This week, Unlocking Detention visited Morton Hall in Lincolnshire.   Morton Hall opened as an “immigration removal centre” in 2011, having previously been other kinds of prison for men, women and youth since 1958.
There are 392 bed spaces at Morton Hall, all for men.

We had a really interesting range of blog posts and articles published this week. 
Melanie Griffiths, an ESRC Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Bristol, wrote on Open Democracy about the impact that detention has on families, relationships and parents. 

We also shared an amazing audio piece in which Kasonga interviews his old friend, Harsha, about the impact Kasonga’s detention had on him – a must listen!

We also published a fascinating piece by Amanda Schmid-Scott, PhD Researcher at the University of Exeter, on the every day violence and bureacratisation of life in immigration detention: what might a re-imagining of violence reveal about the lived experience of immigration detention?

On Friday, we had our weekly live interview with someone detained in the centre we’re ‘visiting’ for the week.  This week we heard from Dave, who is currently detained in Morton Hall.   A great range of questions (from Detention Forum members and from members of Manchester Migrant Solidarity particularly), and compelling answers.  Take a look …