Immigration detention is not the answer, for anyone.

People are detained without a time limit, for months, sometimes even years.

It is harmful and expensive. It robs people of their dignity, spirit and lives.

This can’t go on.

We are working towards an immigration system that is based on humanity, compassion and fairness.

To begin this process of change and to reduce detention, we are calling for:

Community-based alternatives to detention that respect rights can minimise the use of detention, reducing costs and helping people to live with dignity in the community while going through the immigration process.

Time Limit Amendments to Immigration Bill

David Davis MP (Conservative, Haltemprice and Howden) has recently tabled amendments to the Immigration Bill to introduce a time limit for immigration detention. These are the amendments, which came so close to succeeding in the last Parliament. His [...]

New statistics – Covid-19 and immigration

Last week the Home Office released new statistics 'relating to Covid-19 and the immigration system.' They are worth a look to see what has been happening since the outbreak of the pandemic in the UK. You'll see that [...]

New working groups

At the last quarterly meeting of the members of Detention Forum, we discussed again how we can move forward with our thinking on a new theory of change. In our blog post of 9th April, we set out [...]

Our Ways of Working

Introduction This article sets out our ways of working approved by our members at our quarterly meeting in May 2020. Our membership We are committed to keeping the bottom-up approach, which fosters collaboration within Detention Forum. This means [...]

Report on Adults at Risk in Immigration Detention

On Wednesday 29th April 2020, the Government published the report by the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration on whether the Adults at Risk in immigration detention is making any difference. And they also published their response to [...]

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"It is right, morally, that we should treat people equally, wherever they come from, whether they are UK citizens or not. With that in mind, we really should be working towards ending indefinite detention," said @SteveBakerHW

#SetHerFree #Time4ATimeLimit

Hugely disappointing result yesterday as MPs voted against the amendment to the #ImmigrationBill that would put a 28-day time limit on detention.

No one should be locked up indefinitely. This inhumane practice must be ended in the UK.

We will keep pushing for change #SetHerFree

We guess many of our friends and supporters might be short on hope for a future without #ImmigrationDetention. Don't despair! Walk your way to hope with our friends @RefugeeTales online 3-5 July


More thoughts about a better immigration system from in his new book, Welcome to Britain. Like the idea of 'citizen in waiting'. Might we be less likely to imprison people indefinitely if we thought of them this way?


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