Over 500 people turned up at the weekend to show their opposition to the new detention centre for women at Hassockfield. This was a great turn-out for this national demonstration held on Place Green in Durham.

Detention Forum was proud to be there on Saturday, and it was great to see so many of our members and other friends there. The speeches were inspiring, the music uplifting and the opposition to this new detention centre – or immigration prison – was clear.

In addition to this great turn out, there was also some good media coverage of the demo. There was coverage by the BBC, ITV, and the Northern Echo. We also really liked the campaign T-shirts on Saturday – in orange with some great slogans on them such as ‘shut down Hassockfield’ and ‘end immigration detention.’

Congratulations to all of the groups involved in organising this important national demo, and all strength to you as the campaign continues. Detention Forum will keep you posted on this campaign and other ways that you can get involved.