Our friends at the Refugee Council recently published their ambitious new national refugee strategy for the UK. It sets out a coherent plan to tackle channel crossings and create a fair and functioning asylum system that delivers order and compassion.

Over the last few months we have heard a number of government supporting MPs say that there is no alternative to the government’s current plans on asylum. The fact is that there are alternatives that are both practical and compassionate. We have already been and will continue to promote our vision of a supportive environment as a compassionate and practical alternative to immigration detention. And this new strategy from the Refugee Council is a welcome addition.

Their recommendations include:

Piloting a ‘refugee visa’ that allows people to travel to the UK to apply for asylum.
Allowing people with family members already in the UK to transfer here from EU member states.
Allowing children to join wider family members in the UK and removing financial constraints and other barriers that hinder family reunion.
Allowing people who have been waiting longer than six months for a decision on their asylum claim to work.

If you haven’t seen this helpful report, do take a look and spread and the word!