Welcome to our first weekly roundup for #Unlocked18. Each week of the tour, we’ll be recapping what’s been shared the previous week so you can look back to find your favourite content or see what you’ve missed.

Preparation began for this year’s Unlocking Detention tour, now in its 5th year, began well before last week’s launch.


The first week of #Unlocked18 officially began on 22 October. The tour runs until International Migrants Day on 18 December, visiting a different detention centre each week and featuring content from people currently in detention, people who have previously been detained, local and national organisations, volunteer visitors, faith groups and more. You can find the tour schedule here.

Welcome to #Unlocked18

Detention Forum Project Director Eiri Ohtani welcomed followers old and new to the 5th year of Unlocking Detention, taking the chance to look back over what’s been achieved during those 5 years, and what is still to come.


Red’s poem: When I become untamed

Red, a member of the Freed Voices, recorded ‘When I become untamed’, a poem he wrote while detained in Colnbrook detention centre, near Heathrow, for 10 months. Red’s poem is accompanied by a haunting illustration by Detention Forum volunteer Shadia.

(The Freed Voices are a group of experts-by-experience campaigning for immigration detention reform. For those of you wanting more information about ‘experts-by-experience’ and other technical terms, we’ve published a glossary of detention-related jargon – or read on below!)


Mishka’s drawings: depicting wisdom

Mishka, also a member of the Freed Voices, contributed a series of drawings based on his time in Harmondsworth detention centre. The drawings evoke the often unthinking cruelty inherent in the immigration detention system. They reflect Mishka’s use of black humour in not only surviving but also finding wisdom in his experience of being detained.


Immigration detention glossary

As part of this year’s Unlocking Detention tour, we’ve published a glossary of detention-related terms that you may or not have come across before, starting with ‘indefinite detention’ and ending with ‘judicial oversight’. Please feel free to share these images yourself, and let us know if there’s others you think we should add.

Immigration detention timeline: from 2014 to today

As this is the 5thyear of Unlocking Detention, we are taking the opportunity to look at key events in the the story of immigration detention reform since it began in 2014. We’ll be releasing a series of interviews with people involved in detention reform over the years and will update the timeline as we go.

Get involved

In addition to following @Detention Forum and #Unlocked18 on Twitter and Facebook, there are other ways you can get involved with Unlocking Detention. You can spread the word online and in person, tweet us a ‘selfie’ with one of our message cards, attend an event near you, or volunteer with a local visitors group. You can find more suggestions about how to get involved and take action on our website.