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Unlocking Detention: A week at Harmondsworth

This week, Unlocking Detention visited Harmondsworth detention centre near Heathrow airport.  Harmondsworth is not only the biggest detention centre (immigration removal centre) in the UK, but also in Europe.  Catch with all our tweets - including our twice [...]

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Visiting The Verne detention centre

We asked members of the Verne Visitors group to share their thoughts and experiences on visiting people at the Verne.  We were interested to hear what led them to start visiting, what they discovered when they started visiting, [...]

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Dover detention centre to close!

This was originally published on AVID website, and with their kind permission, republished here. Dover detention centre to close!  26 October 2015 Dover detention centre, which held 401 single male detainees, is to close by the end of [...]

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Harmondsworth: Story of those detained within the walls

This blog post was written by Susannah Willcox, who is an Advocacy Co-ordinator at Detention Action. Working in this capacity, she regularly visits and runs workshops in Harmondsworth detention centre. This story of Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) [...]

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Unlocking Detention: Morton Hall week

This week it was the turn of Morton Hall to be visited by the virtual Unlocking Detention tour. Morton Hall was built as an RAF base, then served a low security prison.  It was re-opened, with more [...]

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Morton Hall: Michael and Holly’s story

To mark the Unlocking Detention tour's visit to Morton Hall IRC this week, this Q and A features Michael, a member of the Freed Voices group, and his partner Holly, reflecting on the two years he was detained [...]

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A friendship to treasure

This blog post, about "an unlikely friendship, forged behind barbed wire and in the shadow of indefinite detention" was written for Scottish Detainee Visitors, and has been republished by Unlocking Detention with their permission.  It was written by [...]

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Unlocking Detention visits Brook House

Last week, it was Brook House detention centre's turn to be 'visited' by Unlocking Detention. We had some brilliant articles published during Brook House week.  There was a really interesting piece published by our [...]

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