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Consultancy advert: Project Director

22 November 2019 The Detention Forum is seeking an expression of interest from consultants to provide services as a new Project Director. The Detention Forum is an advocacy network of over 40 groups which challenges the UK’s use of immigration detention, founded in 2009. The project is hosted by the [...]

‘In Three Words’ – Unlocking Detention

Can you describe immigration detention in three words? As part of this year's Unlocking Detention (from 11 November to 19 December 2019), we are asking people to take part in ‘In Three Words’ action to unlock the gates of immigration detention centres. This is an opportunity to describe, in your [...]

Digging beneath the detention statistics, 2019: what has changed?

Digging beneath the detention statistics, 2019: what has changed? This blog was written by one of our member organisations, AVID, which supports volunteer visitors to people held in immigration detention, and appeared originally on their website.  Official statistics released today show that yet again, the number of people in detention is continuing to fall. [...]

Two announcements from the Home Office, days before Caroline Nokes’ departure

Two announcements from the Home Office, days before Caroline Nokes’ departure  Statement: Immigration Detention Reform On 23 July 2019, the outgoing Immigration Minister, Caroline Nokes, issued a statement entitled “Immigration Detention Reform”, announcing that there has been a 40% reduction in the size of the detention estate since 2015. She noted a [...]

Beyond outrage, and being part of the change

One of the things we value most is an ongoing discussion with some of the Detention Forum members and volunteers about the complex nature and process of creating a social change. Particularly we often talk about the vital importance of things that are invisible and slow to materialise but are vital [...]

Detention Forum volunteers will be taking a break in August and September

29 July 2019 Many of our social media volunteers will be taking a break from their regular tweeting duty over summer, to prepare for this year’s Unlocking Detention, which starts in November. Unlocking Detention shines a spotlight on the hidden world of immigration detention.  This ‘virtual tour’ of the immigration [...]

Alternatives to detention pilots, European experience – ATD blog series

Active discussion on alternatives to detention is taking place outside the UK, particularly on how and whether small-scale alternatives to detention pilots could help the governments and civil society organisations understand how they could work. This article is reprinted with a kind permission of the King Baudouin Foundation. =============================================== Alternatives to [...]