detention: don’t look awayImmigration detention staff ‘thought suicidal man had toothache‘ (also covered in The Independent), Immigration detention: ‘You’re not human to them’ – The Story podcast and Immigration detention: ‘It’s basically a death sentence’ – the Story podcast.

10/10/18 Government proposal to fast-track immigration detention appeals risks ‘riding roughshod’ over rights – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered in The Times and the Law Gazette.

10/10/18 Lewisham Council calls for independent inquiry into Windrush scandal – Local London

10/10/18 How to get a trade union branch to pass a motion against detention – These Walls Must Fall

9/10/18 “Indignation and sorrow”: responses to wartime internment, and immigration detention today – Lisa Matthews, Right to Remain

9/10/18 Council demands a limit on immigration detention – The Party of Wales Arfon

9/10/18 Convicted former UBS trader to be freed from UK immigration centre – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. Also covered in The Herald Scotland and The Times.

8/10/18 Man who grew up in UK wrongly told to leave country for second time – May Bulman, The Independent. Also covered in i-News.

8/10/18 Split Court of Appeal finds that asylum seekers were unlawfully detained – Nath Gbikpi, Free Movement

7/10/18 Cardinal attacks treatement of ‘desperate’ people seeking refuge in UK – Christopher Lamb, The Tablet.

5/10/18 Court of Appeal rules thousands of asylum seekers may have been unlawfully detained– Scottish Legal News. Also reported in The IndependentThe GuardianThe Justice GapInfo Migrants and the Electronic Immigration Network (EIN).

2/10/18 The Windrush scandal will continue to haunt the Tories – Diane Abbott

2/10/18 Pressure grows on the government to end indefinite detention – Diane Abbott



[expand title=”September 2018“]


29/9/2018 The Zaghari-Ratcliffe case and Theresa May’s outrageous hypocrisy – Alia Al Ghussain, Al-Jazeera

29/9/2018 We demand justice for victims of the Windrush scandal – Diane Abbott, Labour List

28/9/2018 A history of Immigration Detention in the UK (1914-2018) – Right to Remain and Refugee History project

28/9/2018 Join monitoring board at Campsfield House immigration centre – Pete Hughes, The Oxford Times

27/9/2018 UK asylum seekers refused housing over ‘social cohesion issues‘ – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

26/9/2018 Solidarity with the Stansted Defendants! – Right to Remain

26/9/2018 The Channel: Voices from Detention – Anjum Yasmin Nahar, Epigram

25/9/2018 Former UBS trader to remain in detention as he fights deportation – Diane Taylor, The Guardian (also reported in The Telegraph)

25/9/2018 Video: Detainee on participating in ‘The Channel’ project – Metro News

24/9/2018 Shadow cabinet ministers blame New Labour for fuelling Islamophobia – Holly Pine, Talk Radio

24/9/2018 Diane Abbott’s immigration plan fails to add up – Steerpike, The Spectator

21/9/2018 Labour has no intention of scapegoating migrants – Afzal Khan, Politics Home

21/9/2018 Hope Seaford MP will speak out on immigration injustice – Ben Taylor, Eastbourne Herald

21/9/2018 We’ve been shut out of the immigration debate, say migrant Labour activists – Sienna Rodgers, Labour List

20/9/2018 A father was arrested and pinned to the ground naked in his home by immigration officers acting on a false tip-off – Emily Dugan, Buzzfeed

20/9/2018 Hackney mayor pledges free school meal for children of migrant parents – Anisha De, East London Lines

19/9/2018 Praying with those held in detention – Beatrice Grasso, JRS UK

18/9/2018 A fair deal for everyone: Prosperity and dignity in migration – Liberal Democracy Policy Paper 131

18/9/2018 Fairness, respect and community should be the driving forces behind immigration policy – Charlotte Threipland, Open Democracy (an open letter signed by migration organisations including the Detention Forum)

18/9/18 Understanding and coping with immigration detention: Social identity as cure and curse – Blerina Kellezi et al, European Journal of Social Psychology

17/9/2018 Detention centres in the UK: Stop indefinite detentions! – Virginia Moreno Molina, The Prisma (available in English and Spanish)

17/9/2018 UK border detainees could be denied access to lawyer for an hour – Owen Bowcott and Jamie Grierson, The Guardian

16/9/2018 Lib Dems green light policy to give migrant spouses benefits from day one – Shropshire Star

14/9/2018 Liberal Democrats vow to ease migrant laws and scrap targets – Claire Ellicot, The Daily Mail

14/9/2018 “Indignation and sorrow”: responses to wartime internment, and immigration detention today – Lisa Matthews, Refugee History

13/9/2018 Judicial review granted over Whitehall definition of torture – The Times. Also reported in Care News.

13/9/2018 Former banker transported to London from Edinburgh for deportation – Rohese Devereux-Taylor, The Scotsman. Also reported in The Voice.

13/9/2018 EU detentions in NI hit record in Brexit year – BBC News

13/9/2018 “Thank you for coming to visit me” – Aidan, JRS

12/9/2018 Home Affairs Committee Evidence Gathering Session with Stephen Shaw – AVID

11/9/2018 Suicides in immigration detention centres kept ‘state secret’ by Home Office, MPs told – May Bulman, The Independent

10/9/2018 ‘My life is in ruins’: wrongly deported Windrush people facing fresh indignity – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

10/9/2018 More than 100 pregnant women detained in UK removal centres since major review called for ban – May Bulman, The Independent

9/9/2018 Sajid Javid reveals 164 people were wrongly detained or deported as part of Windrush scandal – Liz Bates, Politics Home

9/9/2018 Our immigration system needs a drastic overhaul – here’s how the Lib Dems would fix it – Ed Davey, The Independent

7/9/2018 UK’s moral authority “in the gutter” over “hostile environment” immigration detention, MPs hear – Richard Wheeler, Care News

5/9/2018 The Windrush generation are far from the only victims of the UK’s inhumane immigration policy – Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, iNews

5/9/2018 Don’t forget the Windrush generation – this scandal isn’t over – Diane Abbott, Labour List

5/9/2018 Immigration minister: Government is keeping ‘compliant environment’ policies despite Windrush – Electronic Immigration Network (EIN)

4/9/2018 Reason for death of Morton Hall detainee revealed – Paul Whitelam, Lincolnshire Live

4/9/2018 Home Office backed ‘slave labour’ pay for immigration detainees – Diane Taylor, The Guardian (also reported in The TimesSky News and Yahoo News)

4/9/2018 Families of three dead Windrush victims can claim compensation – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

4/9/2018 MPs call for inquiry into UK Home Office treatment of foreign students – Judith Vonberg and Sarah Tilotta, CNN

4/9/2018 For Britain’s support of refugees, the next four months could be a turning point – Stephen Hale, Huffington Post

2/9/2018 An empire state Of mind: Opinion on the Windrush crisis – David Hearn, The Speaker



[expand title=”August 2018“]


31/8/2018 The Home Office has created a secret process to solve immigration cases that generate negative headlines – Emily Dugan, Buzzfeed

31/8/2018 Carlington Spencer: another death in UK immigration detention – Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Open Democracy

31/8/2018 The latest immigration stats show the futility of detention – Mishka (Freed Voices), Detention Action

30/8/2018 Home Office attempts to deport families ‘harmful’ to children and ‘often ineffective’, watchdog warns – May Bulman, The Independent. ITVAsian Image and Ekklesia also covered this story, and Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group and the Refugee Council released statements in response to the HMIP’s reports on Tinsley House IRC and the family pre-departure accommodation.

29/8/2018 Asylum seekers shackled for up to 17 hours while removed from UK – Billy Briggs, The Ferret

29/8/2018 Windrush citizens invited to share ‘hostile environment’ stories – Nadia Khomami, The Guardian

28/8/2018 Windrush: Home Office paid bonuses to private firm that detained and removed citizens – May Bulman, The Independent

28/8/2018 SNP call on Theresa May to limit detention times for asylum seekers – Kathleen Nutt, The National

28/8/2018 Preparing in case of detention – Right to Remain

25/08/2018 Racism rally in Oxford decries Campsfield detention centre – Stuart Rust, Oxford Mail

23/8/2018 Reflections from the New Director of IDC – Jerome Phelps, IDC

22/8/2018 Together we can bring the walls down! – These Walls Must Fall campaign

22/8/2018 Windrush row: Javid’s apology overshadowed by new removal figures – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

22/8/2018 Jeremy Corbyn slams ‘discredited’ system as he prepares to meet asylum seekers – The Scotsman (also covered by ITV and The Herald Scotland)

21/08/2018 Windrush: Government admits 83 British citizens may have been deported due to scandal but will only apologise to 18 – Harriet Agerholm, The Independent (also covered in the Express & Star and Holyrood)

16/8/2018 Drugs and safety fears at Morton Hall removal centre – BBC News

16/8/2018 Why all victims should feel safe to report crimes to police – not fear deportation if they do – Gracie Bradley, Liberty

15/8/2018 Two years after Kamil Ahmad’s murder, there is cause for hope and anger – Rebecca Yeo, The Bristol Cable

15/8/2018 Immigration detention centre in Spelthorne is ‘not our preferred option’, says Heathrow official – Matthew Lodge, Surrey Live

15/8/2018 A phone box which will allow you to talk to people in detention centres is coming to Bristol – Joseph Smith, Bristol Post

15/08/2018 Fundamental changes are needed to protect vulnerable people in immigration detention – Stephanie Hill (Leigh Day), Lexology

13/08/2018 Meeting with AVID about UK immigration detention centres – Kate Nash

11/8/2018 Indefinite detention must be discontinued – Diane Abbott, Morning Star

11/8/2018 Tory Minister rejects MSP request to visit Dungavel detention centre – The Ferret

10/8/2018 UK government fiddles while ‘zombie drug’ Spice causes havoc and death in immigration detention centres – Patrick Page, The Canary

6/8/2018 A flawed response: Shaw’s follow up report on immigration detention – Patrick Page, No Walls

5/8/2018 The Observer view on our shameful immigration detention policy – Observer Editorial

5/8/2018 Windrush victims ‘gagged’ with non-disclosure agreements in return for fast-track compensation – Rob Merrick, The Independent

5/8/2018 ‘I left my daughter at nursery. I didn’t see her for a month’: how UK splits migrant families – Mark Townsend, The Independent

5/8/2018 Why British Airways’ sponsorship of Brighton Pride is an affront to migrant and LGBTQ+ rights – Molly Flemming, The Independent

3/8/2018 The Shaw Review 2 is finally here, let’s use this opportunity for immigration detention reform – Mishka (Freed Voices), No Walls

3/8/2018 This government’s immigration system must end – Diane Abbott, Labour List

3/8/2018 ‘Unbearable’ conditions in British migrant detention centers during heat – WikiTribune

3/8/2018 More than 500 people detained in police cells under immigration law – Karin Goodwin, The Ferret

2/8/2018 Immigration detention is prison by another name – but seeking sanctuary is not a crime – Aman, Metro

1/8/2018 Britain’s brutal deportation policy is putting lives at risk. We must take action to stop it– Frea Lockley, The Canary

1/8/2018 “You have to isolate yourself from everything that makes you human to survive”: immigration detention in Scotland – Kate Alexander, Justice, Power and Resistance



[expand title=”July 2018“]


31/7/2018 Vulnerable women at risk in Dungavel detention centre, says report – Billy Briggs, The Ferret

30/7/2018 Agenda: Detaining migrant children can never be justified – Naomi McAuliffe, The Herald Scotland

26/7/2018 UN backs calls for time limit on UK immigration detention – May Bulman, The Independent

26/7/2018 ‘You feel caged’: Woman released from Dungavel speaks out on life inside an immigration detention centre – Caitlin Logan, Common Space

25/7/2018 Three days is still too long to hold pregnant women in immigration detention – Joanne Vincent, The Conversation

24/7/2018 Sajid Javid to consider ending indefinite immigration detention – Diane Taylor, The Guardian. The publication of the second Shaw Review and the Home Secretary’s responseswas also covered by The Independent (including an article by Gabby, an expert-by-experience) and Politics Home. Responses have been published by Amnesty International UKAVIDBail for Immigration DetaineesDetention ActionDetention ForumFreedom from TortureFree MovementGatwick Detainees Welfare GroupLiberty (and here), Refugee CouncilRené Cassin, and Scottish Detainee Visitors.

24/7/2018 Immigrants being restrained during deportation ‘with little justification’, says prisons watchdog – Harriet Agerholm, The Independent

23/7/2018 Meet our Management Committee: Laura Gibbons – Right to Remain

20/7/2018 Why we must end indefinite detention – Michelline Safi Ngongo, Islington Gazette

19/7/2018 Liverpool City Council speaks out against immigration detention – Liverpool Express (also reported in the Southport Reporter)

18/7/2018 How refugees in Britain went from living in old bunkers and stately homes to being detained in cells – Jordanna Bailkin, The Conversation

18/7/2018 ‘They erased a bit of my life’: Windrush generation on Home Office treatment – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

18/7/2018 No one can hear you cry. And the Home Office knows it – Mishka and Abi (Freed Voices), Proof (The Justice Gap)

18/7/2018 Analysis: How many controversies must occur before Dungavel is finally closed? – Sean Bell, Common Space

16/7/2018 Immigration minister reveals 44 children are being held in detention centres – AOL (also covered by ITV and others)

16/7/2018 Dungavel detainee ends hunger strike ahead of appeal; rooftop protest over conditions on 13 July – Sean Bell, Common Space

16/7/2016 Caribbean woman whose Windrush father served in Royal Air Force facing deportation from UK – May Bulman, The Independent

15/7/2018 Cardinal calls harsh treatment of asylum seekers a “shame on our country” – JRS UK

15/7/2018 Scottish judge rules Home Office wrongly deported refugee – Karin Goodwin, The Herald Scotland

13/7/2018 Sajid Javid puts Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy on hold following the Windrush scandal – Lynn Davidson, The Sun

12/7/2018 Prisons inspector slams “unacceptable” Home Office inaction on detention centres – Free Movement

12/7/2018 Dad unlawfully separated from three-year-old daughter while in immigration detention paid £50,000 by Home Office – May Bulman, The Independent

12/7/2018 Home Office to pay £50k to man unlawfully detained and separated from daughter – Scottish Legal News

11/7/2018 Exclusive interview: the father who nearly lost his child to adoption – Simon Israel, Channel 4

11/7/2018 UK government pauses hostile immigration policies after Windrush – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

11/7/2018 Theresa May condemned Trump’s family separation policy, but her hostile environment separates parents from their children every day – Afzal Khan, Labour

11/7/2018 EHRC response to Red Cross calling for 28 day immigration detention limit – Politics Home

11/7/2018 ‘Never truly free’: Red Cross calls for 28 limit for immigration detention – Jon Robins, The Justice Gap

10/7/2018 Red Cross calls for major overhaul of UK’s ‘damaging’ immigration detention system – May Bulman, The Independent

10/7/2018 Sajid Javid told: ‘torture victims driven to suicide by system‘ – Amelia Hill, The Guardian

10/7/2018 After Trump’s child detention chaos, we must look closer at our own policies – NELMA, The Big Issue

6/7/2018 Islington becomes first London council to pass These Walls Must Fall motion – Right to Remain

5/7/2018 Home Office separating scores of children from parents as part of immigration detention regime – May Bulman, The Independent

4/7/2018 Unfree labour in immigration detention: exploitation and coercion of a captive immigrant workforce – Katie Bales and Lucy Mayblin, Economy and Society

4/7/2018 UK slammed for immigrant detention – Camilia Shambayati

3/7/2018 MPs call for major reform of Home Office after Windrush scandal – Sky News

3/7/2018 UK immigration authorities separating children from parents – Ian Cobain, The Guardian

2/7/2018 Deportation targets and the deterrent dogma: UK immigration enforcement from Straw to May – Corporate Watch



[expand title=”June 2018“]


30/6/2018 Virgin will STOP helping the Home Office deport illegal immigrants on their planes in the wake of Windrush scandal – Brendan McFadden, Daily Mail (also reported in the TelegraphGuardian and Evening Standard)

29/6/2018 Detention of Windrush generation “a total violation” finds Rights Committee – Dylan Brethour, Rights Info

29/6/2018 MPs condemn Home Office over detained Windrush pair – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian (also reported by The Independent and BBC News)

29/6/2018 The Tories have made a mess of immigration. Only Labour can fix it – Diane Abbott, The Guardian

29/6/2018 Long delays in Home Office provision of immigration bail accommodation are lawful – Nick Nason, Free Movement

28/6/2018 The Home Office, immigration control and a ‘culture of impunity’ – Mishka Pillay (Freed Voices), The Justice Gap

28/6/2018 Home Office pays out £21m after mistakenly detaining 850 people – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

28/6/2018 Migrants detained indefinitely or made homeless by new immigration bail system – Conor James McKinney, Free Movement

28/6/2018 Children are sometimes held in immigration detention in the UK too — this must stop– Aoife Daly, Metro

28/6/2018 England’s detained children – Young Greens protest Yarl’s Wood – Vicky Elliott, Bright Green

26/6/2018 Immigration detention centres have no place in Manchester or the UK – Lauren Cape-Davenhill, The Meteor

26/6/2018 UK being ‘nicer than Trump’ on refugees is not good enough – Marie van der Zyl, Jewish News

26/6/2018 Celebrations as human trafficking victim on verge of London deportation flight returns to Glasgow – Ben Wray, Common Space

26/6/2018 How can you condemn Trump but stay silent on British brutality? – Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian

26/06/2018 The harm of detention:Vulnerability and becoming vulnerable – Romany Kisbee-Batho, No Walls

25/6/2018 Half of immigration detainees denied legal representation – Jon Robbins, Justice Gap

24/6/18 Speak to the brain, not just the heart – Mishka (Freed Voices), No Walls (part of a week of contributions from experts-by-experience)

24/6/2018 Call to allow MSPs annual access visits to Dungavel detention centre – Andrew Whittaker, The Herald Scotland

24/6/2018 MPs report 723 immigrants to Home Office in ‘collusion’ with government’s ‘hostile environment’, figures reveal – May Bulman, The Independent

22/6/2018 Theresa May’s brutal family separations would make Trump blush – Satbir Singh, The Guardian

21/6/2018 Britain may not lock crying children in cages – but our detention system is far from perfect – Luke Butterly, Huffington Post

20/6/2018 While the world watches Trump, the UK harbours its own shameful secret about detaining children – Frea Lockey, The Canary

20/6/2018 Babies and unaccompanied children detained for more than 10 hours at Heathrow Airport, finds report – May Bulman, The Independent

20/6/2018 Letter from a hunger-striker – Theresa, No Walls

19/6/2018 Home Office broke law by failing to protect child trafficking victim, court rules in landmark case – May Bulman, The Independent

18/6/2018 MP recognised for contribution to immigration detention reform – Cumbernauld News

18/6/2018 In immigration detention I couldn’t contribute to society – now I’m out I try to remember those still locked up – Usman Khalid, Huffington Post

16/6/2018 SNP MP awarded for his fight against immigrant detention – Kirsteen Patterson, The National

16/6/2018 Caroline Lucas just accused the government of “psychological torture” – The Canary

15/6/2018 A friend in need. . . who are volunteer befrienders and how to become one? – Jemima Thackray, Church Times

13/6/2018 Human trafficking victim given reprieve as campaigning efforts prevent deportation flight – Ben Wray, Common Space

12/6/2018 Immigrants ‘treated as commodities’ during removal flights from UK, watchdog finds– May Bulman, The Independent

12/6/2018 What goes on behind the doors of an immigration removal centre – John Scheerhout, Manchester Evening News

8/6/2018 Merseyside Launch of ‘These Walls Must Fall’ – Lauren Cape-Davenhill, Nerve Magazine

7/6/2018 The Windrush deportations were wrong – and so are all the others  – Luke de Noronha, The Guardian

5/6/2018 A 28-day time limit on immigration detention would save money and make the system more just – Andrew Mitchell, Conservative Home

3/6/2018 Home Office forcing people into homelessness, say refugee charities – Karen Goodwin, The Herald Scotland

1/6/2018 New report into Campsfield detention centre raises concerns – Stuart Rust, Oxford Mail



[expand title=”May 2018“]


31/5/2018 Concerns over loss of Campsfield House detainees’ property – BBC News

29/5/2018 Home Office makes contact with three in Windrush ‘wrongful removals’ probe – ITV News

27/5/2018 Asylum seekers unlawfully held in removal centres for months despite courts ruling they can be released, lawyers warn – May Bulman, The Independent

24/5/2017 Freed Voices respond to immigration minister… Gogglebox style! – Dorset Eye

22/5/2018 Brook House: High Court rules immigration detainees abused by G4S staff can seek public inquiry – May Bulman, The Independent

18/5/2018 A lack of accountability will always be the biggest problem when it comes to the Home Office’s behaviour – Mishka Pillay (Freed Voices), No Walls

16/5/2018 Diane Abbott: Labour would close two immigration detention centres – BBC News. For further coverage of Diane Abbott’s speech, see The Daily MailThe GuardianThe IndependentThe SunThe Telegraph and The Huffington Post.

16/5/2018 If Labour is to truly end the ‘hostile environment’, policy is just the start – Ellie Mae O’Hagan, The Guardian

16/5/2018 Windrush: Man left ‘broken’ after immigration detention – BBC News

14/5/2018 Victims of serious crime face arrest over immigration status – Catrin Nye, Natalie Bloomer and Samir Jeraj, BBC

13/5/2018 EU rough sleepers win damages for illegal deportations – Jon Ironmonger, BBC News

13/5/2018 Rough sleepers claim thousands in compensation after being detained and deported – Olivia Rudgard, The Telegraph

11/5/2018 5 reasons we don’t need detention centres – Freed Voices, Novara Media

9/5/2018 G4S contract extension “not commensurate” with humane migration system: Diane Abbott – Jon Vale, Care News

8/5/2018 Home Office is keeping asylum seekers locked up in detention centres ‘even after accepting they have been tortured‘ – Rob Merrick, The Independent

8/5/2018 After Windrush, stop talking about ‘illegals’. Start talking about people – Lola Okolosie, The Guardian

7/5/2018 Child slavery victim sues Home Office after sexual assault at Morton Hall – Annie Kelly, The Guardian

7/5/2018 Immigration detention centres factsheet: New edition May 2018 – Corporate Watch

1/5/2018 Citizen of nowhere: Statelessness and immigration detention – Lewis Kett, No Walls



[expand title=”April 2018“]


29/4/2018 Government threatening UK residents with deportation on charter flight to Jamaica, despite Windrush assurances – Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

29/4/2018 Hunger For Freedom: Campaigning against detention from inside and outside Yarl’s Wood – Irene Renny and Tom Kemp, Novara Media

27/4/2018 Outsourcing incarceration: Privitisation in Britain’s immigration detention estate – Rudy Schulkind, Novara Media

26/4/2018 Why It Matters A Conservative MP Is Visiting An Immigration Detention Centre – Mishka Pillay (Freed Voice), The Huffington Post

4/4/2018 Disabled Briton held in immigration removal centre for four months – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

2/4/2018 At least one person a day is self-harming in UK detention centres – Liam O’Hare, The Independent


[expand title=”March 2018“]


20/3/2018 No more plasters on the open wound of indefinite detention: We need full-scale surgery – Mishka Pillay (Freed Voices), Huffington Post

17/3/2018 A broken system – immigration bail explained– Martin Hoare, LabourList

15/3/2018 End the inhumanity of immigration detention – Inquest, BID, Medical Justice and Liberty (Letters), The Guardian

13/3/2018 Immigration detainees ‘held for excessive period‘ – BBC News

13/3/2018 Home Office keeping torture victims in detention, inspectors report – Alan Travis, The Guardian

6/3/2018 Minister defends threats over Yarl’s Wood hunger strike – Alan Travis, The Guardian

6/3/2018 Yarl’s Wood Centre: Home Office letter to protesters attacked – BBC News

5/3/2018 Home Office tells women they will be deported more quickly for hunger striking – Eleanor Busby and Shehab Khan, The Independent

1/3/2018 Why are women held at Yarl’s Wood on hunger strike? – David Child, Al Jazeera



[expand title=”February 2018“]


28/2/2018 Like the women at Yarl’s Wood I too have been on hunger strike – I know how urgent their demands are – Mishka Pillay (Freed Voices), The Independent

28/2/2018 Yarl’s Wood: Inside the crisis-hit immigration detention centre – May Bulman, The Independent

27/2/2018 Litigation effort ups pressure on detention centre management contracts with G4S – Migrant Rights Network

23/2/2018 Yarl’s Wood hunger strike: 120 detainees refuse food in protest against Home Office– Charlotte England, Novara Media

22/2/18 More than 100 women in Yarl’s Wood detention centre go on hunger strike over ‘inhumane’ conditions – May Bulman, The Independent

21/2/2018 Diane Abbott Is Right – We Need A Fair, Humane Immigration System – Eiri Ohtani, Satbir Singh and Stephen Hale, Huffington Post

21/2/2018 Home Office contractors ‘cuffed detained migrants’ inside coach on fire – Eric Allison and Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian

16/2/2018 Senior Reform rabbi urges end to ‘unjust’ indefinite detention of migrants – Jewish News Online

16/02/2018 Faith leaders unite in call for an end to indefinite detention – Kirsteen Patterson, The National

16/2/2018 Religious leaders attack Home Office for Britain being only European country to detain immigrants with no time limit – Rob Merrick, The Independent

7/2/2018 Facts: UK immigration detention and the impact on refugees who’ve survived torture – Freedom From Torture

5/2/2018 More than £500 million spent on UK immigration detention over four years -May Bulman, The Independent

3/2/2018 ‘No one listened. Now four are dead’: Shock claims over deaths of vulnerable refugees at immigration centre – Grace Macaskill, Daily Mirror

2/2/2018 UK government slammed in the High Court for failing to consider the rights of Muslims in detention – Patrick Page, The Canary

1/2/2018 Home Office ‘interfering’ with people’s right to observe Islam in detention centres, High Court rules – May Bulman, The Independent

1/2/2018 Asylum seekers win case over smoking in immigration detention centres – Diane Taylor, The Guardian



[expand title=”January 2018“]


29/1/2018 Man with mental health issues who sewed his lips together being ‘unlawfully’ held in detention – May Bulman, The Independent

27/1/2018 Theresa May faces Tory revolt over the indefinite detention of immigrants – Rob Merrick, The Independent

27/1/2018 EU nationals held in immigration detention soars under Tories – Chris Green, iNews

23/1/2018 UK government and G4S in court after forcing immigration detainees to defecate in front of cellmates – Patrick Page, The Canary



[expand title=”December 2017“]


14/12/2017 Home Office policy to deport EU rough sleepers ruled unlawful – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

4/12/2017 Doctors tell Home Office to scrap immigration removal centres – -Diane Taylor, The Guardian

December 2017 Home office policy on EU rough sleepers ‘unlawful’, rules court – Matt Evans (AIRE Centre), The Justice Gap



[expand title=”November 2017“]

29/11/2017 Immigration Judges Say ‘Too Many People Are Banged Up’ In Detention – Emily Dugan, Buzzfeed

25/11/2017 Home Office systematically ignores medical advice to keep mentally ill immigrants in detention – May Bulman, The Independent

15/11/2017 Trafficking victims ‘being wrongly sent to immigration detention centres’ – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian



[expand title=”October 2017“]


18/10/2017 Amber Rudd faces inquiry after ‘abhorrent abuse’ of immigrants at G4S detention centre – Joe Watts, The Independent

4/10/2017 Investigation begins after Jamaican detainee, 38, dies – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

October 2017 Life was agony– Wilson (Freed Voices), The War Cry



[expand title=”September 2017“]


27/9/2017 ‘They called us dogs’: Samim Bigzad describes alleged abuse at G4S immigration detention centre – Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

27/9/2017 Diane Abbott promises a ‘new order’ for refugees and migrants under Labour –

25/9/2017 Immigration detainee allegedly choked by G4S guards demands public inquiry – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

24/9/2017 Diane Abbott tells Labour conference Jeremy Corby will not scapegoat immigrants – PA (Abbott also said Labour would end indefinite detention)

23/9/2017 Tory Ministers urged to lift MSP ban on visiting Dungavel detention centre following death – Andrew Whitaker, The Herald

21/9/2017 From war and slavery to prison – life inside an immigration detention centre – Jonathan Bartley, New Statesman

20/9/2017 Bedford MP backs call for end to indefinite detention at centres like Yarl’s Wood – James Averil, Bedford Today

20/9/2017 Investigation is launched after Chinese man found dead at controversial immigration detention centre – Glasgow Live

19/9/2017 Chinese national found dead at Dungavel Detention Centre – Chris Mcquade, Common Space

19/9/2017 Home Office launches inquiry into G4S finances – BBC News

18/9/2017 This is not news: our clients in Brook House IRC have been complaining about abuse from G4S detention officers for years – Patrick Page, Huffpost

16/9/2017 Britain faces rebuke over refusal to back more than 100 UN human rights targets – Jamie Doward, The Guardian (One of the targets is a call for a time limit on immigration detention)

15/9/2017 Head of scandal-hit G4S detention centres is put on administrative leave – Simon Hattenstone & Eric Allison, The Guardian

13/9/2017 Indefinite detention must end, JRS chief demands – The Tablet, International Catholic Weekly

13/9/2017 G4S may make more money profit than allowed from removal centres, figures suggest– The Guardian

11/9/2017 Letter to the Editor: Indefinite detention – The Star (Sheffield) (The letter is printed a half way down the webpage)

10/9/2017 Letter to the Editor: There should be 28 day time limit at immigration removal centres– Bournemouth Echo

9/9/2017 Polish immigrant dies after suicide attempt at in UK detention centre – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

9/9/2017 Polish man dies after ‘hanging himself’ at Harmondsworth immigration detention centre – Charlotte England, The Independent

8/9/2017 Harmondsworth detainee dies after being injured – BBC News

7/9/2017 Nasty, brutish and indefinite: immigration detention in the UK – Luke Butterly, The Last Round

7/9/2017 Britain’s Brutal Immigration Detention System – Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, Labour MP for Hackney, writing for Huffpost

7/9/2017 Panorama’s expose of immigration centre abuse is no surprise. I saw it for myself – Nathan Ward,  The Guardian

6/9/2017 Immigration detention: How the government is breaking its own rules – Annahita Moradi, Red Pepper

6/9/2017 ‘Immigration detention is pointless abuse’ – A letter to the Guardian by Freed Voices

6/9/2017 Bishops call on Government to end indefinite detention – Olivia Rudgard, The Telegraph

6/9/2017 BBC Panorama exposes the culture of abuse in immigration detention – Thomas Beamont for

6/9/2017 Our immigration system treats the most vulnerable as barely human (about immigration detention system) – Sarah Teather, Director of JRS UK, writing for Catholic Herald

5/9/2017 Immigration detention is pointless abuse – Freed Voices, The Guardian

5/9/2017 ‘F*** off back to your country’: Former Brook House detainee speaks out about staff brutality and neglect – May Bulmer, The Independent

1/9/2017 G4S hit by new scandal over immigration detention centre: Private companies should not be doing this sort of work. James Moore, The Independent

01/9/2017 Notes on the history of a detention centre – Felix Bazalgette, The White Review



[expand title=”August 2017“]

30/8/2017 Campaigners to target airlines after pilot saves Afghan man from deportation(section on detention) – Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

25/8/2017 Shaw II: The chance to right some wrongs – Freed Voices

25/8/2017 The Home Office isn’t fit for purpose (section on detention) – Ian Dunt,

24/8/2017 The government fails to deliver its promise of reform – Detention Action

24/8/2017 Government urged to drastically reduce excessive use of detention – Amnesty Press Release

24/8/2017 “Boldly and without delay” or business as usual? – Scottish Detainee Visitors

24/8/2017 The latest detention statistics show the Government’s detention reform remains undelivered – The Detention Forum

24/8/2017 We are locking up people indefinitely. This inhumane practice needs to end – Paul Blomfield MP, The Guardian

23/8/2017 Judge condemns Amber Rudd for ignoring orders to release torture victim – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

23/8/2017 Number of EU citizens detained in UK up by 27%, figures show – Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

2/8/2017 Government accused of ‘exploiting’ huge numbers of asylum seekers who work for just £1 an hour – Dan Bloom, The Mirror



[expand title=”June 2017“]


14/6/2017 Supreme court rules UK system for deporting foreign criminals unlawful – Alan Travis, The Guardian

14/6/2017 ‘Deport first, appeal later’ policy ruled unlawful – BBC News



[expand title=”May 2017“]


26/05/2017 Number of people detained for longer than six months under Immigration Act powers increases by 10% – May Bulmer, The Independent



[expand title=”April 2017“]


5/4/2017 Will More and Longer Detention Solve the ‘Migration Crisis’? – Jerome Phelps (Detention Action), Border Criminologies



[expand title=”March 2017“]


25/3/2017 Trafficked and enslaved: the teenagers tending UK cannabis farms – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian



[expand title=”February 2017“]


27/02/2017 G4S to provide child and family welfare services at new detention unit – Right to Remain

3/2/2017 Dungavel House immigration removal centre to stay open – BBC News



[expand title=”January 2017“]


26/1/2017 Police inspectorate calls for time limit on immigration detention – Billy Briggs, The Ferret

24/1/2017 Home Office ‘locked up domestic abuse victim and lost her anxiety medication’ – Jen Mills, Metro

20/1/2017 High court rules more than 10,000 asylum seekers treated unfairly – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

20/1/2017 Oppressing the stranger — Another death in UK detention – Sam Grant (Rene Cassin), Jewish News

19/1/2017 Theresa May must explain ‘disgraceful’ fivefold rise in EU citizens held in detention centres, MPs demand – Katie Forster, The Independent



[expand title=”March 2016“]


14/3/2016 I wish I’d never decided to work in an immigration detention centre – Anonymous,



[expand title=”February 2016“]


14/2/2016  Liberal Democrat peer Lord Avebury dies aged 87 – The Guardian

12/2/2016  Pray in solidarity with refugees this Lent (includes Detention) – Jesuit Refugee Service UK

12/2/2016  Book Review: Immigration Detention: The Migration of a Policy and Its Human Impact– University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

12/2/2016  Handbook on European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration (2014) (Sections on Detention) – Free Movement Blog

11/2/2016  Asylum in the UK: ‘room for improvement’ is putting it mildly (References to Detention) – Right to Remain

11/2/2016  Updated Visas and immigration operational guidance – Criminality and Detention (modernised guidance) –

11/2/2016  A longer road to freedom for torture survivors? – British Medical Association

10/2/2016  Refugee Tales 2016 launches today! – Refugee Tales, and here, Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group

10/2/2016  Lords divided over controversial time limit in UK Immigration Bill – ‘Medieval’ UK detention system is ‘one a dictator would rejoice in’ – Prison Watch UK

9/2/2016  Indian student couple detained in dawn raid lose claim for unlawful detention – Free Movement Blog

9/2/2016  Inside Yarl’s Wood: ‘Britain will give me leave to remain – when I am buried here’ – International Business Times

9/2/2016  Inside Yarl’s Wood: ‘Britain supported Nelson Mandela – yet it treats us like this’ – International Business Times

8/2/2016  Nick Cohen endorses “authoritarian measures” to deal with “illegal immigration” (reference to detention) – Crooked Timber

8/2/2016  Bearing witness: the Hidden Stories of Immigration Detention Phase 2 online today: photobook & testimony from visitors & detainees over 20yrs – AVID (Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees)

8/2/2016  Detained asylum claims: new test case listed – Free Movement Blog

8/2/3016  Will there be migrant camps in Kent if Britain leaves the EU? (Reference to Detention) – The Guardian – similar article in New Statesman (8 Feb)

6/2/2016  Deportation, Detention and Medical Intervention – August 2012 Article from Liverpool Law Review posted 6 Feb –

5/2/2016  Minister questioned on work of Immigration Directorates & Evidence from Stephen Shaw who conducted Shaw Review into the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable Persons – Home Affairs Select Committee

5/2/2016  Court of Appeal grants permission in 2005 Detained Fast Track rules case – Free Movement Blog

5/2/2016  Torture victims seeking UK asylum wait 2yrs for medical exam (reference to Detention) – watchdog – RT (Russia Today)

5/2/2016  Freedom from Torture’s Response to the Latest Report by the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration – Freedom from Torture

5/2/2016  Children of Barnet Borough must be protected from FGM, conference hears (references to victims being detained in Yarl’s Wood – Barnet & Whetstone Press

5/2/2016  Unjust and Dysfunctional: Asylum in the UK – Counter Punch – also published in Dissident Voice (5 Feb)

5/2/2016  Asylum seekers ‘wait two years’ for torture medical exam (References to detention) – BBC News

4/2/2016  Chief Inspector criticises Home Office asylum casework: The most serious failing was in the handling of detention of torture survivors – Free Movement Blog

4/2/2016  Independent inspector calls for improvements in Home Office decision making (Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s inspection of Asylum Casework; March to July 2015) – Refugee Council

4/2/2016  Torture victims face two-year delays in UK asylum claims: Official watchdog says delays are because Home Office only wants to accept evidence from two organisations (references to detention) – The Guardian

4/2/2016  Report of The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s inspection of Asylum Casework; March to July 2015 (references to detention) – Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

3/2/2016  Babbage: Court orders release of Zimbabwean foreign criminal, criticises Government lawyers – Free Movement Blog

3/2/3016  The immovable chair – SDV volunteer coordinator, Shirley Gillan, blogs about the experience of Ernest who was bailed after being detained in Dungavel – Scottish Detainee Visitors

3/2/2016  REPORT: Migrants treated as ‘villains or victims’ in election coverage (references to Detention) – Migrants’ Rights Networl

2/2/2016  What’s missing from newspaper coverage of migration? New study discovers that too few national press articles include migrant voices (Reference to Detention) – The Guardian

2/2/2016  Exploring the Role of Vulnerability in Immigration Detention – Refugee Survey Quarterly – Oxford Journals

2/2/2016  Paul Hamilton: What the story of a detained academic should teach us about immigration detention – The Justice Gap

1/2/2016  UK Visas and Immigration Guidance – Routine dental appointments for detainees in removal centres (subsequently withdrawn) – Gov.UK

1/2/2016  Unsound effects – Lord Richard Rosser on the issues taking up the final two Committee days on the Immigration Bill – Labour Lords

1/2/2016  Tales of Legitimate Immigration Detention – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

1/2/2016  Judge orders release of Zimbabwean criminal who cannot be deported – The Guardian, also coverage by: BBC News (2 Feb)The Times (2 Feb)The Telegraph (1 Feb)Lawyer Herald (2 Feb)Express (2 Feb)The Zimbabwean (2 Feb)Nehanda Radio (2 Feb),   BT.Com (1 Feb), New Zimbabwe (1 Feb),

1/2/2016  Detention and Deportation News – Rights in Exile

February 2016  A week in the life of our Parliamentary Manager, Jonathan Featonby – Refugee Council Newsletter

February 2016  Immigration detention: update Published – Jed Pennington and Jane Ryan examine important policy developments, including the detained fast track; plus cases regarding torture victims, disabled people and those unlawfully detained – Legal Action Group



[expand title=”January 2016“]


31/1/2016  Shut down immigration detention centres! – On the 12th of March a large-scale demonstration will be carried out in the vicinity of Yarl’s Wood – The Prisma Multicultural Newspaper

31/1/2016  HMIP recommends Skype for prisoners to avoid price-gouging calls (reference to detention also) – RT (Russia Today)

30/1/2016  Child Neglect, Abuse, and Torture in the UK? – telesur

28/1/2016  Protection Gap campaign reaches Europe! – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid

28/1/2016  Book Review: Rights, Deportation, and Detention in the Age of Immigration Control – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

28/1/2016  More key findings from the Shaw Review into UK immigration detention: Sexual abuse, low pay and poor transportation – Prison Watch UK

28/1/2016  Detention of mother and 3 children in breach of policy found unlawful – Freemovement Blog

27/1/2016  Unlawful detention of trafficking victims in Detained Fast Track – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid

27/1/2016  Yarl’s Wood update: Home Office accused of breaching handcuffing guidelines – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid, and here, Asylum Aid

27/1/2016  Women and children at risk of sexual violence in Europe’s refugee crisis – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid, and here, Asylum Aid

27/1/2016  The Shaw Review into Welfare in Detention: Implications for women in detention – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid, and here, Asylum Aid

27/1/2016  American Shakespeare expert Paul Hamilton attacks ‘brazen, unapologetic and cynical’ Home Office following arrest: Academic ‘hugely relieved’ after leaving immigration centre but believes he was only freed because of press outcry – Independent – Reports also in Kingston GuardianBirmingham MailCoventry Telegraph, another report in Birmingham MailBirmingham PostThe MirrorDaily MailBuzzFeed NewsTimes Higher EducationTimes Higher Education (2nd report)Independent (first report)

27/1/2016  Deport first, appeal later – the chilling logic of uk immigration control (references to detention) – Education News

27/1/2016  Ending the Fast Track?-Jerome Phelps (Director of Detention Action) Event 1stFebruary 2016 – Oxford Human Rights Hub

27/1/2016  14th Feb: Comedy Fundraiser – SOAS Detainee Support – AVID

27/1/2016  AVID (Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees) is recruiting! Training and Membership Coordinator Opportunity! Deadline 19th February 2016 – AVID

27/1/2016  With Your Help: Tracy Rediscovered Her Voice – Freedom from Torture

27/1/2016  Yarl’s Wood update: Home Office accused of breaching handcuffing guidelines – Asylum Aid

26/1/2016  Raising awareness about migrant solidarity and Campsfield – Campaign to Close Campsfield

26/1/2016  Introducing JRS UK’s New Director: We are delighted to welcome Sarah Teather – Jesuit Refugee Service UK

26/1/2016  Arrested, humiliated, detained: How Britain treats foreign students –

26/1/2016  G4S detention centre for migrants cost taxpayer £6m – more than the Ritz – to house 14 families – The Mirror, Also reports in Daily MailThe SunThe Express and Telegraph

25/1/2016  The Borderline: Incarceration and Resistance at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre – Warwick Gloablist

24/1/2016  Mary Bosworth on Immigration Detention Reports – Kent Refugee Help

24/1/2016  Bisexual Jamaican wins battle for asylum in UK (reference to detention) – Russia Today (RT)

22/1/2016  Britain could accept more than 20,000 Syrian refugees and should stop detaining migrants for years, says Council of Europe commissioner – The Guardian

22/1/2016  Three years immigration detention for Polish national found lawful – Free Movement

22/1/2016  Joe’s Story – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

21/1/2016  Black deaths: still fighting for justice in the UK – Open Democracy

21/1/2016   Too many candles – Scottish Detainee Visitors

20/1/2016  Creating a Safe Space: A Woman’s Account of Working in Immigration Detention – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

20/1/2016  Do you know your other half’s National Insurance Number? – Liberal Democrat Voice

20/1/2016  Home Office refuses to publish inquiry into death of man shackled for heart op – The Guardian

20/1/2016  Scotland’s Equality and Human Rights Report Card: “Good progress, work still to do” (reference to detention in Report) – Equality and Human Rights Commission

20/1/2016  Detention, dehumanization and disbelief: The challenges facing LGBTI asylum seekers in the UK (references detention) – LSE Amnesty Group

19/1/2016 Don’t know your wife’s bra size, sir? Well you can’t stay in the UK – The Sun

19/1/2016  Love, Legality and Masculinity – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

19/1/2016  Comment: Home Office reform could make it harder to protect torture victims –

19/1/2016 The Shaw Review calls for reform of UK Immigration Detention – City of Sanctuary

18/1/2016 You don’t know your wife’s bra size? Sorry you can’t enter Britain – The Mirror

18/1/2016 UK must stop detaining too many immigrants, says damning report – Express

18/1/2016  Masculinities at the Border: Gendering the Debate on ‘Deportable’ Men – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

18/1/2016  REPORT: Irregular Migrants should not be deprived of their Human Rights – Migrants Rights Network

18/1/2016 Shaw Review: ‘Not the beginning, nor the end. But a step in the right direction’ – Justice Gap

16/1/2016 UK urged to drastically reduce migrant detention – Press TV

16/1/2016 Use of detention in UK must be cut, says report – The National

16/1/2016  Prof Thomas, UK opposition leader predicts dissolution of Cameron’s govt (reference to immigration detention) – PM News Nigeria

16/1/2016 End Indefinite Detention – Socialist Party of Great Britain

15/1/2016 The report which could destroy Britain’s immigration prisons – Open Democracy

15/1/2016  Yarl’s Wood: Report finds no ‘endemic culture of abuse’ – BBC

15/1/2016 UK Must Drastically Reduce Use of Detention, Says Shaw Immigration Report – Justice and Peace Scotland

15/1/2016  Kate Osamor Promoted In Labour Reshuffle (references her work on detention) – The Voice

15/1/2016  Transgender equality report was a ‘missed opportunity for trans asylum seekers’ – (Reference to detention) – Gay Times

15/1/2016 Indefinite detention of asylum seekers inflicts ‘catastrophic’ harm – campaigners – RT (Russia Today)

15/1/2016  Scotland can be a beacon for a more fair and humane system for refugees (references detention) – Scottish Refugee Council

15/1/2016 Numbers in immigration detention centres must be ‘boldly’ reduced – report – Politics Home

15/1/2016 UK: Independent review calls for change in detention policy – AIDA Asylum Information Database

15/1/2016 Trangender equality report was a ‘missed opportunity for trans asylum seekers’ – Gay Times

14/1/2016 UK must drastically reduce use of detention, says Shaw immigration report – The Guardian

14/1/2016  Immigration Detention in the UK Under Review (Again) – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

14/1/2016 Home Office releases Shaw review into the welfare of vulnerable persons in immigration detention – EIN (Electronic Immigration Network)

14/1/2016 Indie review blasts detained immigrants’ Facebook, Skype ban – Social networking ban should be struck down, says one-time ombudsman – The Register (IT periodical)

14/1/2016  Civil legal aid changes since 2013: the impact on people seeking help with legal problems (brief reference to detention) – House of Commons Library Briefing Paper

14/1/2016  Long awaited report calls for end to detention of pregnant women at Yarl’s Wood (references Lampard Report on Yarl’s Wood) – Bedfordshire on Sunday

14/1/2016  Serco pledges improvements at Yarl’s Wood detention centre – Financial Times

14/1/2016 Call for time limit on detention of immigrants as report urges “urgent reform” – Herald Scotland

14/1/2016  UK will lower the age for trans people to be recognized legally to 16 – (references too many trans asylum seekers incarcerated in immigration detention centres where bullying, abuse and harassment is rife) – Gay Star News

14/1/2016  Join us for ‘Detained at the Bar’, Wed 9th March 2016, 6.30-9.30pm – Music in Detention

14/1/2016  Transgender Equality Enquiry: A ‘Missed Opportunity’ for Trans Asylum Seekers’ (reference to detention) – UKLGIG (UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group)

13/1/2016  René Cassin and Tzelem Lobby Peers on Immigration Bill: Missed opportunity to put an end to the harmful practice of indefinite detention – Rene Cassin

13/1/2016  Britain’s Loneliest Migrant Center Is an Isolated Hell for Its Detainees – VICE

12/1/2016  The British government outsources responsibilities for refugees and migrants to civil society – Middle East Monitor

11/1/2016  Policing Migration in an Era of Mass Mobility – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

11/1/2016  Michael Gove to meet G4S over abuse claims at young offenders centre (reference to G4S detention facilities) – The Guardian

11/1/2016  Clarity needed on effect of key elements of Immigration Bill (including detention) – Lords Select Committee – Constitution Select Committee

11/1/2016  Open Generation Photography Competition – to explore immigration issues – Migrants Rights Network

11/1/2016  Mapping detention – Detention Action

10/1/2016  MP vows to help women held in detention centre – Barnet and Whetstone Press

8/1/2016  On the edge of a nation, sitting on the border – Open Democracy

8/1/2016  Frontline Update: Listen to Freed Voices speech at SOAS  – Detention Action

8/1/2016  The price of freedom – Scottish Detainee Visitors

7/1/2016  Regional Amnesty International Conference: Women’s Rights, Cambridge 6th February (including discussion of ‘Set Her Free’ Campaign – Amnesty International UK

6/1/2016  Watch: Parliamentary Debate on Healthcare at Yarl’s Wood IRC – Medical Justice

6/1/2016  Two Court of Appeal cases consider legality of immigration detention of those who are possibly  minors.  UK Human Rights Blog – 1 Crown Office Row ALSO reposted on Guerilla Wire

6/1/2016  “BID secures release of Home Office country returns guidance” – Bail for Immigration Detainees

5/1/2016  “Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre Severely Restricts Access to Independent Doctors” – Medical Justice

5/1/2016  ‘Thinking Outside the Box’: Silvia, Advocacy Support Volunteer and Casework and Administrative Intern – Detention Action

5/1/2016  After the fast track: what next for the detention of asylum seekers? – Detention Action

4/1/2016  “Five immigration challenges for 2016: No. 5 – Winning the 28 day limit to immigration detention” – Migrants’ Rights Network

4/1/2016  “René Cassin Review of Limmud 2015 – two sessions with Rabbi Natan Levy on the indefinite detention of asylum seekers”  AND  (further report here) – Rene Cassin

4/1/2016  “Sudanese man held in detention who walked length of Channel tunnel given UK asylum” – RT

4/1/2016  Healthcare in Yarl’s Wood – House of Commons Library Briefing Paper

Jan 2016  Videolink: A first experience of bail observations: A report by Giulia Mauri, December 2015 – Bail Observation Project

Jan 2016  “Bail for Immigration Detainees: Annual Report 2015” – BID


Responses to Stephen Shaw’s Review into the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons, January 2016

Amnesty International: Response to Shaw review: UK must end ‘unacceptable’ use of indefinite immigration detention

Detention Action: Stephen Shaw’s plea for civilised values in immigration detention

Detention Action: Home Secretary’s own review finds immigration detention of vulnerable people ‘an affront to civilised values’

Rene Cassin: Shaw Review – positive but piecemeal

Freedom from Torture: Response to the Shaw Review

Refugee Council: Independent review calls for Government to detain fewer people

Free Movement: Shaw Review into the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons published: summary

LibDem Voice: Carmichael calls for time limit on immigration detention

Liberty: Shaw review: Immigration detention in urgent need of reform

Freedom from Torture: Message to Home Office Minister: Action Needed on Torture Survivors in Detention



[expand title=”December 2015“]


31/12/2015  “Review of immigration law in 2015 (Reference to Detained Fast Track)” – Free Movement

30/12/2015  “Bail for Immigration Detainees: BRIEFING: Immigration Bill Report Stage, 1st December 2015” – BID

30/12/2015  “All the donated sweaters in the world aren’t enough to solve the refugee crisis (references to detention)” – The Guardian

27/12/2015  “Lib Dem Lords vs the Home Office #2: Sally Hamwee calls for end to Indefinite Detention in the Immigration Bill” – Liberal Democrat Voice

25/12/2015  “‘Establishing Your True Identity’: Immigration Detention and Contemporary Identification Debates” – Melanie Griffiths – Chapter in Identification and Registration Practices in Transnational Perspective – Part of the series St Antony’s Series pp 281-301 – Palgrave Macmillan

24/12/2015  “Meet the choir of female asylum seekers singing for change to indefinite detention”– The Telegraph

23/12/2015  “Jesuits appoint new Director for JRS UK: Sarah Teather is appointed as new Country Director” – Jesuit Refugee Service UK

22/12/2015  “Refugee Council briefing on the Second Reading of the Immigration Bill in the House of Lords 22nd December (references detention)” – Refugee Council

22/12/2015  “Lord Alton voices grave concerns over Immigration Bill (including absence of time-limit on detention)” – Independent Catholic News

22/12/2015  “Across the UK, imprisoned in immigration removal centres, sit hundreds of people for whom this country is home. They face deportation to countries they may not remember.” – Open Democracy

22/12/2015  “Liberty’s briefing on the Immigration Bill for Second Reading in the House of Lords on 22nd December 2015” – Liberty Human Rights

21/12/2015  “Transgender Offenders Are Being Victimized in Immigration Detention (Article looks at Immigration and Justice system but also addresses situation in UK detention)” – Vice News

21/12/2015  “Independence When – A Riposte – (reference to new film in production about harrowing tale of torture victims who have applied for political asylum in the UK and are now in immigration detention on the “fast track)” – Craig Murray Blog

18/12/2015  “Bail for Immigration Detainees: Immigration Bill, House of Lords Second Reading, 22 December 2015” – BID

18/12/2015  “Bearing witness: immigration detention’s Hidden Stories” – AVID

18/12/2015  “Migrant, refugee, or human? The unsettled issue of human rights in Europe (including when it is legal to detain migrants)” – OUP Blog

17/12/2015  “International Migrants Day: ‘Yarl’s Wood was like being tortured for a second time’”– International Business Times

17/12/2015  “Musical Season’s Greetings From MID” – Music in Detention

17/12/2015  “Welcome to Jih-Wen Yeh, the New Bedford MID Programme Co-ordinator” – Music in Detention

17/12/2015  “Launching Our Fab New Music Player!” – Music in Detention

17/12/2015  “REPORT: Immigration Bill 2015 – ‘Everyday Borders’ loom over migrants and their communities” – Migrants’ Rights Network

17/12/2015  “The Chief Inspector publishes a Supplementary Annual Report covering the period November 2014 – March 2015 (limited reference to detention)” – Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

17/12/2015  “Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration publishes his inspection report on Removals (reference to detention)” – Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

17/12/2015  “The Chief Inspector publishes his inspection report on How the Home Office Tackles Illegal Working (reference to questions on the lawfulness of detention in some cases)” – Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

17/12/2015  “Here’s what happened in UK immigration detention in 2015” – Prison Watch UK

17/12/2015  “Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration says Home Office staff have been ignoring the Home Office guidelines in order to detain suspected illegal immigrants but a watchdog has warned it could mean suspects were held illegally” – The Telegraph (rather unfortunate tone to article but useful information) – Also reported in The Express

17/12/2015  “UPDATED Enforcement instructions and guidance and Immigration and borders: Chapters 46 to 62: detention and removals” – Home Office UK Visas and Immigration

16/12/2015  “UPDATED Detention Service Orders: Marriage or civil partnership of detainees outside the centre” – Home Office UK Visas and Immigration

16/12/2015  “Calais refugee rights workshops (references detention)” – Right to Remain

16/12/2015  “Women asylum seekers choir perform for MPs to raise awareness of ‘tragedy’ of limitless immigration detention” – Liberty

16/12/2015  “Life after immigration detention as “detention without walls” – Scottish Detainee Visitors

15/12/2015  “Set Her Free Poem” – (Video) – Women for Refugee Women & WAST

15/12/2015  “Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on a European travel document for the return of illegally staying third-country nationals (reference to detention)” – EU Commission

15/12/2015  “Serco backtracks on unit disposals as it targets public sector” – Financial Times

15/12/2015  “ ’Foreign National Offender’entitled to compensation for unlawful detention, the High Court has ruled” – The Mirror

15/12/2015  “A foreign national convicted of drug dealing and recommended for deportation is entitled to damages for unlawful detention, the High Court has ruled” – The Star

14/12/2015  “New Detention Services Order on serious immigration detention incidents” – Free Movement

14/12/2015  “UPDATED Detention Service Orders: Reporting and communicating out of hour incidents” – Home Office UK Visas and Immigration

14/12/2015  “Shattered lives: the human cost of immigration detention” – The Justice Gap

14/12/2015  “After the fast track: what next for the detention of asylum seekers?” – Open Democracy

11/12/2015  “Funding opportunity – ENS detention project research” – Migrants’ Rights Network

11/12/2015  “Understanding Immigration Detention: Welfare, Staff and the Quality of Life – Work of Mary Bosworth” – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law

10/12/2015  “René Cassin briefs MPs before Human Rights Day Parliamentary Debate – Calling for Government to introduce a time limit to the national shame that is the indefinite detention of asylum seekers” – Rene Cassin

10/12/2015  “Protecting The Gap Postcard Campaign Success” – Migrants’ Rights Network

9/12/2015  “Protection Gap campaign – one year on” – Asylum Aid

9/12/2015  “Factsheets on deportation and detention from BID” – Free Movement

9/12/2015  “René Cassin again raises the indefinite detention of asylum seekers – Written evidence to the Joint Select Committee on Human Rights – Legislative scrutiny of the Immigration Bill” – Rene Cassin

9/12/2015  “Best Friends, Rehvan, 34, and Sarvesh, 35, Victims of Torture had to flee Sri Lanka and found themselves in detention in the UK” – THE SURVIVOR – ISSUE 62, WINTER 2015 – Freedom from Torture


8/12/2015  ”Blog – Rosie MacPherson: Strawberry Blonde Curls Theatre Company and City of Sanctuary performance of play ‘Tanja’ about immigration detention – inside Parliament” – Big Issue North

7/12/2015  “Immigration Bill: Government side-steps calls for humanitarian balance – Cross-party opposition to detention” – Migrants’ Rights Network

7/12/2015  “Detention Timeline Now Online – An interactive story of the use of immigration detention in the UK” – Detention Time Line

7/12/2015  “Immigration Bill: Government side-steps calls for humanitarian balance – Cross-party opposition to detention” – Migrants’ Rights Network

7/12/2015  “Diary of a Dungavel Detention” – Right to Remain

7/12/2015  “Immigration Bill and Detention: Government side-steps calls for humanitarian balance” – Migants’ Rights Network

7/12/2015  “Visiting, unlocked – Danae on Colnbrook” – Detention Action

7/12/2015  “A letter to Colnbrook” – Detention Action

6/12/2015  “Everyday Borders” – a 50-minute Vimeo that looks at the impact of the 2014 Immigration Act on British Society” – Migants’ Rights Network

4/12/2015  “‘British Royal Queen, Prime Minister, Prince Charles Have Failed Commonwealth’ on Detention” – Leadership

4/12/2015  “Yarl’s Wood Detainee Speaks Out Over Abuse” – Red Brick

3/12/2015  “Sarah Teather appointed as new director for Jesuit Refugee Services” – ICN (Independent Catholic News)

3/12/2015  “How to Stage a Protest – Natasha Walter founder of Women for Refugee Women and Yarl’s Wood Protester” – Marie Claire

3/12/2015  “Immigration centre firms face £10,000 fine if detainee dies from self-harm” – The Guardian

3/12/2015  “Detention Still widely practised in the UK” – ECRE

2/12/2015  “Immigration Bill: We must now turn to the Lords to uphold our proud tradition of liberty” – Liberty

2/12/2015  “Immigration Bill 2015: Detention – A notable Absence” – Right to Remain

1/12/2015  “BRIEFING: Immigration Bill Report Stage and Detention, 1st December 2015” – Bail for Immigration Detainees

1/12/2015  “28-day immigration detention time limit rejected by Government” – Glasgow Evening Times

1/12/2015  “Sunderland woman ‘tortured’ by her family, detained in Yarl’s Wodd faces deportation to Pakistan” – Sunderland Echo

1/12/2015  “Limitless Immigration Detention Is Ineffective, Expensive and an Invitation to Abuse – MPs Must Put a Stop to It Now” – UK24

1/12/2015  “The stories of women I met at Yarl’s Wood show how British detention laws remain the most barbaric in the EU” – Independent

1/12/2015  “Limitless Immigration Detention Is Ineffective, Expensive and an Invitation to Abuse – MPs Must Put a Stop to It Now” – Huffington Post UK

1/12/2015  “Immigration reforms clear the Commons despite Labour and SNP criticisms” – Herald Scotland

1/12/2015  “28-day immigration detention time limit rejected by Government” – Herald Scotland

1/12/2015 “Monitoring places of detention Sixth Annual Report of the United Kingdom’s National Preventive Mechanism 1 April 2014 – 31 March 2015” – National Preventive Mechanism



[expand title=”November 2015“]


30/11/2015  “Latest FOI Figures on Numbers and Places Detainees held in Prisons obtained by AVID – latest quarter – July – September 2015” – AVID

30/11/2015  “Strategic Legal Fund – Support to the Detained Fast Track Challenge and for vulnerable young migrants” – Right to Remain

30/11/2015  ““They want us to imprison and deport ourselves” – SYMAAG/Right to Remain

30/11/2015  “New toolkit on“Protecting Stateless Persons from Arbitrary Detention” – Migrants’ Rights Network

29/11/2015  “More than 150 people attend 22nd anniversary Campsfield demo” – Close Campsfield

29/11/2015  “Nigerians in UK narrate ordeal at detention centers” – Daily Times

28/11/2015  “Britain’s Biggest Torture Chamber, Oakington’s Underground Cell Exposed” – Leadership

27/11/2015  “Six Lawyers Unlawfully Blocked From Entering Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre” – Habeas Corpus Project

27/11/2015  “Imprisoning immigration detainees is not unlawful, rules Court of Appeal” – The Justice Gap

27/11/2015  “Pollitics – The Week Ahead – Immigration Bill – Proposed amendment to safeguard certain categories of vulnerable people in Immigration Detention “ – BBC News

27/11/2015  “People, not statistics –  the people behind the detention statistics” – SDVG

27/11/2015  “AIDA Update UK: Unlawfulness of the Detained Fast-Track System pending appeals amidst ongoing criticism of duration and frequency of detention” – AIDA

26/11/2015  “Legal aid residence test found lawful by Court of Appeal” – Free Movement

26/11/2015  “Latest AVID briefing on latest Q3 Detention Statistics” – AVID

26/11/2015  “New immigration statistics: some highlights” – Free Movement

26/11/2015  “Official UK Enforcement Data – Quarter 3” – UK Gov

26/11/2015  “Official UK Detention and Immigration Statistics – as at end September 2015” UK Gov

26/11/2015  “Tortured Iranians who fail UK asylum bids face deportation” – RT

26/11/2015  ““That place should be investigated” – Asylum tenants hit back at G4S” – SYMAAG

26/11/2015  “Injustice behind the numbers – Detention – Latest Stats” – Right to Remain

26/11/2015  “Legal aid residence test found lawful by Court of Appeal” – Free Movement

26/11/2015  “G4S – Neglect, contempt and hostility — how the UK government really welcomes refugees” – Open Democracy

26/11/2015  “Amnesty International Media Awards: 2015 winners – Inside Yarl’s Wood: Britain’s most notorious detention centre (Jackie Long, Channel 4 News)” – Amnesty International

25/11/2015  “October 2015 immigration update podcast – including important cases on Unlawful Detention” – Free Movement

25/11/2015  “Equality, human rights and access to civil law justice: a literature review – References to Immigration Detention” – Equality and Human Rights Commission

25/11/2015  “Return of 500 Nigerians from UK despite 2 activists glued themselves to the gate of an immigration detention centre to stop the deportation flight to Nigeria & Ghana” – Latest Nigerian News


25/11/2015  “Deportation protesters glue themselves to detention center gate” –

25/11/2015  “Sticky business: Activists glue themselves to gates of immigration detention center” – RT

25/11/2015  “Demonstrators superglue themselves to immigration centre gate in protest at deportation flight” – Mirror

25/11/2015  “Activists ‘glued to gates’ at Heathrow immigration removal centre” – The Guardian

25/11/2015  “Activists ‘glue themselves to immigration centre gate’ in deportation protest” – Belfast Telegraph

25/11/2015  “Deportation protesters glue themselves to detention center gate” – Big News Network

25/11/2015  “2 Activists Glue Themselves To The Gate Of An Immigration Detention Centre In Bid To Stop The Deportation Flight To Nigeria & Ghana” – Information Nigeria

25/11/2015  “Colnbrook protest: Activists ‘glue themselves to gates’ at Heathrow immigration removal centre” – Evening Standard

25/11/2015  “Protesters GLUE themselves to GATE in bid to stop illegal immigrants being deported” – Express

25/11/2015  “Sticky business: Activists glue themselves to gates of immigration detention center” – Before Its News

25/11/2015  “2 activists glued themselves to the gate of an immigration detention centre in bid to stop the deportation flight to Nigeria & Ghana” – News7Nigeria

25/11/2015  “What will the new UK immigration bill mean for the detention system?” – Prison Watch UK

25/11/2015  “G4S awaits ‘clarification’ on Labour Party boycott over Israel contract” – RT

24/11/2015  “The damage of indefinite detention” – Right to Remain

24/11/2015  “British Political Party Gives UK 14-day Ultimatum To Release Nigerians From Detention Centres” – Leadership

24/11/2015  “‘British Govt gets 14 days Ultimatum to Release Nigerians from Immigration Detention Centers’” – Safari News


24/11/2015  “Is it lawful to detain immigration detainees in prisons?” – Free Movement/Current Awareness from the Inner Temple Library

24/11/2015  “People tied up ‘like animals’ on UK deportation flights” – Open Democracy

23/11/2015  “The damage of indefinite detention” – #Unlocked15

23/11/2015  “#Unlocked15 ‘visits’ Yarl’s Wood” – #Unlocked15

23/11/2015  “Asylum Detention Past and Present – René Cassin hosts event at Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue” – Rene Cassin

23/11/2015  “‘They are almost as British as me. But not quite’ – Tinsley House IRC” – The Justice Gap/#Unlocked15

23/11/2015  “Challenging permanent austerity must be a feminist cause; the results of not doing so are already playing out in the lives of the poorest women – without charities like Eaves and Womens’ Refuges people like Leila would most likely end up in Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre” – New Statesman

21/11/2015  “Inside Yarl’s Wood – Made To Feel Like A Criminal – Aged 12” – The People’s Daily, Morning Star

21/11/2015  “Government wins battle on detention of deportees” – Belfast Telegraph

20/11/2015  “Celebrating HG Wells’s role in the creation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights – and his suggesting “detention for a short fixed time only”” – The Guardian

20/11/2015  “Theresa May wins human rights fight over holding foreign criminals” – Herald Scotland

20/11/2015  “Diners watched on in shock as “totally over the top” immigration police swooped on an Indian restaurant in Highgate last night to arrest a man on suspicion of working there illegally” – Ham and High

20/11/2015  “At Harmondsworth” – London Review of Books Blog

20/11/2015  “Escort and removal of detainees to Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan – Concerns” – HM Inspectorate of Prisons

19/11/2015  “Staff used force to stop a demo at Moreton Hall Immigration Detention Centre” – MyInforms/Lincs FM

19/11/2015  “Rene Cassin organising for a German-Jewish refugee in the Second World War to appear alongside asylum seekers with a combined 30 years detainment to highlight the UK’s policy of indefinite detainment for asylum seekers at a Mitzvah Day event this Sunday.” – Jewish News

18/11/2015  “Pregnancy ought to be a happy time: women in Yarl’s Wood” – #Unlocked15

18/11/2015  “Written evidence submitted by Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) to the Public Bill Committee on the Immigration Bill” – Parliament UK

17/11/2015  “Reaching the UK isn’t the end of the struggle: support our crowdfunder – Urgent Appeal” – Right to Remain

17/11/2015  “It’s like an apartheid that’s gone underground” – #Unlocked15

17/11/2015  “How detention affects my community: the view from Belfast” – Right to Remain/#Unlocked15

17/11/2015  “Nigerian High Commission accused of corruption, fraud, illegal arrest, criminal torture of Nigerians arrested and detained in various British Immigration Centres in the UK” – Daily Times (Nigeria)

17/11/2015  “Will Islamophobia Grow in the UK Following the Paris Attacks? Elaha Walizadeh, working with refugee women who have been detained in Yarl’s Wood immigration detention center, fears for those she works with in the wake of the attacks.”  – Vice

17/11/2015  “Terrorism threat leaves officials gridlocked on spending cuts – David Burrowes, Conservative MP for Enfield Southgate and a member of the home affairs select committee said savings could be made around immigration detention but warned against cutting police budgets.” – The Financial Times

17/11/2015  “A Nigerian activist, in an interview with journalists fingered the Nigerian High Commission in issues relating to unchecked corruption, fraud, illegal arrest, criminal torture of Nigerians arrested and detained in various British Immigration Centres in the UK who are awaiting deportation.” – This Day Live

16/11/2015  “Waiting and Uncertainty in Immigration Detention” – Border Criminologies, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford.

16/11/2015  “Immigration detention is no way to say ‘Refugees welcome’” – The Justice Gap/#Unlocked15

16/11/2015  “Since 1991 more than 500 black or ethnic minority people have died as a result of interaction with police, prison or immigration officers in police, prison, immigration and psychiatric detention in Britain. ” – Left Foot Forward

16/11/2015  “Gay asylum seeker who faced deportation released from immigration centre” – Gay Times

15/11/2015  “Gay asylum seeker who faced deportation to Uganda is released from immigration centre” – Manchester Evening News

14/11/2015  “The Home Office is denying batons were used against detainees at Morton Hall immigration detention centre near Lincoln last night” – Lincs FM

13/11/2015  “’Protest at immigration removal centre near Lincoln” (Morton Hall) – Lincolnshire Echo

13/11/2015  “Caversham man speaks out on fight against deportation and detention” – Reading and Berkshire News

13/11/2015 “A ‘definitive verdict’: Supreme Court refuses government appeal in Detained Fast Track case” – The Justice Gap

13/11/2015 “#Unlocked15 at Cedars” – Unlocked15

13/11/2015 “Immigration Minister struggles with meaning of “indefinite” detention” – Free Movement

13/11/2015 “People in prison: Immigration detainees” – HMIP Report

12/11/2015 “Criminality and detention (modernised guidance) – Updated” – UK Visas and Immigration

12/11/2015 “The Detained Fast Track: the end of the road – Supreme Court refused Government permission to appeal” – Detention Action

12/11/2015 “Hundreds of students facing removal – many in detention centres” – JCWI

11/11/2015 “Observing Immigration Bail Applications: communicating remotely?” – Scottish Detainee Visitors

11/11/2015 “Updated list of legal aid providers now on our website” – AVID Detention

11/11/2015 “Keys to freedom: Bristol Immigration Detention Campaign” – Unlocked

10/11/2015 “’What have I got to lose?’ Hunger strikes and protests at Yarl’s Wood detention centre” – New Statesman

10/11/2015 “Unlocking Detention visits Campsfield House” – Unlocked15

10/11/2015 “We should see detainees as our equals in the eyes of God” – Unlocked 15

10/11/2015 “Huge backlog in Immigration Cases having appalling impact on the mental health of those people held in detention centres as oeople are having to wait longer and longer in detention”

9/11/2015 “The impact of detention on LGBT communities” – Unlocked15

9/11/2015 “We want detention to end – not today, not tomorrow but forever’” – The Justice Gap (UK)

9/11/2015 “Being in Detention: Media Arts at Colnbrook IRC” – Border Criminologies. Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

9/11/2015 “Home Office accused of breaking rules on cuffing asylum seekers – Women for Refugee Women says female detainees at the Yarl’s Wood are being asked to wear handcuffs for visits to local hospital” – The Guardian

9/11/2015  “’Put Yourself in Our Shoes’ – Keep Children’s Best Interests At Heart of Asylum System – New Report – references detention” – Law Centres Network

8/11/2015  “400 gather to demand immediate closure of infamous Yarl’s Wood immigrant facility (VIDEO)” – RT

8/11/2015 “Book Review: Immigration Detention: The Migration of a Policy and its Human Impact edited by Amy Nethery and Stephanie J. Silverman” – Democractic Audit UK

8/11/2015 “Solidarity with #shutdownyarlswood – the fight goes on!” – National Coalition Against Fees and Cuts

8/11/2015 “400 gather to demand immediate closure of infamous Yarl’s Wood immigrant facility” – RT

8/11/2015 “Protesters demand closure of UK Yarl’s Wood detention centre” – Al Jazeera

8/11/2015 “Huge protest hits UK female detention center” – Ghana Web

8/11/2015 “Hundreds protest against Yarl’s Wood detention centre” – Socialist Worker

7/11/2015 “600 protestors march in direct support to Yarls Wood detainees” – Demotix Photojournalism

7/11/2015 “ARTWORK by people in immigration detention in Scotland will go on display in Edinburgh from today” – The National (Scotland)

6/11/2015 “Court of Appeal finds Home Office unlawfully detained child refugee” – Free Movement

6/11/2015 “Inside The Yarl’s Wood Immigration Center Protests” – The Establishment

6/11/2015 Police use anti-terrorism powers to detain UK volunteers taking aid to Calais refugee camp – Independent

6/11/2015 “Bahraini dissident in Tinsley House IRC faces deportation from the UK despite torture fears and having depression and sickle cell anaemia” – The Independent

6/11/2015 “Court of Appeal rules Home Office acted unlawfully by detaining Iranian child seeking asylum” – Garden Court Chambers

6/11/2015 “Right to Remain Toolkit on Immigration Detention” – Right to Remain

6/11/2015 “A judge had concluded that the 20-year-old man – who was 16 when he arrived three years ago – had twice been unlawfully detained, following a High Court hearing in London in July 2014” – Express and Star (Midlands, UK)

5/11/2015 “The Home Office should stick to its own policy – detain the vulnerable only in exceptional circumstances” – The Justice Gap

5/11/2015 “A new report by Medical Justice, ‘A Secret Punishment’, highlights the human damage caused by the use of segregation in immigration detention, as well as its political purposes” – Institute of Race Relations

5/11/2015 “Prisons Ombudsman reports on the death of 84 year old in immigration custody – Alois Dvorzak” – Mirgrants’ Rights Network

5/11/2015 “Thinking Outside the Box: Danielle – learning from those with direct experience of working with people in detention” – Detention Action

5/11/2015 “Prisons Ombudsman reports on the death of 84 year old in immigration custody” – Migrants’ Rights Network

4/11/2015 “Exceptional circumstances? Detention at Campsfield House” – Unlocked15

4/11/2015 “Three Scenes from Campsfield IRC” – Unlocked15

4/11/2015 “Inquests into 3 deaths in immigration detention” – Medical Justice

3/11/2015 “The demise of women’s charity Eaves should worry us all” – The Guardian

3/11/2015 “Disaster capitalism, and the outsourcing of violence in the UK” – Open Democracy

3/11/2015 “Prison inmate in immigration detention discovered on floor of cell by officer, inquest hears” – Medical Justice

3/11/2015 “40 Dover Immigration Centre staff fear axe – as detainees ‘released into towns” – Dover Express

2/11/2015 “Stop Campsfield Expansion: a victory worth celebrating” – Unlocked15

2/11/2015 “A visitor’s view of Campsfield” – Unlocked15

2/11/2015 “Help us find out what happened to Ghanaian man who died in UK immigration centre” – Prison Watch UK

2/11/2015 “New book critically assesses the ‘securitisation’ of immigration” – Migrants’ Rights Network

2/11/2015 “What are torture survivors doing in detention centres?” – The Justice Gap

1/11/2015 “The death of Alois Dvorzac shames Britain: The story of a sick, confused 84-year-old, who died in custody following detention at Harmondsworth, highlights the cruelty of our inhumane immigration system” – The Guardian

November 2015  “When the Best is Not Enough (November 2015) – Bail Observation Project – account of attending hearings” – Bail Observation Project



[expand title=”October 2015“]


31/10/2015 “Detention centre where elderly Canadian died in shackles ‘too dangerous’: Doctor who treated Alois Dvorzac before his death in February 2013 says she tried to raise the alarm over his treatment at Harmondsworth” – The Guardian

30/10/2015 “MPs question Government’s record on refuge – the rising number of adults and children in immigration detention” – Refugee Council

30/10/2015 “Closure of Eaves – another nail in the coffin for the women’s sector?” – Eaves (Poppy Project)

30/10/2015 “Harmondsworth: story of those detained within the walls” – Detention Action

30/10/2015 “Unlocking Detention: a week at Harmondsworth” – Unlocked15

30/10/2015 “Alois Dvorzak’s one-way ticket to a lonely death in U.K. detention centre” – The Globe and Mail

30/10/2015 “Damages For Being Detained in UK Immigration Detention Centre” – Rights Aware

30/10/2015 “‘The person who emerges from detention is never the same as the person who went in’” – Unlocked15

29/10/2015 “Music in Detention Practice Forum – 29th October 2015” – Music in Detention

29/10/2015 “Visiting the Verne detention centre” – Unlocked15

29/10/2015 “Report slams ‘inhuman’ detention of Alois Dvorzac, 84, who died while awaiting deportation” – Independent

29/10/2015 “Frail 84 year old subjected to ‘inhuman and degrading treatment’, prison ombudsman says” – Open Democracy

29/10/2015 “90% of immigration detainees visiting hospital were handcuffed, inquest hears” – Open Democracy

29/10/2015 “Embassy in London ‘did not accept responsibility’ for Canadian with dementia: Alois Dvorzac, 84, died in U.K. immigration custody after Canadian officials had refused to offer financial or care assistance” – The Star (Canada)

29/10/2015 “EXCLUSIVE: Fight to stop Dover Immigration Removal Centre becoming an OPEN PRISON” – Dover Express

29/10/2015 “Death in shackles of elderly man stopped at Gatwick ‘shameful’” – The Guardian

28/10/2015  “Refugee blues: a UK and European perspective – the effects of policies aimed at deterrence including detention” – European Journal of Psycho-traumatology

28/10/2015 “Audit Office to commence investigation into Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre” – Migrants’ Rights Network

28/10/2015 “’Our word against theirs’ – June* writes from inside Yarl’s Wood” – Women for Refugee Women

28/10/2015 “Jammin’ & bluesin’: Music in Detention at Harmondsworth” – Unlocked15

28/10/2015 “Alzheimer’s patient being held at detention centre was shackled in the back of an ambulance after complaining of chest pains hours before he died from a heart attack” – Daily Mail

28/10/2015 “Dementia patient shackled for deportation had ‘fatal heart disease’” – The Guardian

28/10/2015 “Stop detaining pregnant women at Yarl’s Wood” – The Justice Gap

27/10/2015 “Why handcuff and chain 84 year old in hospital? ‘Home Office policy,’ inquest hears.” – Open Democracy

27/10/2015 “London doctor: ‘We receive a lot of patients from detention centres. Quite often they’re cuffed” – Open Democracy

27/10/2015 “Man, 84, awaiting deportation died in handcuffs ‘due to Home Office rules’” – The Guardian

26/10/2015 “Dover detention centre to close!” – AVID Detention

26/10/2015 “The person who emerges from detention is never the same as the person who went in” – The Justice Gap

25/10/2015 “‘We, former detainees, demand the closure of Dungavel immigration removal centre’” – Open Democracy

25/10/2015 “Campaigners to rally against immigration detention centre” – The Herald Scotland

24/10/2015 “Dying detainee, 84, taken to hospital, handcuffed to a chain. Dvorzak inquest. Day 5” – Open Democracy

23/10/2015 “Security company tried to overrule medic’s concerns about Alois Dvorzak, inquest told. Day 4” – Open Democracy

23/10/2015 “Dover Immigration Removal Centre to close” – Free Movement

23/10/2015 “Harmondsworth: story of those detained within the walls” – Unlocked15

23/10/2015 “Unlocking Detention: Morton Hall week” – Unlocked15

23/10/2015 “Morton Hall: Michael and Holly’s story” – Unlocked15

22/10/2015 “Sonal Ghelani, The Migrants’ Law Project, Highly Commended in Law Society Human Rights Lawyer of the Year Excellence Awards 2015” – The Law Society

22/10/2015 “A friendship to treasure” – Unlocked15/Scottish Detainee Visitors

22/10/2015 “Dying 84 year old taken to hospital in handcuffs. Twice. Alois Dvorzak inquest. Day 3.” – Open Democracy

21/10/2015 “Alois Dvorzak inquest: Doctor repeatedly warned that 84 year old was not fit to be detained” – Open Democracy

21/10/2015 “Report of inquest hearing into death of 85 year old Canadian Alois Dvorzak in immigration detention” – Free Movement

20/10/2015 “The work of the Immigration Directorates (Q2 2015)” – House of Commons Home Affair Select Committe

20/10/2015 “The Detention Forum and #Timeforatimelimit” – End Child Detention Now

20/10/2015 “Alois Dvorzak inquest: death of vulnerable and confused 84 year old detained by UK Border Force” – Open Democracy

20/10/2015 “Inquest hears concerns over Yarl’s Wood response after detainee collapsed and died at centre” – Bedfordshire on Sunday

19/10/2015 “Unlocking Detention visits Brook House” – Unlocked15

19/10/2015 “How detention affects Devon: a looming dread” – Unlocked15

19/10/2015 “Looking behind the labels: vulnerability and immigration detention” – Unlocked15

19/10/2015 “Why I glued myself to a ticket barrier and shut down the Eurostar” – Open Democracy

19/10/2015 “Looking behind the labels: vulnerability and immigration detention” – The Justice Gap

19/10/2015 “Ten people are being held in detention after being arrested by immigration officers following joint operations in Co Fermanagh and Belfast” – UTV (Northern Ireland)

18/10/2015 “’Break fences, build bridges’ Sheffield welcomes refugees” – SYMAAG

16/10/2015 “Dover immigration removal centre set for closure” – The Guardian

16/10/2015 “Infection Inside Quarterly publication from PHE on public health in prisons and other places of detention Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2015” – Public Health England

16/10/2015 “Dover detention centre due to close – Samphire will focus on its work with people released from detention and its work in the community” – Samphire Project

13/10/2015 “New age assessment guidance published, October 2015” – Refugee Council/ADCS

October 2015 “Equality and Human Rights Commission: Is Britain Fairer? Evidence Paper Series”– EHRC



[expand title=”September 2015“]


19 September 2015 Middle East Monitor: ‘In the UK’s detention centres, you don’t count your days down, you count them up’

15 September 2015 Huff Post Young Voices: Detention Debate: It’s Time for a Time Limit

13 September 2015 The Telegraph: Why is Britain locking up 32,000 immigrants a year?

12 September 2015 The Star (Sheffield): Sheffield man whose family was murdered by Taliban in deportation battle

11 September 2015 The Telegraph: MPs: ‘UK needs to drastically change the way it detains immigrants’

11 September 2015 Daily Record: ‘If they locked me in Dungavel, I’d give up.’

11 September 2015 Not one dissenting voice… apart from James Brokenshire

11 September 2015 Shining a light on our most hidden human rights scandal

11 September 2015 With such widespread support for immigration detention reform, the Government is out on a limb

10 September 2015 Home Office refuses to budget as MPs demand detention time limit

10 September 2015 Buzzfeed: Former Detainee Urge UK to Close Down Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre

10 September 2015 Sky News: Immigration Row: Man ‘Treated Like An Animal’

9 September 2015 New Statesman: The growing Home Office panic over Britain’s detention centres


[expand title=”August 2015“]


12 August 2015 The Independent: Yarl’s Wood conditions and treatment deteriorated significantly since 2013

12 August 2015 BBC News: Yarl’s Wood removal centre of ‘national concern’

12 August 2015 Huffington Post: Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre ‘Held Dozens Of Pregnant Women’, Inspection Reveals

12 August 2015 Labour Party: Yarl’s Wood is not fit for purpose – Yvette Cooper

12 August 2015 UK prisons inspector seeks time limits on detention of migrants without trial

11 August 2015 More released than deported at Yarls Wood

11 August 2015 The Verne immigration removal centre: ‘serious violence’ concerns

9 August 2015 Outsourcers running UK immigration centres put to the test (You need to register with FT to read the article.)

7 August 2015 Asylum seeker found dead at The Verne

Summer 2015 ‘We are closely bound up with those in detention’ (By the Archbishop Emeritus of Southwark, Kevin McDonald, Justice Magazine pages 14 and 15. He writes about the interfaith event organised by our member, Rene Cassin)



[expand title=”July 2015“]


30 July 2015 The End of the Line for the Detention of Asylum Seekers (Written by our member, Detention Action)

30 July 2015 UN Committee back British Parliamentarians’ call for a time limit on immigration detention

29 July 2015 Court rejects government appeal over fast-track detention of asylum seekers(Includes quote by Detention Action, our member)

26 July 2015 We must end UK’s inhumane treatment of asylum seekers (Letter by our member, Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary)

22 July 2015 Concern raised over detention times at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre

7 July 2015 Torture and rape victims detained at Dungavel, report reveals (Our member, Scottish Detainee Visitors, was interviewed)



[expand title=”June 2015“]


27 June 2015 The detainee’s tale by Ali Smith: ‘I thought you would help me’

16 June 2015 Needed: Hope – Visit to an immigration detention centre (Written by our member, Sudanese Visitors Group)



[expand title=”Media coverage of the Inquiry into the use of Immigration Detention, March 2015“]


MPs call for end to indefinite detention of migrants The Guardian

Migrant detention: Souleymanye’s story  The Guardian

Immigration centres: Act now to overhaul Britain’s ‘shocking’ detention of migrants indefinitely and in appalling conditions, say MPs The Independent

MPs call for immigration detention cap  BBC News

Asylum seekers detained at Dungavel for more than a year   BBC News Scotland

Cap immigration detention at 28 days, say MPs  Channel 4 News Online

Damning parliamentary report threatens to blow doors off detention regime

Scotland 2015   BBC Scotland

Samphire in Dover welcomes inquiry which says immigration detention should be capped Kent Online featuring our member Samphire

BBC Radio Kent Dominic King  Interview with Samphire (at 1 hour 55 min, available until end of March 2015)

Jewish human rights group welcomes report on detention of asylum seekers Jewish News Online featuring our member René Cassin

UK criticised over treatment of migrants Al Jazeera film clip on the detention inquiry report

Time for a Time Limit – Parliamentarians call for 28 day maximum time limit on immigration detention  Independent Catholic News

MPs attack ‘shocking’ treatment of migrants  The Tablet

Urgent question about Yarl’s Wood due to be asked in Parliament following shocking undercover filming report   Bedford Today

‘What crime have I committed to be held like this?’: inside Yarl’s Wood   The Guardian

Asylum seekers and illegal immigrants being held at Scots detention centre for more than a year Daily Record, Scotland (note – we do not endorse the use of the phrase “illegal immigrants”)

Theresa May ‘allowed state-sanctioned abuse of women’ at Yarl’s Wood  The Guardian

The UK Asylum System Is Officially Terrible   Vice

Befriending group welcomes recommendations in report on immigration detention centres  Bedford Today

UN backs proposal to limit immigration detention in the UK   Sputnik

Bishop calls for ‘humane’ UK immigration policies  Catholic Herald

BBC Scotland’s coverage   BBC Scotland, starts at 3:50

MPs: LGBT asylum seekers face ‘bullying’ and ‘abuse’ in British detention centres  Pink News

Locking up immigrants diminishes us all  The Guardian

Spending years in detention as a migrant to the UK  BBC Africa

Yarl’s Wood Guard Suspended After Secret Film   Sky News

UK detention report calls for “radical shift”   IRIN News

How getting tough on asylum seekers cost the taxpayer millions

UK immigration detention: the truth is out   openDemocracy

Second suspension at Yarl’s Wood  Mail Online

Call for immigration detention cap  Mail Online

MPs call for introduction of 28-day immigration detention cap  ITV News

‘I felt nobody was safe’ at detention centre, says former Yarl’s Wood detainee  ITV News

Sheffield MP voices concerns over immigration detention  The Star (Sheffield)

Abuse, threats and physical violence… the scandal of Britain’s immigration removal system  Christian Today

MPs call for ‘complete overhaul’ of UK’s immigration detention system as undercover footage reveals shocking attitudes of some Yarls Wood staff  Bedfordshire News

The detention scandal: time for a change  Christian Today

Yarl’s Wood: Second worker suspended after abuse allegations   BBC News Beds, Herts & Bucks

‘Expensive, ineffective & unjust’: MPs urge end to indefinite migrant detention    Russia Today

‘I just wanted to die’: Asylum seeker detained at Yarl’s Wood speaks to RT   Russia Today

Immigration stories horrify parliamentary group  Church Times

Humza Yousaf: Only SNP have economic strategy to rival ‘bleak futures’ from Westminster  Daily Record

Scotland slams UK treatment of LGBTI asylum seekers  KleidoScot

Immigration centre campaigners welcome detention time limit report  The Oxford Times

RICHARD FULLER MP: I back BoS’ campaign to Shut Down Yarl’s Wood  Bedfordshire on Sunday

Prisons inspector backs migrant detention time limit  Politics Home

Call to limit length of migrant detention  The Times

Group backs call to cut immigration detention  The News (Portsmouth)

MSPs object to asylum seeker incarceration times at controversial Strathaven facility  Daily Record (Scotland)

Home Office withdraws Campsfield expansion plan  Cherwell

Nick Clegg’s Q & A: Live Blog  Liberal Democrat Voice  (See Immigration and Asylum section)

Migrants on hunger strike for better conditions at Dungavel  The National (Scotland)

Shock claims of detainee at Portland’s Verne amid staff concerns over training  Dorset Echo

Theresa May urged to investigate Dungavel concerns   Sunday Herald

Labour vows to ban indefinite detention of asylum and immigration applicants  The Guardian



[expand title=”Responses to the Inquiry into the use of Immigration Detention, March 2015“]


Sarah Teather MP’s piece for the Huffington Post  It’s Clear That Our Current System of Immigration Detention Isn’t Working

David Burrowes MP’s piece for conservativehome  Immigration detention should no longer be out of sight and out of mind

Paul Blomfield MP’s piece for Labour List   Immigration detention: it’s time for a new approach

Julian Huppert MP’s piece for Liberal Democrat Voice  We must end indefinite detention of immigrants 

SNP’s response

The Detention Forum’s response

Migrants’ Rights Network’s response

Campaigners must now keep up the fight for ambitious detention reforms by Migrants’ Rights Network

The Detention Forum’s piece for openDemocracy

Right to Remain’s response

Detention Action’s response

The Refugee Council’s piece for the Huffington Post

The Refugee Council’s response

Refugee Action’s response

Scottish Refugee Council’s response

Scottish Detainee Visitors’ response

Samphire’s response

UNHCR’s response

International Detention Coalition’s response

JRS UK’s response

Rapar’s response

JCWI’s response

Refugee Action’s storify of the report launch day

BID’s storify of the report launch event

JRS Europe’s response

Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors’ reponse (see news on 3/3/15)

CSAN’s response

Churches Refugee Network response

Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network response

UKLGIG’s response

Bishop Lynch’s response

Rainbow News

Music in Detention’s response

LD4SOS response

Rene Cassin’s response

Campaign to Close Campsfield’s response

Bishop of Croydon’s response

AVID response

Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group’s Response



This page is updated when capacity permits, so it is not a complete list.