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We are a network of over 50 independent organisations across the UK committed to working together to challenge the use of immigration detention.

We want to end immigration detention because it is unjust and inhumane.

No Pride In Detention

June 22nd, 2022|

This blog post comes from one of our members - Rainbow Migration It’s Pride Month and people are rightly celebrating how far LGBTQI+ rights have come in the UK. But we shouldn’t let that progress blind us to the appalling [...]

Time-served prisoners

June 14th, 2022|

When the last Immigration Bill was going through Parliament, I remember that one of the key government arguments against a time limit for immigration detention was their contention that such detention was used for foreign criminals. Indeed they refer to [...]

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Expert groups have criticised the British govt’s “unjustifiably restrictive” Afghan resettlement schemes.
The govt's failure to offer a safe route forces Afghans to use dangerous unofficial routes. During Q1 22, ppl fleeing Afghanistan were the largest group crossing the Channel.

Anyone awaiting a final decision on appiying to live in the UK can be req'd to “sign on” at an Immigration Reporting Centre. Every appointment carries the risk of being randomly taken to a detention centre and threatened with deportation.

“The volunteers are not involved in the case work of the detainees which allows them to be a friendly, impartial ear for people who are very isolated, offering support and solidarity.”

Check out @Glasgow_Times for a piece about our service


Facial recognition is imperfect, dangerous tech that tends to discriminate against people of colour & marginalised communities thus facilitating govt discrimination & #HumanRights abuses w/o accountability.
No other European country has deployed this technology against migrants.

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