The Detention Forum is financially hosted by the Refugee Council who receives and manages grants from charitable foundations on our behalf.

Our work in 2020-21 is currently supported by the following funders:

  • Barrow Cadbury Trust
  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • One anonymous foundation

The Detention Forum does not seek financial support from individuals. Yes, we can always do with more funding, but we strongly believe that small, local, grassroots organisations benefit most from individual donations. We also do not have ability to receive individual donations directly, because we are financially hosted by another organisation.

If you think we are doing great work and want to donate to us, please instead support your local groups working with and advocating for people seeking asylum and undocumented migrants. And share our message of change to your friends and colleagues and take action to challenge immigration detention in whatever the way you can – that will mean a lot to us. And together, we will make immigration detention a thing of the past and create a fair and humane immigration system for all.