Just after the sad news that the Home Office intends to re-open Campsfield detention centre, we’ve just heard the bleak news that they are now planning to re-open the Haslar detention centre in Gosport, Hampshire.

After years of seeing detention centres begin to close, and indeed seeing the Home Office invest in imaginative alternative to detention projects, it is incredibly bleak to see them look to re-open these two detention centres.

We know that the all of the evidence shows that the best way to support people in the immigration system is to listen to them and treat them as individual human beings – isn’t that what we would want in their shoes? The answer is not to spend even more money, in this case £399m, locking people up indefinitely.

We will see you posted on developments and support our members campaigning against this development. There is a better way. We can do away with this hostile environment and instead promote a supportive environment.