This afternoon, Ben from Detention Action conducted a live Q and A with ‘Abdi’ who is currently detained, under immigration powers, in a prison.
Ben asked Abdi questions that you, the public, had sent us via Twitter and Facebook and at the various Unlocking Detention events Right to Remain and Detention Action have held recently.  Thank you to everyone who sent us a question!

Ben could only speak to Abdi for ten minutes at a time – the maximum length of time those detained in prison can use the phone for. 

A question from AVID, the Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees:

Next question is from someone who came to Right to Remain’s annual gathering in September: do you know how long you will be in here? How long you could be in here?

Some questions from Scottish Detainee Visitors: Are you in a separate part of the prison now that you are in immigration detention?  Are you able to leave your cell more?

Next up: The Home Office say they only detain people in prison in exceptional circumstances.  Are there others there in prison with you, detained under immigration powers?

Another question from Scottish Detainee Visitors: When were you told you wouldn’t be released at the end of your sentence? How did that make you feel?

Another question from the Right to Remain gathering: Have you got any legal assistance?

A question from Kalina Shah @KalinaShah: how many hours are you made to stay in your cell, and are you given any free time?

How often can you see your friends and family?  Can you receive regular visits?

A question via the Unlocking Detention Facebook page:

And another question via the Facebook page, thanks to Eleri of Swansea City of Sanctuary: