Immigration detention is not the answer, for anyone.

People are detained without a time limit, for months, sometimes even years.

It is harmful and expensive. It robs people of their dignity, spirit and lives.

This can’t go on.

We are working towards an immigration system that is based on humanity, compassion and fairness.

To begin this process of change and to reduce detention, we are calling for:

Community-based alternatives to detention that respect rights can minimise the use of detention, reducing costs and helping people to live with dignity in the community while going through the immigration process.

Time Limit – Immigration Bill update

Katie Close Consultant Parliamentary Officer  Detention Action Last night the House of Lords voted for the amendment to introduce a statutory 28 day time limit for immigration detention. Speeches were made by Baroness Hamwee, Baroness Bull and Baroness [...]

Overhaul of asylum? A few reflections

Jonathan Ellis, project director at Detention Forum, offers a few individual reflections     With the Home Secretary promising an overhaul of the asylum system in the UK, it is timely to take stock to reflect on why [...]

Time Limit – Immigration Bill update

Katie Close Consultant Parliamentary Officer  Detention Action   On Monday the House of Lords debated the amendment to introduce a time limit at Committee stage of the Bill. Baroness Hamwee introduced the amendment with her usual eloquence and [...]

No return to normal

Detention Forum was really keen to offer our support to the recent inter-agency letter to the Immigration Minister, Chris Philp MP. Along with 31 other organisations that support and advocate for people going through immigration detention, we wanted [...]

During the time of Covid-19, fear has felt corrosive

Anna Pincus Director, Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group   During the time of Covid-19, fear has felt corrosive. Loss of agency has been a defining characteristic of life. For those in detention, total loss of freedom is the norm [...]

Time Limit – Immigration Bill update

After the summer recess, the Immigration Bill is due to re-appear in the House of Lords next week. After the disappointment of seeing the Time Limit amendment fail to win a majority in the House of Commons, we [...]

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'Two judges in the immigration court ruled on Wednesday that three of the home secretary’s #detention policies breached human rights rules'.


People who arrive in the UK seeking asylum should be housed in our communities and welcomed, just as resettled refugees are. Many people seeking asylum have no safe way to travel here. Seeking asylum is not against the law. Proposals to isolate them are cruel and discriminatory.

Conditions at military barracks housing asylum seekers 'utterly unacceptable', says the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration. #NapierBarracks https://news.sky.com/story/serious-error-of-judgement-to-use-army-bases-in-kent-and-wales-to-house-asylum-seekers-12277749?dcmp=snt-sf-twitter

People going through the UK's immigration detention estate often have experienced trauma and upheaval in their lives.

On top of this they must deal with being held in detention for indefinite lengths of time. The cycle of harm must stop.

#Time4aTimeLimit #ThereAreAlternatives

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