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Alternatives to detention pilots, European experience – ATD blog series

Active discussion on alternatives to detention is taking place outside the UK, particularly on how and whether small-scale alternatives to detention pilots could help the governments and civil society organisations understand how they could work. This article is reprinted with a kind permission of the King Baudouin Foundation. =============================================== Alternatives to [...]

Has child immigration detention ended in the UK?

3 July 2019 Has child immigration detention ended in the UK? This is a question we get asked sporadically. Ending child detention was such a huge campaign around 2009 and 2010. Now few people seem to pay much attention to what has happened since. As the Independent Monitoring Board recently [...]

After Theresa May?

Photo by Zhifei Zhou on Unsplash Living under Theresa May’s reign as migrants was like a nightmare, and its catastrophic impact has not ended. After May’s dramatic resignation speech on 24 May, 'Hostile Environment' policies continue. And the UK’s inhumane immigration system, including its vast immigration detention estate and its [...]

Latest detention statistics: Stop tweaking, start reforming

Image by @Carcazan The Home Office published its latest immigration statistics last week. On the same day, the Government was held to account, again, for the harmful impact of its hostile environment policies – this time, the wrongful detention and deportation of students accused of cheating on English language tests. These [...]

A matter of fact?

The Home Office’s presentation of the facts about immigration detention is open to question This blog comes from Detention Forum volunteer Gareth, who tweets at @garethglynn. The image is from @Carcazan.  Hot on the heels of the Windrush scandal, several damming reports and a lot of unwanted media attention, the Home [...]