Immigration detention is not the answer, for anyone.

People are detained without a time limit, for months, sometimes even years.

It is harmful and expensive. It robs people of their dignity, spirit and lives.

This can’t go on.

We are working towards an immigration system that is based on humanity, compassion and fairness.

To begin this process of change and to reduce detention, we are calling for:

Community-based alternatives to detention that respect rights can minimise the use of detention, reducing costs and helping people to live with dignity in the community while going through the immigration process.

How the UK turned away from immigration detention

Jerome Phelps Strategy and advocacy consultant, and former Director of International Detention Coalition and Detention Action   The summer of 2013 was a very different world. President Obama was on course to sweep to a second term. ‘Brexit’ [...]

Detention, risk and Covid-19

Dr Anna Lindley Senior Lecturer, Department of Development Studies, SOAS, University of London   Risk is a key ‘organizing concept’ for immigration control regimes and often comes up when talking about immigration detention. As one UK detention officer [...]

Morton Hall Detention Centre to close next year

We've just seen the welcome news that Morton Hall Detention Centre is due to close next year. And we're keen to promote the blog post just put out by one of our members, AVID with a quote from [...]

APPG on Immigration Detention

We are really excited at the development co-ordinated by Medical Justice setting up an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Immigration Detention. We think this is a really welcome initiative, and it is great to see over 35 Parliamentarians [...]

Time Limit – the campaign continues

We were really disappointed to see that the amendments tabled by David Davis MP, despite attracting wide cross-party support, were defeated at Report stage of the Immigration Bill last week in Parliament. But we were really taken by [...]

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Unlocking Detention is a twitter tour of the Detention Estate

Go to the Unlocked website

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"...the way they hold people for so long with no idea when they'll be released destroys people's mental health. Until you don't feel human anymore" - 'Alex'

Incredible sad news of another death at Morton Hall #detention centre - the 5th in as many years.


Excellent letter with clarity & integrity on why it's wrong to assume the taxpayer is ok with shocking conditions for people seeking Sanctuary. Read & Share. #ClosetheBarracks @HastSanctuary @DetentionForum @_KRAN_ @Right_to_Remain https://hastings.cityofsanctuary.org/2021/02/19/a-letter-to-the-home-office-government-information-service-and-the-ho-director-of-communications

People held under #Immigration powers must have access to legal aid. That is a basic right.


A musical about the #HostileEnvironment?
The first 3 of 14 music videos from @RoyalDerngate are free to view. They use testimony from people who've felt its cruel impact, interwoven with a re-enactment of a meeting that set it up.


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