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Dr Anna Rowlands for JRS UK (2019) For our welfare and not for our harm: a faith-based report on the experience of the refugee and refugee support community at JRS UK 2017–2019

BID (2019) “Nothing good comes from detention”: Voices from detention

Home Affairs Committee (2019) Immigration detention

Joint Committee on Human Rights (2019) Immigration detention

Joint Committee on Human Rights (2018) Windrush generation detention (you can also see the Government’s response and the National Audit Office’s report on the Handling of the Windrush situation)

Verita (2018) Independent investigation into concerns about Brook House immigration removal centre

House of Commons Library (2018) Immigration detention in the UK: an overview

Stephen Shaw (2018) Assessment of government progress in implementing the report on the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons (the Home Secretary’s response is available here and here)

British Red Cross (2018) Never truly free: The humanitarian impact of the UK immigration detention system

Amnesty International (2017) A matter of routine: The use of immigration detention in the UK

Stephen Shaw (2016) Review into the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons (the Minister for Immigration’s response is available here)

Migration Observatory (2016) Briefing: Immigration detention in the UK

APPG on Refugees and APPG on Migration (2015) Report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Use of Immigration Detention in the United Kingdom

House of Commons Library Briefing Paper (2015) Immigration detention: An overview

Detention Action (2014) The State of Detention: Immigration detention in the UK in 2014

Detention Action, Flemish Refugee Action, France Terre d’Asile, Menedek and the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (2014) Point of no return: The futile detention of unreturnable migrants

Detention Action (2010) No release no return no reason: Challenging indefinite detention

BID (2009) Out of sight, out of mind: Experiences of immigration detention in the UK

Detention Action (2009) Detained lives: The real cost of indefinite immigration detention


[expand title=”Health, vulnerability and death in detention“]


After Exploitation (2019) Supported or deported? Understanding the deportation and detention data held on human trafficking and slavery

Women for Refugee Women (2019) “From one hell to another” The detention of Chinese women who have been trafficked to the UK

JRS UK (2018) Survivors of Trafficking in Immigration Detention

BID (2018) Adults at Risk: The ongoing struggle for vulnerable adults in detention

Medical Justice (2018) Putting adults at risk: A guide to understanding the Home Office’s “Adults at Risk” policy and its history

British Medical Association (2017) Locked up, locked out: Health and human rights in immigration detention

Centre for Mental Health (2017) Immigration Removal Centres in England: A mental health needs analysis

Detention Action (2017) Trafficked into detention: How victims of trafficking are missed in detention

European Network on Statelessness (2016) Protecting stateless persons from arbitrary detention in the UK

Medical Justice (2016) Death in immigration detention: 2000-2015

UKLGIG and Stonewall (2016) No safe refuge: Experiences of LGBT asylum seekers in detention

Detention Forum, AVID and Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group (2015) Rethinking ‘vulnerability’ in detention: A crisis of harm

Healthwatch and Medical Justice (2014) Healthwatch and immigration removal centres: Asylum seekers in detention centres

Medical Justice (2013) Mental Health in Immigration Detention Working Group: Initial report

AVID, BID and The Detention Forum (2012) Positive duty of care? The mental health crisis in immigration detention

Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group (2012) A prison in the mind: The mental health implications of detention in Brook House Immigration Removal Centre

Medical Justice (2012) The second torture: The immigration detention of torture victims

Medical Justice (2011) Denied and detained: The clinical care of people living with HIV in immigration detention

JRS Europe (2010) Becoming vulnerable in detention


[expand title=”Access to justice and the rule of law in detention“]


Bar Council (2017) Injustice in immigration detention: Perspectives from legal professionals

The Open University (2016) Timeline: The criminalisation of asylum

BID (2015) Legal advice survey of immigration detainees across the UK detention estate (Summary: Surveys 1-10) (BID’s biannual surveys are also available)

Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group (2015) Cutting justice: The impacts of the legal aid cuts for people detained in Brook House and Tinsley House IRCs

Medical Justice (2015) A secret punishment: The misuse of segregation in immigration detention

Medical Justice (2014) Biased and unjust: The immigration detention complaints process

Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law (2013) Immigration Detention and the Rule of Law: Safeguarding Principles


[expand title=”Bail“]


BID (2018) Briefing: Accommodation post-detention

BID (2014) No place to go: Delays in the Home Office provision of S4(1) (c) bail accommodation.

Bail Observation Project (2013) Still a travesty: Justice in immigration bail hearings

BID (2012) The liberty deficit: Long-term detention and bail decision-making

Bail Observation Project (2011): Immigration bail hearings: A travesty of justice? Observations from the public gallery

BID (2010) A nice judge on a good day: Immigration bail and the right to liberty


[expand title=”Immigration detention in prisons“]


BID (2017) Mind the gap: Immigration advice for detainees in prisons

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (2015) People in prison: Immigration detainees

Lucy Slade (2015) Foreign National Prisoners: best practice in prison and resettlement

BID (2014) Denial of justice: The hidden use of UK prisons for immigration detention


[expand title=”The Detained Fast Track“]


Institute for Voluntary Action Research (2017) Detained Fast Track litigation case study: Detention Action, using the law for social change

Detention Action (2013) Briefing: The Detained Fast Track

Detention Action (2011) Fast track to despair: The unnecessary detention of asylum seekers


[expand title=”Women, children and families in detention“]


Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group (2017) Don’t dump me in a foreign land: Immigration detention and young arrivers

Women for Refugee Women (2017) We are still here: The continued detention of women seeking asylum in Yarl’s Wood

BID (2015) Rough justice: Children and families affected by the 2013 legal aid cuts

Women for Refugee Women (2015) I am human: Refugee women experiences of detention in the UK

Women for Refugee Women (2014) Detained: Women asylum seekers locked up in the UK

BID (2013) Fractured Childhoods: The separation of families by immigration detention

BID (2013) Last resort or first resort? Immigration detention of children in the UK

Medical Justice (2013) Expecting Change: The case to end the Immigration Detention of Pregnant Women

Medical Justice (2010) State sponsored cruelty: Children in immigration detention


[expand title=”Alternatives to detention“]


Eiri Ohtani (2018) (Commissioned by European Programme for Integration and Migration) Alternatives to detention – from theory to practice: Evaluation of three engagement-based alternative to immigration detention pilot projects in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Poland

Council of Europe Steering Committee on Human Rights (2018) Analysis of the legal and practical aspects of effective alternatives to detention in the context of migration

Women for Refugee Women (2017) The way ahead: An asylum system without detention

Detention Action (2016) Without detention: Opportunities for alternatives

UNHCR (2016) Progress under the global strategy – beyond detention 2014-2019: UK (other UNHCR alternative to detention reports can be found online here)

UNHCR (2015) Global strategy – beyond detention 2014-2019: UK national action plan

Internation Detention Coalition (2015) There are alternatives: A handbook for preventing unnecessary immigration detention

Forced Migration Review (2013) Special Edition: Detention, alternatives to detention and deportation

Matrix Evidence (2012) An economic analysis of alternatives to long-term detention

UNHCR (2011) Back to basics: The right to liberty and security of person and ‘alternatives to detention’ of refugees, asylum-seekers, stateless persons and other migrants

JRS Europe (2011) From deprivation to liberty: Alternatives to detention in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom


[expand title=”Parliamentary briefings“]


Various organisations including BIDDetention ActionGDWGLibertyMedical Justice, the Refugee CouncilUKLGIG and Women for Refugee Women produce regular submissions and parliamentary briefings, and AVID provides a comprehensive summary of recent events.