25/9/2017 Immigration detainee allegedly choked by G4S guards demands public inquiry – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

24/9/2017 Diane Abbott tells Labour conference Jeremy Corby will not scapegoat immigrants – PA (Abbott also said Labour would end indefinite detention)

23/9/2017 Tory Ministers urged to lift MSP ban on visiting Dungavel detention centre following death – Andrew Whitaker, The Herald

21/9/2017 From war and slavery to prison – life inside an immigration detention centre – Jonathan Bartley, New Statesman

20/9/2017 Bedford MP backs call for end to indefinite detention at centres like Yarl’s Wood – James Averil, Bedford Today

20/9/2017 Investigation is launched after Chinese man found dead at controversial immigration detention centre – Glasgow Live

19/9/2017 Chinese national found dead at Dungavel Detention Centre – Chris Mcquade, Common Space

19/9/2017 Home Office launches inquiry into G4S finances – BBC News

18/9/2017 This is not news: our clients in Brook House IRC have been complaining about abuse from G4S detention officers for years – Patrick Page, Huffpost

16/9/2017 Britain faces rebuke over refusal to back more than 100 UN human rights targets – Jamie Doward, The Guardian (One of the targets is a call for a time limit on immigration detention)

15/9/2017 Head of scandal-hit G4S detention centres is put on administrative leave – Simon Hattenstone & Eric Allison, The Guardian

13/9/2017 Indefinite detention must end, JRS chief demands – The Tablet, International Catholic Weekly

13/9/2017 G4S may make more money profit than allowed from removal centres, figures suggest – The Guardian

11/9/2017 Letter to the Editor: Indefinite detention – The Star (Sheffield) (The letter is printed a half way down the webpage)

10/9/2017 Letter to the Editor: There should be 28 day time limit at immigration removal centres – Bournemouth Echo

9/9/2017 Polish immigrant dies after suicide attempt at in UK detention centre – Diane Taylor, The Guardian

9/9/2017 Polish man dies after ‘hanging himself’ at Harmondsworth immigration detention centre – Charlotte England, The Independent

8/9/2017 Harmondsworth detainee dies after being injured – BBC News

7/9/2017 Nasty, brutish and indefinite: immigration detention in the UK – Luke Butterly, The Last Round

7/9/2017 Britain’s Brutal Immigration Detention System – Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, Labour MP for Hackney, writing for Huffpost

7/9/2017 Panorama’s expose of immigration centre abuse is no surprise. I saw it for myself – Nathan Ward,  The Guardian

6/9/2017 Immigration detention: How the government is breaking its own rules – Annahita Moradi, Red Pepper

6/9/2017 ‘Immigration detention is pointless abuse’ – A letter to the Guardian by Freed Voices

6/9/2017 Bishops call on Government to end indefinite detention – Olivia Rudgard, The Telegraph

6/9/2017 BBC Panorama exposes the culture of abuse in immigration detention – Thomas Beamont for freemovement.org.uk

6/9/2017 Our immigration system treats the most vulnerable as barely human (about immigration detention system) – Sarah Teather, Director of JRS UK, writing for Catholic Herald

1/9/2017 G4S hit by new scandal over immigration detention centre: Private companies should not be doing this sort of work. James Moore, The Independent

30/8/2017 Campaigners to target airlines after pilot saves Afghan man from deportation (section on detention) – Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

25/8/2017 Shaw II: The chance to right some wrongs – Freed Voices

25/8/2017 The Home Office isn’t fit for purpose (section on detention) – Ian Dunt, politics.co.uk

24/8/2017 The government fails to deliver its promise of reform – Detention Action

24/8/2017 Government urged to drastically reduce excessive use of detention – Amnesty Press Release

24/8/2017 “Boldly and without delay” or business as usual? – Scottish Detainee Visitors

24/8/2017 The latest detention statistics show the Government’s detention reform remains undelivered – The Detention Forum

24/8/2017 We are locking up people indefinitely. This inhumane practice needs to end – Paul Blomfield MP, The Guardian

N.B. The websites of Detained Voices, Freed Voices , Movement for Justice regularly have articles and first-hand accounts of Immigration Detention.  Unlocked15 which ran from 21 September 2015 to 18 December 2015 also has a wealth of articles and information.

14/2/2016  Liberal Democrat peer Lord Avebury dies aged 87 – The Guardian

12/2/2016  Pray in solidarity with refugees this Lent (includes Detention) – Jesuit Refugee Service UK

12/2/2016  Book Review: Immigration Detention: The Migration of a Policy and Its Human Impact – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

12/2/2016  Handbook on European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration (2014) (Sections on Detention) – Free Movement Blog

11/2/2016  Asylum in the UK: ‘room for improvement’ is putting it mildly (References to Detention) – Right to Remain

11/2/2016  Updated Visas and immigration operational guidance – Criminality and Detention (modernised guidance) – Gov.uk

11/2/2016  A longer road to freedom for torture survivors? – British Medical Association

10/2/2016  Refugee Tales 2016 launches today! – Refugee Tales, and here, Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group

10/2/2016  Lords divided over controversial time limit in UK Immigration Bill – ‘Medieval’ UK detention system is ‘one a dictator would rejoice in’ – Prison Watch UK

9/2/2016  Indian student couple detained in dawn raid lose claim for unlawful detention – Free Movement Blog

9/2/2016  Inside Yarl’s Wood: ‘Britain will give me leave to remain – when I am buried here’ – International Business Times

9/2/2016  Inside Yarl’s Wood: ‘Britain supported Nelson Mandela – yet it treats us like this’ – International Business Times

8/2/2016  Nick Cohen endorses “authoritarian measures” to deal with “illegal immigration” (reference to detention) – Crooked Timber

8/2/2016  Bearing witness: the Hidden Stories of Immigration Detention Phase 2 online today: photobook & testimony from visitors & detainees over 20yrs – AVID (Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees)

8/2/2016  Detained asylum claims: new test case listed – Free Movement Blog

8/2/3016  Will there be migrant camps in Kent if Britain leaves the EU? (Reference to Detention) – The Guardian – similar article in New Statesman (8 Feb)

6/2/2016  Deportation, Detention and Medical Intervention – August 2012 Article from Liverpool Law Review posted 6 Feb – pdfarticle.net

5/2/2016  Minister questioned on work of Immigration Directorates & Evidence from Stephen Shaw who conducted Shaw Review into the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable Persons – Home Affairs Select Committee

5/2/2016  Court of Appeal grants permission in 2005 Detained Fast Track rules case – Free Movement Blog

5/2/2016  Torture victims seeking UK asylum wait 2yrs for medical exam (reference to Detention) – watchdog – RT (Russia Today)

5/2/2016  Freedom from Tortures Response to the Latest Report by the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration – Freedom from Torture

5/2/2016  Children of Barnet Borough must be protected from FGM, conference hears (references to victims being detained in Yarl’s Wood – Barnet & Whetstone Press

5/2/2016  Unjust and Dysfunctional: Asylum in the UK – Counter Punch – also published in Dissident Voice (5 Feb)

5/2/2016  Asylum seekers ‘wait two years’ for torture medical exam (References to detention) – BBC News

4/2/2016  Chief Inspector criticises Home Office asylum casework: The most serious failing was in the handling of detention of torture survivors – Free Movement Blog

4/2/2016  Independent inspector calls for improvements in Home Office decision making (Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s inspection of Asylum Casework; March to July 2015) – Refugee Council

4/2/2016  Torture victims face two-year delays in UK asylum claims: Official watchdog says delays are because Home Office only wants to accept evidence from two organisations (references to detention) – The Guardian

4/2/2016  Report of The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s inspection of Asylum Casework; March to July 2015 (references to detention) – Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

3/2/2016  Babbage: Court orders release of Zimbabwean foreign criminal, criticises Government lawyers – Free Movement Blog

3/2/3016  The immovable chair – SDV volunteer coordinator, Shirley Gillan, blogs about the experience of Ernest who was bailed after being detained in Dungavel – Scottish Detainee Visitors

3/2/2016  REPORT: Migrants treated as ‘villains or victims’ in election coverage (references to Detention) – Migrants’ Rights Networl

2/2/2016  What’s missing from newspaper coverage of migration? New study discovers that too few national press articles include migrant voices (Reference to Detention) – The Guardian

2/2/2016  Exploring the Role of Vulnerability in Immigration Detention – Refugee Survey Quarterly – Oxford Journals

2/2/2016  Paul Hamilton: What the story of a detained academic should teach us about immigration detention – The Justice Gap

1/2/2016  UK Visas and Immigration Guidance – Routine dental appointments for detainees in removal centres (subsequently withdrawn) – Gov.UK

1/2/2016  Unsound effects – Lord Richard Rosser on the issues taking up the final two Committee days on the Immigration Bill – Labour Lords

1/2/2016  Tales of Legitimate Immigration Detention – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

1/2/2016  Judge orders release of Zimbabwean criminal who cannot be deported – The Guardian, also coverage by: BBC News (2 Feb), The Times (2 Feb), The Telegraph (1 Feb), Lawyer Herald (2 Feb), Express (2 Feb), The Zimbabwean (2 Feb), Nehanda Radio (2 Feb),   BT.Com (1 Feb), New Zimbabwe (1 Feb),

1/2/2016  Detention and Deportation News – Rights in Exile

February 2016  A week in the life of our Parliamentary Manager, Jonathan Featonby – Refugee Council Newsletter

February 2016  Immigration detention: update Published – Jed Pennington and Jane Ryan examine important policy developments, including the detained fast track; plus cases regarding torture victims, disabled people and those unlawfully detained – Legal Action Group

31/1/2016  Shut down immigration detention centres! – On the 12th of March a large-scale demonstration will be carried out in the vicinity of Yarl’s Wood – The Prisma Multicultural Newspaper

31/1/2016  HMIP recommends Skype for prisoners to avoid price-gouging calls (reference to detention also) – RT (Russia Today)

30/1/2016  Child Neglect, Abuse, and Torture in the UK? – telesur

28/1/2016  Protection Gap campaign reaches Europe! – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid

28/1/2016  Book Review: Rights, Deportation, and Detention in the Age of Immigration Control – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

28/1/2016  More key findings from the Shaw Review into UK immigration detention: Sexual abuse, low pay and poor transportation – Prison Watch UK

28/1/2016  Detention of mother and 3 children in breach of policy found unlawful – Freemovement Blog

27/1/2016  Unlawful detention of trafficking victims in Detained Fast Track – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid

27/1/2016  Yarl’s Wood update: Home Office accused of breaching handcuffing guidelines – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid, and here, Asylum Aid

27/1/2016  Women and children at risk of sexual violence in Europe’s refugee crisis – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid, and here, Asylum Aid

27/1/2016  The Shaw Review into Welfare in Detention: Implications for women in detention – Women’s Asylum News, Asylum Aid, and here, Asylum Aid

27/1/2016  American Shakespeare expert Paul Hamilton attacks ‘brazen, unapologetic and cynical’ Home Office following arrest: Academic ‘hugely relieved’ after leaving immigration centre but believes he was only freed because of press outcry – Independent – Reports also in Kingston GuardianBirmingham Mail, Coventry Telegraph, another report in Birmingham Mail, Birmingham Post, The Mirror, Daily MailBuzzFeed News, Times Higher Education, Times Higher Education (2nd report), Independent (first report)

27/1/2016  Deport first, appeal later – the chilling logic of uk immigration control (references to detention) – Education News

27/1/2016  Ending the Fast Track?-Jerome Phelps (Director of Detention Action) Event 1st February 2016 – Oxford Human Rights Hub

27/1/2016  14th Feb: Comedy Fundraiser – SOAS Detainee Support – AVID

27/1/2016  AVID (Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees) is recruiting! Training and Membership Coordinator Opportunity! Deadline 19th February 2016 – AVID

27/1/2016  With Your Help: Tracy Rediscovered Her Voice – Freedom from Torture

27/1/2016  Yarl’s Wood update: Home Office accused of breaching handcuffing guidelines – Asylum Aid

26/1/2016  Raising awareness about migrant solidarity and Campsfield – Campaign to Close Campsfield

26/1/2016  Introducing JRS UK’s New Director: We are delighted to welcome Sarah Teather – Jesuit Refugee Service UK

26/1/2016  Arrested, humiliated, detained: How Britain treats foreign students – Politics.co.uk

26/1/2016  G4S detention centre for migrants cost taxpayer £6m – more than the Ritz – to house 14 families – The Mirror, Also reports in Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express and Telegraph

25/1/2016  The Borderline: Incarceration and Resistance at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre – Warwick Gloablist

24/1/2016  Mary Bosworth on Immigration Detention Reports – Kent Refugee Help

24/1/2016  Bisexual Jamaican wins battle for asylum in UK (reference to detention) – Russia Today (RT)

22/1/2016  Britain could accept more than 20,000 Syrian refugees and should stop detaining migrants for years, says Council of Europe commissioner – The Guardian

22/1/2016  Three years immigration detention for Polish national found lawful – Free Movement

22/1/2016  Joe’s Story – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

21/1/2016  Black deaths: still fighting for justice in the UK – Open Democracy

21/1/2016   Too many candles – Scottish Detainee Visitors

20/1/2016  Creating a Safe Space: A Woman’s Account of Working in Immigration Detention – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

20/1/2016  Do you know your other half’s National Insurance Number? – Liberal Democrat Voice

20/1/2016  Home Office refuses to publish inquiry into death of man shackled for heart op – The Guardian

20/1/2016  Scotland’s Equality and Human Rights Report Card: “Good progress, work still to do” (reference to detention in Report) – Equality and Human Rights Commission

20/1/2016  Detention, dehumanization and disbelief: The challenges facing LGBTI asylum seekers in the UK (references detention) – LSE Amnesty Group

19/1/2016  Love, Legality and Masculinity – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

19/1/2016  Comment: Home Office reform could make it harder to protect torture victims – Politics.co.uk

18/1/2016  Masculinities at the Border: Gendering the Debate on ‘Deportable’ Men – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

18/1/2016  REPORT: Irregular Migrants should not be deprived of their Human Rights – Migrants Rights Network

16/1/2016  Prof Thomas, UK opposition leader predicts dissolution of Cameron’s govt (reference to immigration detention) – PM News Nigeria

15/1/2016  Yarl’s Wood: Report finds no ‘endemic culture of abuse’ – BBC

15/1/2016  Kate Osamor Promoted In Labour Reshuffle (references her work on detention) – The Voice

15/1/2016  Transgender equality report was a ‘missed opportunity for trans asylum seekers’ – (Reference to detention) – Gay Times

15/1/2016  Scotland can be a beacon for a more fair and humane system for refugees (references detention) – Scottish Refugee Council

14/1/2016  Immigration Detention in the UK Under Review (Again) – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

14/1/2016  Civil legal aid changes since 2013: the impact on people seeking help with legal problems (brief reference to detention) – House of Commons Library Briefing Paper

14/1/2016  Long awaited report calls for end to detention of pregnant women at Yarl’s Wood (references Lampard Report on Yarl’s Wood) – Bedfordshire on Sunday

14/1/2016  Serco pledges improvements at Yarl’s Wood detention centre – Financial Times

14/1/2016  UK will lower the age for trans people to be recognized legally to 16 – (references too many trans asylum seekers incarcerated in immigration detention centres where bullying, abuse and harassment is rife) – Gay Star News

14/1/2016  Join us for ‘Detained at the Bar’, Wed 9th March 2016, 6.30-9.30pm – Music in Detention

14/1/2016  Transgender Equality Enquiry: A ‘Missed Opportunity’ for Trans Asylum Seekers’ (reference to detention) – UKLGIG (UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group)

13/1/2016  René Cassin and Tzelem Lobby Peers on Immigration Bill: Missed opportunity to put an end to the harmful practice of indefinite detention – Rene Cassin

13/1/2016  Britain’s Loneliest Migrant Center Is an Isolated Hell for Its Detainees – VICE

12/1/2016  The British government outsources responsibilities for refugees and migrants to civil society – Middle East Monitor

11/1/2016  Policing Migration in an Era of Mass Mobility – University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies

11/1/2016  Lead Fundraiser – Bail for Immigration Detainees – 4 days a week – Guardian Jobs

11/1/2016  Michael Gove to meet G4S over abuse claims at young offenders centre (reference to G4S detention facilities) – The Guardian

11/1/2016  Clarity needed on effect of key elements of Immigration Bill (including detention) – Lords Select Committee – Constitution Select Committee

11/1/2016  Open Generation Photography Competition – to explore immigration issues – Migrants Rights Network

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10/1/2016  MP vows to help women held in detention centre – Barnet and Whetstone Press

8/1/2016  On the edge of a nation, sitting on the border – Open Democracy

8/1/2016  Frontline Update: Listen to Freed Voices speech at SOAS  – Detention Action

8/1/2016  The price of freedom – Scottish Detainee Visitors

7/1/2016  Regional Amnesty International Conference: Women’s Rights, Cambridge 6th February (including discussion of ‘Set Her Free’ Campaign – Amnesty International UK

6/1/2016  Watch: Parliamentary Debate on Healthcare at Yarl’s Wood IRC – Medical Justice

6/1/2016  Two Court of Appeal cases consider legality of immigration detention of those who are possibly  minors.  UK Human Rights Blog – 1 Crown Office Row ALSO reposted on Guerilla Wire

6/1/2016  “BID secures release of Home Office country returns guidance” – Bail for Immigration Detainees

5/1/2016  “Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre Severely Restricts Access to Independent Doctors” – Medical Justice

5/1/2016  ‘Thinking Outside the Box’: Silvia, Advocacy Support Volunteer and Casework and Administrative Intern – Detention Action

5/1/2016  After the fast track: what next for the detention of asylum seekers? – Detention Action

4/1/2016  “Five immigration challenges for 2016: No. 5 – Winning the 28 day limit to immigration detention” – Migrants’ Rights Network

4/1/2016  “René Cassin Review of Limmud 2015 – two sessions with Rabbi Natan Levy on the indefinite detention of asylum seekers”  AND  (further report here) – Rene Cassin

4/1/2016  “Sudanese man held in detention who walked length of Channel tunnel given UK asylum” – RT

4/1/2016  Healthcare in Yarl’s Wood – House of Commons Library Briefing Paper

Jan 2016  Videolink: A first experience of bail observations: A report by Giulia Mauri, December 2015 – Bail Observation Project

Jan 2016  “Bail for Immigration Detainees: Annual Report 2015” – BID

31/12/2015  “Review of immigration law in 2015 (Reference to Detained Fast Track)” – Free Movement

30/12/2015  “Bail for Immigration Detainees: BRIEFING: Immigration Bill Report Stage, 1st December 2015” – BID

30/12/2015  “All the donated sweaters in the world aren’t enough to solve the refugee crisis (references to detention)” – The Guardian

27/12/2015  “Lib Dem Lords vs the Home Office #2: Sally Hamwee calls for end to Indefinite Detention in the Immigration Bill” – Liberal Democrat Voice

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24/12/2015  “Meet the choir of female asylum seekers singing for change to indefinite detention” – The Telegraph

23/12/2015  “Jesuits appoint new Director for JRS UK: Sarah Teather is appointed as new Country Director” – Jesuit Refugee Service UK

22/12/2015  “Refugee Council briefing on the Second Reading of the Immigration Bill in the House of Lords 22nd December (references detention)” – Refugee Council

22/12/2015  “Lord Alton voices grave concerns over Immigration Bill (including absence of time-limit on detention)” – Independent Catholic News

22/12/2015  “Across the UK, imprisoned in immigration removal centres, sit hundreds of people for whom this country is home. They face deportation to countries they may not remember.” – Open Democracy

22/12/2015  “Liberty’s briefing on the Immigration Bill for Second Reading in the House of Lords on 22nd December 2015” – Liberty Human Rights

21/12/2015  “Transgender Offenders Are Being Victimized in Immigration Detention (Article looks at Immigration and Justice system but also addresses situation in UK detention)” – Vice News

21/12/2015  “Independence When – A Riposte – (reference to new film in production about harrowing tale of torture victims who have applied for political asylum in the UK and are now in immigration detention on the “fast track)” – Craig Murray Blog

18/12/2015  “Bail for Immigration Detainees: Immigration Bill, House of Lords Second Reading, 22 December 2015” – BID

18/12/2015  “Bearing witness: immigration detention’s Hidden Stories” – AVID

18/12/2015  “Migrant, refugee, or human? The unsettled issue of human rights in Europe (including when it is legal to detain migrants)” – OUP Blog

17/12/2015  “International Migrants Day: ‘Yarl’s Wood was like being tortured for a second time’” – International Business Times

17/12/2015  “Musical Season’s Greetings From MID” – Music in Detention

17/12/2015  “Welcome to Jih-Wen Yeh, the New Bedford MID Programme Co-ordinator” – Music in Detention

17/12/2015  “Launching Our Fab New Music Player!” – Music in Detention

17/12/2015  “REPORT: Immigration Bill 2015 – ‘Everyday Borders’ loom over migrants and their communities” – Migrants’ Rights Network

17/12/2015  “The Chief Inspector publishes a Supplementary Annual Report covering the period November 2014 – March 2015 (limited reference to detention)” – Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

17/12/2015  “Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration publishes his inspection report on Removals (reference to detention)” – Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

17/12/2015  “The Chief Inspector publishes his inspection report on How the Home Office Tackles Illegal Working (reference to questions on the lawfulness of detention in some cases)” – Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

17/12/2015  “Here’s what happened in UK immigration detention in 2015” – Prison Watch UK

17/12/2015  “Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration says Home Office staff have been ignoring the Home Office guidelines in order to detain suspected illegal immigrants but a watchdog has warned it could mean suspects were held illegally” – The Telegraph (rather unfortunate tone to article but useful information) – Also reported in The Express

17/12/2015  “UPDATED Enforcement instructions and guidance and Immigration and borders: Chapters 46 to 62: detention and removals” – Home Office UK Visas and Immigration

16/12/2015  “UPDATED Detention Service Orders: Marriage or civil partnership of detainees outside the centre” – Home Office UK Visas and Immigration

16/12/2015  “Calais refugee rights workshops (references detention)” – Right to Remain

16/12/2015  “Women asylum seekers choir perform for MPs to raise awareness of ‘tragedy’ of limitless immigration detention” – Liberty

16/12/2015  “Life after immigration detention as “detention without walls” – Scottish Detainee Visitors

15/12/2015  “Set Her Free Poem” – (Video) – Women for Refugee Women & WAST

15/12/2015  “Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on a European travel document for the return of illegally staying third-country nationals (reference to detention)” – EU Commission

15/12/2015  “Serco backtracks on unit disposals as it targets public sector” – Financial Times

15/12/2015  “ ’Foreign National Offender’entitled to compensation for unlawful detention, the High Court has ruled” – The Mirror

15/12/2015  “A foreign national convicted of drug dealing and recommended for deportation is entitled to damages for unlawful detention, the High Court has ruled” – The Star

14/12/2015  “New Detention Services Order on serious immigration detention incidents” – Free Movement

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10/12/2015  “René Cassin briefs MPs before Human Rights Day Parliamentary Debate – Calling for Government to introduce a time limit to the national shame that is the indefinite detention of asylum seekers” – Rene Cassin

10/12/2015  “Protecting The Gap Postcard Campaign Success” – Migrants’ Rights Network

9/12/2015  “Protection Gap campaign – one year on” – Asylum Aid

9/12/2015  “Factsheets on deportation and detention from BID” – Free Movement

9/12/2015  “René Cassin again raises the indefinite detention of asylum seekers – Written evidence to the Joint Select Committee on Human Rights – Legislative scrutiny of the Immigration Bill” – Rene Cassin

9/12/2015  “Best Friends, Rehvan, 34, and Sarvesh, 35, Victims of Torture had to flee Sri Lanka and found themselves in detention in the UK” – THE SURVIVOR – ISSUE 62, WINTER 2015 – Freedom from Torture


8/12/2015  ”Blog – Rosie MacPherson: Strawberry Blonde Curls Theatre Company and City of Sanctuary performance of play ‘Tanja’ about immigration detention – inside Parliament” – Big Issue North

7/12/2015  “Immigration Bill: Government side-steps calls for humanitarian balance – Cross-party opposition to detention” – Migrants’ Rights Network

7/12/2015  “Detention Timeline Now Online – An interactive story of the use of immigration detention in the UK” – Detention Time Line

7/12/2015  “Immigration Bill: Government side-steps calls for humanitarian balance – Cross-party opposition to detention” – Migrants’ Rights Network

7/12/2015  “Diary of a Dungavel Detention” – Right to Remain

7/12/2015  “Immigration Bill and Detention: Government side-steps calls for humanitarian balance” – Migants’ Rights Network

7/12/2015  “Visiting, unlocked – Danae on Colnbrook” – Detention Action

7/12/2015  “A letter to Colnbrook” – Detention Action

6/12/2015  “Everyday Borders” – a 50-minute Vimeo that looks at the impact of the 2014 Immigration Act on British Society” – Migants’ Rights Network

4/12/2015  “‘British Royal Queen, Prime Minister, Prince Charles Have Failed Commonwealth’ on Detention” – Leadership

4/12/2015  “Yarl’s Wood Detainee Speaks Out Over Abuse” – Red Brick

3/12/2015  “Sarah Teather appointed as new director for Jesuit Refugee Services” – ICN (Independent Catholic News)

3/12/2015  “How to Stage a Protest – Natasha Walter founder of Women for Refugee Women and Yarl’s Wood Protester” – Marie Claire

3/12/2015  “Immigration centre firms face £10,000 fine if detainee dies from self-harm” – The Guardian

3/12/2015  “Detention Still widely practised in the UK” – ECRE

2/12/2015  “Immigration Bill: We must now turn to the Lords to uphold our proud tradition of liberty” – Liberty

2/12/2015  “Immigration Bill 2015: Detention – A notable Absence” – Right to Remain

1/12/2015  “BRIEFING: Immigration Bill Report Stage and Detention, 1st December 2015” – Bail for Immigration Detainees

1/12/2015  “28-day immigration detention time limit rejected by Government” – Glasgow Evening Times

1/12/2015  “Sunderland woman ‘tortured’ by her family, detained in Yarl’s Wodd faces deportation to Pakistan” – Sunderland Echo

1/12/2015  “Limitless Immigration Detention Is Ineffective, Expensive and an Invitation to Abuse – MPs Must Put a Stop to It Now” – UK24

1/12/2015  “The stories of women I met at Yarl’s Wood show how British detention laws remain the most barbaric in the EU” – Independent

1/12/2015  “Limitless Immigration Detention Is Ineffective, Expensive and an Invitation to Abuse – MPs Must Put a Stop to It Now” – Huffington Post UK

1/12/2015  “Immigration reforms clear the Commons despite Labour and SNP criticisms” – Herald Scotland

1/12/2015  “28-day immigration detention time limit rejected by Government” – Herald Scotland

1/12/2015 “Monitoring places of detention Sixth Annual Report of the United Kingdom’s National Preventive Mechanism 1 April 2014 – 31 March 2015” – National Preventive Mechanism

30/11/2015  “Latest FOI Figures on Numbers and Places Detainees held in Prisons obtained by AVID – latest quarter – July – September 2015” – AVID

30/11/2015  “Strategic Legal Fund – Support to the Detained Fast Track Challenge and for vulnerable young migrants” – Right to Remain

30/11/2015  ““They want us to imprison and deport ourselves” – SYMAAG/Right to Remain

30/11/2015  “New toolkit on“Protecting Stateless Persons from Arbitrary Detention” – Migrants’ Rights Network

29/11/2015  “More than 150 people attend 22nd anniversary Campsfield demo” – Close Campsfield

29/11/2015  “Nigerians in UK narrate ordeal at detention centers” – Daily Times

28/11/2015  “Britain’s Biggest Torture Chamber, Oakington’s Underground Cell Exposed” – Leadership

27/11/2015  “Six Lawyers Unlawfully Blocked From Entering Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre” – Habeas Corpus Project

27/11/2015  “Imprisoning immigration detainees is not unlawful, rules Court of Appeal” – The Justice Gap

27/11/2015  “Pollitics – The Week Ahead – Immigration Bill – Proposed amendment to safeguard certain categories of vulnerable people in Immigration Detention “ – BBC News

27/11/2015  “People, not statistics –  the people behind the detention statistics” – SDVG

27/11/2015  “AIDA Update UK: Unlawfulness of the Detained Fast-Track System pending appeals amidst ongoing criticism of duration and frequency of detention” – AIDA

26/11/2015  “Legal aid residence test found lawful by Court of Appeal” – Free Movement

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